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Hey! It’s Still Winter!

7:25AM A break in the cold is here, as the next 3 days will show. But hey, it’s still winter you know! A storm threat is showing itself next week, followed by another cold shot. First, to end January and … Continue reading

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Coldest Exits … For Now

7:50PM The latest cold snap of this winter is in its final stages with one more very cold night tonight and reasonably cold day tomorrow. Moderation follows, with temperatures going above freezing in some areas Friday and in all areas … Continue reading

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Cape Scrape

8:40PM The winter storm that is bringing some rare snow and ice to the Deep South is of an elongated nature and as it slides out well southeast of New England through early Wednesday, the northwestern extent of its snow … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

10:59AM This is a late-posted and brief version of the usual Sunday night post. Full blog this evening. Simple pattern this week. A cold front plows through the region today, with brief mild air and rain showers ahead of it … Continue reading

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Weekend Outlook / Peek At Next Week

5:39PM Our old Winter pal, the Polar Vortex, will be spinning about eastern Canada for the foreseeable future, keeping us in a cold and dry pattern. There will be 2 brief “warm-ups”, Saturday and Monday as we get into the … Continue reading

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The Winter Coldrums

7:00AM Cold pattern. Dry pattern. Air supplied from the North Pole via Canada, not from Alaska. Boston was colder than Fairbanks on Wednesday, 17 and 30 respectively late afternoon at Boston and early afternoon at Fairbanks. Reinforcements of cold air … Continue reading

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Wednesday AM Update

3:22AM Short version now, expanded blog later… While my snow #’s were partly obliterated by Mother Nature (much less to the N & NW of Boston) it became a case of the “haves and have nots” as we saw a … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Snow Cold!

7:31AM An Arctic cold front passed through southern New England late Monday, and will now serve as the track for an express train low pressure area developing  off the Mid Atlantic Coast and traveling southeast of New England tonight through … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

12:12AM Certainty: cold. Uncertainty: snow. A broad upper level low spinning around eastern Canada and poking spokes into the northeastern US will deliver plenty of cold air this week, starting with the passage of an Arctic cold front Monday. As … Continue reading

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Oh, Snow Is Me!

9:30PM I could whine. I could be cranky. I could make up an excuse for a bad forecast. But I will do neither of those. It was a bad forecast. I don’t care if it was a bad forecast by … Continue reading

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