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Weekend Update

8:16PM SUMMARY… High pressure overhead with clear sky, calm wind, and deep snowcover tonight – perfect radiational cooling. There will be some low temperatures well below zero, but most areas will be above, just very cold. This low launching pad … Continue reading

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Quiet February Finish

3:30AM SUMMARY… High pressure builds in today and Saturday and brings fair and cold weather to southeastern New England. This high will slip offshore by Sunday and a cold front will approach then pass through the region at night, with … Continue reading

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From No Threat To Snow Threat

5:36PM SUMMARY… Before you panic, it’s not a big threat. But it should come as no surprise that a storm that looked as if it would pass harmlessly out to sea is going to be close enough to spread some … Continue reading

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Quick Update Again

7:21AM SUMMARY… Eastern and southeastern areas were clipped by snow overnight. A sharp cut-off on the western edge left most areas west of I-95 out of the snow except some areas to the south. It’s all out to sea now … Continue reading

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Quick Update

7:26AM SUMMARY… Arctic high pressure today. Low pressure offshore passes close enough for some snow tonight but exits Wednesday. More cold air but dry weather the last few days of February. March begins slightly milder but turns unsettled.. SOUTHEASTERN NEW … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

8:20PM COMMENTARY… Not too often a day in the upper 30s to lower 40s following snow and rain would be considered a “really nice day” but many probably thought that of Sunday, the first day that Boston was above freezing … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

8:24AM SUMMARY… The latest event will be winding down this morning, and this one let most of us off quite easy with snowfall amounts coming in from below the predicted range to the lower end of the predicted range for … Continue reading

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Weekend Outlook

7:37PM SUMMARY… This update focuses on the weekend event, which is pretty much looking the same to me as it has all along. After a very cold overnight, clouds roll in by early Saturday and snow approaches and overspreads the … Continue reading

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Heard It All Before

10:25PM SUMMARY… Frigid Friday, check. Saturday snow, check. Sunday mix, check. Early week cold, check. Watching midweek storm, check. Basically no changes to the previous blog discussion. SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND FORECAST… OVERNIGHT: Mostly clear. Lows -5 to +10, coldest northwest … Continue reading

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Oh Low!

9:02PM SUMMARY… Norluns, low pressure centers, upper troughs. It’s all about low pressure areas through Thursday, basically as described in the previous blog with the inverted trough lifting from northeastern MA through eastern NH into southern Maine as broad upper … Continue reading

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