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Cold Air Returns

7:55PM The big wind event along with some heavy rain from Thursday morning is now behind us. Lingering gusty winds from the west across southeastern New England are now relaxing. A secondary boundary will send another punch of cold air … Continue reading

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Big Blow Then Down We Go

11:28PM From the National Weather Service: High Wind Warning for the entirety of southeastern New England through mid morning Thursday. Wind gusts of 45 to 65 MPH may result in some damage and power outages. Winds will be coming from … Continue reading

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One Warmer One

7:22AM We get a one-day-stand of warmer air today ahead of a strong cold front in southern New England. Too bad it isn’t one of those fair-weather days. A damp and foggy start in much of the region, no sunshine … Continue reading

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A Slip-Up, Then A Trip Up

7:25AM First a slippery morning today as temperatures have stayed below freezing in most areas of southeastern New England except Cape Cod and the Islands where it has made it into the middle 30s with a few areas of spotty … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead (Update)

This is largely the same post as the previous one, but edited to update for time periods, add a threat of some freezing rain to Monday evening, and lower Tuesday’s temperatures a bit. A few minor changes are made in … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

1:50PM Starting the outlook for the coming 7 days a bit early, as there is not much to talk about on this bright and cold Sunday afternoon. The tranquil chill is a bit of a rest-up ahead of what will … Continue reading

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10:12AM A cold weekend with high pressure in control will progress to a milder Tuesday and Wednesday, but getting from cold to mild will be accomplished with a period of snow later Monday with the passage of a warm front. … Continue reading

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Cold Ease

2:02AM It will still be cold through the weekend, but it will ease up from the levels of the last 2 days. A small clipper low pressure system will drop down from Canada via the Great Lakes tonight bringing some … Continue reading

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Bitter Winds

12:28AM With many focusing on whether or not we’ll have a snowstorm late Friday, it should not be lost that we’re in the middle of a very cold outbreak that will continue through early Friday. One disturbance is moving south … Continue reading

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Arctic Chill

12:42AM Here it is – the well-advertised arctic cold outbreak that it seems like took longer to get here than an excited 6-year-old’s birthday party. Some number of days ago, before the “Case Of The Mysterious Norlun” distracted us, I … Continue reading

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