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Thursday Forecast

3:03AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 31-APRIL 4)… The volatility of Spring will be on display as we end March and begin April. What we do know: Changes will be frequent and sometimes very pronounced. What we don’t know: The small details, … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forecast

7:28AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 30-APRIL 3)… High pressure controls today, breezy but less windy than yesterday, and also milder. Winds return Thursday as the southwesterly wind flow strengthens and transports warmer air in. A cold front moves into the area … Continue reading

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Tuesday Forecast

7:19AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 29-APRIL 2)… March can be known for wind, and it will live up to this over the next few days, but those winds will bring varying temperatures along with them, chilly today, milder tomorrow, and warmer … Continue reading

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Monday Forecast

1:57AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 28-APRIL 1)… A double-barrel low pressure system will bring wet weather to southern New England today making it a classic rainy Monday. One low will pass south of the region with the other passing to the … Continue reading

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Sunday Forecast

8:05AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 27-31)… No changes from yesterday. Forecast update only. Happy Easter to those celebrating today! TODAY: Mostly cloudy to partly sunny. Highs 40s coast, 50s inland. Wind light E to SE. TONIGHT: Clouding up. Lows around 40. … Continue reading

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Saturday Forecast

8:48AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 26-30)… A quick entry to start off this “beautiful” Easter Weekend and with a reminder of how the weather can often be immune to prediction. What a couple days ago looked like about as good a … Continue reading

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Friday Forecast

7:28AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 25-29)… Unsettled day as we pass briefly through the warm sector of a low pressure area passing north of the region. Enough cold air is around this morning in southern NH for a few icy spots … Continue reading

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Thursday Forecast

7:25AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 24-28)… No big changes today. We’re on the chilly side of the front now, but low level moisture has been lacking some some areas see a touch of sun to start the day, though clouds will … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forecast

2:48AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 23-27)… A front will hang around the area through Friday. This front, stretching west to east across the region, separates mild air to the south from cold air to the north. The mild side will win … Continue reading

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Tuesday Forecast

7:29AM DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 22-26)… The departing cold air delivery northwest wind carries with it a few flurries that may briefly visit a few locations early today before the wind shifts to the west, sun dominates, and the morning chill … Continue reading

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