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A Clipper And A Classic?

7:59PM ** EDITED FOR A SLIGHT DOWNGRADE TO SNOW AMOUNTS ** Firstly, let me answer the question posed in the blog title: Yes, and no. Secondly, allow me to give my reasoning for both answers, leading to a First Night … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

6:47PM With the Sunday storm wrapping up , it’s time to look ahead to the coming week’s weather, but before we go there, just a few loose ends to tie up with the current storm… *Low pressure crosses Cape Cod … Continue reading

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Sunday Storm, Arctic Air Arrives After

10:43AM A rather benign weather day today, probably welcomed by everybody, as temperatures go above freezing allowing more of the melt/refreeze ice to melt away and dry up. It’s not the brightest day as of the writing of this blog, … Continue reading

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Dry & Cool Today, Milder Weekend, Cold New Year

7:44AM High pressure builds in today with bright and cool weather. Watch for black ice early in the day as partially melted snow from Thursday re-froze overnight. Warm front brings some clouds and milder air in for Saturday, then Sunday … Continue reading

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Winding Wind-Down

7:07PM The final days of December, and of the year 2013, will feature some changing weather, but not likely any major storms, and some varying temperatures including some very cold air. As 2014 gets underway, we’ll have to watch for … Continue reading

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Drier, Colder Pattern Returns

2:45AM After a brief milder spell, and a transition that featured a major temperature contrast across southeastern New England, we’re heading back into a generally colder and mostly dry pattern as we reach Christmas then head toward the New Year. … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

4:40PM It’s Christmas Week. Maybe 2 weekends included in it, with the holiday itself being on Wednesday. There is a lot to cover, but most importantly are the events ongoing now through Monday, because some areas of southern New Hampshire … Continue reading

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Fine Line

3:16AM This weekend it’s all about the line between a warm air mass just south of New England, whose northern edge will poke into southern New England with potential record high temperatures, and a very cold air mass in northern … Continue reading

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Cold Loosens Grip, But Not As Warm As Advertised

10:13PM The coldest of the recent spell has gone by, and it will turn a little milder the remainder of this week. But low level cold air will be lingering just to the north as high pressure will be tending … Continue reading

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Classic Clipper

7:46AM A clipper storm will move across the region today. A classic one. The phrase classic clipper does not mean a big storm (in this case, snow). It means that a system moving along the northern jet stream, out of … Continue reading

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