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Saturday Forecast

9:09AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 16-20) 2 threats of unsettled weather exist during this 5-day period, as the first of what would be 3 remains far to the south to start the weekend. The first actual impact threat to SNE, a … Continue reading

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Friday Forecast

7:15AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 15-19) A warm front / cold front combo comes through the region today (this morning and evening, respectively) as their parent low travels across southern Canada. This system will bring some scattered rain with its warm … Continue reading

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Thursday Forecast

7:23AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 14-18) As you step outside this morning, beware of some icy patches, which in some areas may be covered by a fresh coating to 1 inch of snow due to some snow squalls last evening, which … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forecast

6:21AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 13-17) We made it through that event, with Boston basically doubling its seasonal snowfall, not that it was difficult to do. Snow/sleet totals generally verified as expected. What’s nice about post-storm this time, unlike the January … Continue reading

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Tuesday Forecast

7:09AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 12-16) It’s *gasp* “storm arrival day”! Ok this type of phrase may be more appropriate for the arrival of a biggie, like one of the 2015 storms, or like the Blizzard of 2013. But the way … Continue reading

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Monday Forecast

7:18AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 11-15) The week starts of quiet and chilly as a disturbance passes south of the region and high pressure builds to the north. But this quickly changes as a broad storm system arrives Tuesday and departs … Continue reading

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Sunday Forecast

2:24AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 10-14) It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last, but so far Seattle Washington has about 3 times the amount of snow this season than Boston (Logan Airport) has. That weather system is … Continue reading

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Saturday Forecast

9:22AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 9-13) Dry and cold is the theme of the weekend, and we have quite the wind event in progress, one that I underforecast somewhat. Mount Washington, NH, as of the writing of this blog, recorded a … Continue reading

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Friday Forecast

7:19AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 8-12) A cold front will push through the region today with rain showers through the middle of the day then a drying process thereafter. It’ll be fairly mild today but cold air will be moving in … Continue reading

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Thursday Forecast

7:13AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 7-11) A frontal boundary will remain just to the south during the day today as a little wave of low pressure along it helps hold a light northerly air flow in and colder air at the … Continue reading

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