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Storm Slips, Cold Holds

7:24PM Arctic air made it feel like mid Winter today, though bright sun ruled. We lose some of the sun tomorrow as a frontal boundary approaches, though we also moderate the air mass. Areas that were near 20 today should … Continue reading

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Frigid Friday Forecast

7:19AM Very short update for now, full discussion later. *For late February standards, frigid day today, as we are in some pure Arctic air. It just won’t feel that cold because of the higher sun angle. *Cold eases ahead of … Continue reading

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Well, The Groundhog Was Right

7:15AM It may be a fun tradition, but one can argue that our good old hole-dwelling friend was right on with his prediction of 6 more weeks of winter. We’re entrenched in a pattern more like the middle of winter … Continue reading

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Sun & Snow

10:26PM A cold weather pattern has returned and our weather for the last few days of February will be dominated by the northern jet stream, sending a couple more disturbances through the region with episodic snow showers during midweek followed … Continue reading

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Too Cold To Snow?

10:34PM Before you scoff at my title… I know it can’t be too cold to snow. What I am alluding to is that we’ll have a cold, northern jet stream dominated pattern for the remainder of this week, keeping significant … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

6:56PM Several days ago when it was apparent the cold pattern was coming back, I stated that the cold for this coming week was a certainty, and the snow threats were somewhat uncertain. It’s funny that it hasn’t changed all … Continue reading

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8:05PM Friday original 8:05AM Saturday update Winter will take an intermission for the weekend, which will be quite nice for this time of year. A relatively mild airmass will dominate, with mostly dry weather into Sunday. Later Sunday, a strong … Continue reading

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“Dam” That Cold Air!

11:37AM The cold snowcover continues to allow the surface cold air to hold in place over most of southeastern New England while warmer air trying to advance in from the south, ahead of a cold front, rides up and over … Continue reading

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Who Left The Fridge Open?

8:54AM Snow is Mother Nature’s natural refrigerant. And there is plenty of refrigerant around. It’s having an impact on temperatures, locally, and will continue to do so during the next few days. The result of this will be a warm … Continue reading

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Minor Mess

2:09PM The second storm system in 2 days will move through southeastern New England this afternoon and tonight. It will be mild enough for mostly rain from the immediate Boston area south and southeast, but cold air hangs on for … Continue reading

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