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Today + The Week Ahead

11:26AM This post is being done a little earlier than normal because your blog writer is taking a short break between outside errands and decorating and a marathon indoor decorating spree that should have me all ready for my annual … Continue reading

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Kiddie Coaster

6:13PM We’re in a changing weather pattern now and it’s changing to a fairly quiet one weather-wise but quick swings in temperature, kind of like riding the kiddie coaster at the amusement park. Though we are heading into an overall … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend Update

6:53AM Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I realize that many people are not having a pleasant Thanksgiving due to power outages, especially in parts of NH and nearby north central MA. Hoping power is restored soon and most of the … Continue reading

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Storm Update / Holiday Weekend Forecast

9:03AM STORM… Most of the analysis on this was done on the previous entry and it is not necessary to repeat it here. The only real change that was not apparent yesterday is a little more mid-storm warm air intrusion … Continue reading

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A Storm With Its Own Travel Plans

9:24AM A very interesting set-up, coming out of unseasonable warmth to the threat of significant snow (for some areas) on what is essentially and somewhat arguably the busiest travel day of the year (Wednesday). You’re going to either hear or … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

10:37PM No, you don’t get to open the present yet, because it hasn’t even been purchased. What is that? Oh, you mean the Thanksgiving storm? Well, first of all, the storm will be gone by Thanksgiving, regardless of what its … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

7:28PM About half way through the weekend as I write this update, and not a whole lot of change at this time. Of course, media is already jumping all over a potential rain/snow threat for the Northeast for the day … Continue reading

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A Swing Thing

12:17AM After a somewhat milder Thursday we’re back in the relative deep freeze (as far as November goes) for today, but the temperatures will do a swing thing heading back up in a big way between early Saturday and late … Continue reading

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Cold & Dry Into The Weekend

2:00AM The next push of early-season Arctic air will arrive later today as a cold front comes through, announcing itself only by way of a gusty breeze. And yes it is Arctic air, by definition, based on its origin. Keep … Continue reading

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7:30AM Sufficiently chilled yet? It’s not the Polar Vortex, it’s the Great Lake Monster, or whatever name the media will decide to give the “storm” that caused mammoth snow totals in fairly narrow bands on the lee of the Great … Continue reading

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