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Weekend Update #1

2:24AM SUMMARY… A weak low pressure area traversed southern New England on Friday with periods of snow. This low redeveloped off of Cape Cod later in the day and is in the process of deepening as it moves northward through … Continue reading

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Double Or Nothing?

7:43AM SUMMARY… Sometimes storms systems are straightforward and relatively easy to forecast, and sometimes they are quite the opposite. The one moving through the northeastern US is one of the tough ones, first to determine if we’d get significant accumulation … Continue reading

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So, What’s Next?

8:57PM SUMMARY… You want to know what’s next? I’ll tell you. Cold weather and additional threats of snow, but no immediate threats of any blockbuster storms such as the one we just experienced here in southern New England. I see … Continue reading

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Winter Week

2:43AM POST-STORM… After so many updates, you’ll forgive me if, for now, I leave out a written summary of the big storm just departing, and provide you with 3 links from the National Weather Service. They will appear below in … Continue reading

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Storm Update (Tuesday Afternoon)

1:56PM Storm has now pulled most of its snow right into eastern and parts of central MA and southeastern NH as well as eastern CT across RI. The heaviest snow band stretches from the NH Seacoast down through eastern MA … Continue reading

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Storm Update (Tuesday 8:55AM)

We have found our jackpot zone! That would be the hills in Worcester County from the city southward along the towns of the eastern slopes of the hills. For a while last night I thought it may not happen and … Continue reading

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Storm Update (Tuesday 3:20AM)

Sorry all. Took a few hours off. Verified suspicions of tighter storm with eastward trend overall. Total accumulations being adjusted slightly to include a little less to the west and a little more for Cape Cod. Believe the highest totals … Continue reading

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Storm Update (Monday 8:00PM)

The tweak in this update will be to try to detail snow accumulations a little more. A few of the things that may impact accumulation… (This is a repost of a comment I made on the previous blog entry.) 1) … Continue reading

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Storm Update (Monday 3:17PM)

Hi all! I will now commence posting new blog entries every few to several hours through the storm with the latest info here. I will also be updating the Facebook page for those who have access to that. Many of … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead (Special Edition)

1:03PM Since I may post a few extra blog entries during the next few days, The Week Ahead post that appears every Sunday evening (usually) will be a touch early, since we have a very significant storm coming. COMMENTARY… I’ll … Continue reading

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