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Moving Forward

9:16PM Moving forward from Sandy will be much easier in much of southern New England (with some exceptions on the South Coast) than for our neighbors in NY & NJ. I wish them the best. Not going to spend any … Continue reading

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Storm Update & Forecast

8:24PM Hello to all the readers! I appreciate you being here, whether you are a frequent participant, lurker, or new to the blog! Thanks for all the great comments and observations and thoughts! I appreciate them! I hope everybody is … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

12:50AM The format is altered a little for this entry to shorten things up yet cover everything in a forecast for the next 7 days. Decided to go ahead with the regular Sunday night post. It will just be front-end-loaded … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

2:00AM Sandy will no longer be Sandy when the impacts of the storm are felt here. But what’s in a name? I’ll leave it to the readers to debate whether or not that makes a difference in how people hear … Continue reading

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What Will Be Sandy’s Shore?

1:59AM There is still enough spread in the guidance to keep me from getting too confident on the track of Sandy, and precisely which shore she will land upon, and at what intensity, and even whether or not she will … Continue reading

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What Is And What May Be

9:56PM What Is: Decent weather Thursday through Saturday as narrow high pressure dominates. Not cloud-free the entire time, but pleasant. What May Be: The weather from later Sunday through the final 3 days of October will be determined by the … Continue reading

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Dry Pattern

4:40PM It’s quietly continuing drier than normal, with long term rainfall deficits of 3 inches or more, and no significant rain in sight for southern New England. A frontal system sitting southwest of the region is acting as an avenue … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

10:19PM Due to medium range model guidance that is clearly on a sugar and caffeine high, resulting in my confidence in it being low, I will make this a short discussion, focused on the work week and only touching on … Continue reading

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Saturday Update

10:13AM Some of you were awakened, or kept up late, by thunderstorms in the overnight hours. Quite impressive for October and fueled by dew point temperatures in the 60s, quite muggy. With that all offshore now, we are finding that … Continue reading

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Different Every Day

12:15AM A low pressure trough west of New England will slowly lift north northeastward through the weekend. The circulation around this will bring different weather to our region on a daily basis through Monday. Surface low pressure on the eastern … Continue reading

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