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I’m Dreaming Of A White Halloween

4:30PM Who would ever have thought we’d have the first white Halloween in parts of eastern MA, well most areas away from the immediate coast. Even more bizzare, knowing the climate around here, is that we could have a white … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

7:54PM Before we look ahead, a brief look back at the historic October snowstorm, which was just beyond belief in some inland higher elevation areas. Here is a link to the snowfall reports: I hope that all of those … Continue reading

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Updated Forecast / Storm Observations

9:40AM Here’s just an updated forecast. A full discussion about the upcoming week will be posted this evening. See the previous blog for some comments, and below, PLEASE add your thoughts and observations on the historic October storm. I know … Continue reading

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October Dresses Up As January For A Halloween Party

8:04PM Much of what is in the last post still holds. Some of the uncertainties spoken about are starting to work themselves out. Among these, earlier mixing and changing in some areas putting down a base of snow in areas … Continue reading

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Fine Tuning Uncertainty

2:10AM Well, here comes the storm. And though I certainly don’t mean to downplay the potential, I’m also not going to overdo the trumpet blasts, because that leads to ringing ears. So instead of launching into all kinds of what-ifs, … Continue reading

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2 Down, What’s Next?

7:30AM The second in a series of low pressure systems has moved through, producing a fair amount of rain during the day Thursday, mixing with and changing to some snow especially west and north of Boston, though some snow did … Continue reading

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Flaky Future

9:58PM Perhaps the headline is a little dramatic, but yes most of the Boston area will see the first snowflakes of the season Thursday evening. Summarizing and looking ahead, low pressure wave #1 went by today with periods of light … Continue reading

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Update Of Previous Post

11:34PM Updating the previous discussion, and noting there are no major changes to the forecast at this time. Here is all the latest: A breakdown of weather systems, followed by a detailed forecast… Overnight…Clouds moving in as a frontal system … Continue reading

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Winter Preview?

7:55PM Why not? It’s snowed in October before, and it will again. And all of this snow talk you are hearing today is based on speculation prompted by  meteorologists reading computer models and news directors trying to activate the hype … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

2:41AM What’s up this week? Well the pattern is still volatile (look it up). A mild Monday? Yes. A cold front will slide through at night with a few showers and set up a bright, dry, breezy Tuesday. By Wednesday, … Continue reading

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