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Pieces Parts

9:37PM I still hesitate to call this a storm, just because it comes in some many parts and pieces for this area. The advance first batch, caused mainly by warm air trying to move in from the southwest and riding … Continue reading

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Disorganized “Storm” Not Big Snow Producer For Boston

6:25PM Ok, so the headline mentions Boston, but what about elsewhere? Patience is all I ask… Here is the setup: High pressure to the north, with a cold air supply. Low pressure to the south, moving eastward in ripples or … Continue reading

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Tuesday AM Update

Full discussion this afternoon… Updated forecast for eastern MA, RI, and southern NH… TODAY: Mostly sunny. High 40-45. Wind NW 10-20 MPH. TONIGHT: Increasing clouds. Low 24-29. Wind light N. WEDNESDAY: Cloudy. Snow late. High 35-40. Wind light NE. THURSDAY: … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

10:45PM As we get ready to close out February and one of the mildest, least-snowy Meteorological Winters we’ve ever seen, and begin March, we’ll see several weather changes, which should be expected in this part of the country at this … Continue reading

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Saturday Update

10:47AM Just a forecast update for now… Adding more clouds and a few snow showers to the forecast for today. Already have seen a few very light snow showers that have migrated all the way from the Great Lakes across … Continue reading

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Wet Night, Wild Winds Saturday

6:47PM Low pressure will continue to cross New England tonight then rapidly deepen as it departs into eastern Canada this weekend. Here in southern New England it will be warm enough for mainly rain to occur this evening, with some … Continue reading

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Friday AM Update

7:31AM The storm is in 2 pieces. The first one carried some moderate to heavy snow/mix/rain across areas south of Boston for a short time, with only spotty very light snow from the Mass Pike northward. This area will be … Continue reading

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A Touch Of Winter, Then Rain Wins Out

4:32PM Colder air is filtering into New England at this time and is setting the stage for a short-duration snow event Friday morning as a warm front crosses the region. The warmer air will win out at least aloft so … Continue reading

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Quick Mobile Update

11:41AM Rain showers end soon. Partly sunny PM. 50 again. Storm Friday may start as snow especially Boston north and west before rain wins out. Windy weekend! More in full update this afternoon.

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Warmer, Then Wetter, Then Windier

4:39PM The mild pattern goes on, with no snow in sight. There is some rain in sight however, in the form of showers tonight as the leading edge of warmer air moves in, and a more widespread rainfall Thursday night … Continue reading

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