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Pop Ups / Iffy Weekend

2:17AM The next 2 days we will be under the influence of a very weak high pressure area but still in between a frontal boundary and another trough of low pressure to the west. The energy from the west will … Continue reading

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Where The Boundary Lies

1:21AM As July winds down and August approaches we’ll be dealing with the same issue, and that is watching the boundary of cool air to the west associated with a Great Lakes and Midwest low pressure trough, and warmer air … Continue reading

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Quieter Times

10:30PM Eventful weather Monday. You know all about it by now, so we won’t spend any time going there on the discussion here, however feel free to continue to talk about it in the comments! Now it’s time to look … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

6:41PM This Summer’s weather could be a whole lot worse given the lack of high pressure ridging and the number of low pressure troughs coming through. We have seen temperatures not that far from normal overall, and despite some episodes … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

8:23AM No changes to the previous discussion and very little change to the details of the forecast that accompanied it. Here is a slightly updated forecast for southeastern New England for this weekend and next week (through Friday). TODAY: Sun … Continue reading

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Friday Dryday

10:33PM The transition day is done, and it was a nice day for many, despite some cloudiness. Some wet weather was still hanging around parts of Cape Cod, but now it’s time for a high pressure area to build in … Continue reading

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Heat It, Cool It, Warm It, Pool It

8:44PM Weather changes will be plenty for the next several days. First a hot and breezy Wednesday not without a thunderstorm threat in the afternoon and evening, especially northwest of Boston where some strong to severe storms are possible. This … Continue reading

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An Up To A Down

7:06AM High pressure builds over the region today into Wednesday allowing more typical July warmth to invade the region, but only briefly, as a cold front will move into the region late Wednesday, putting an end to the short-lived warm … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

6:30PM Just beyond the mid point of July, it really is still early Summer, and we’ve had some very  nice weekends so far this season. This particular weekend may not have been as nice as many of the others but … Continue reading

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Light Filter

10:25AM High pressure will hold rain off this weekend, but will have a tougher battle keeping cloudiness away. Lots of high-level cloudiness will dominate today, filtering and dimming the sun. It will shine a little brighter at times as clouds … Continue reading

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