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Saturday Forecast

7:56AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 30-MAY 4)… Weak high pressure enough for day weather but not enough to hold off all cloudiness this last day of April. Broad low pressure area brings wet weather to the region, developing Sunday and lingering … Continue reading

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Friday Forecast

7:25AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 29-MAY 3)… TODAY: Mostly cloudy to partly sunny. Highs in the middle 50s to lower 60s. Wind E 5-15 MPH. TONIGHT: Variably cloudy. Lows in the middle 30s to lower 40s. Wind light NE. SATURDAY: Partly … Continue reading

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Thursday Forecast

7:13AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 28-MAY 2)… Dry weather lasts through Saturday as high pressure, though weak, remains in control and one low pressure area passes by to the south during Friday. The timing of the next system looks a little … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forecast

7:05AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 27-MAY 1)… Dry and cool pattern in control as high pressure to the north successfully holds off attempts by low pressure areas passing to the south to move far enough north to impact southern New England. … Continue reading

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Tuesday Forecast

7:19AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 26-30)… A frontal boundary sinking southward will provide an avenue for a wave of low pressure moving east southeastward across southern New England today. This system will produce wet weather, enhanced by a contrast between cold … Continue reading

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Monday Forecast

7:24AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 25-29)… No big changes overall but some tweaks. Cloudiness today as a boundary sets up over the region. Wet weather Tuesday as low pressure rides along this boundary. Fair weather Wednesday as high pressure moves in. … Continue reading

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Sunday Forecast

1:51AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 24-28)… High pressure dominates today into Monday with fair and cooler weather today and milder weather much of Monday, though a frontal boundary will slip down from the north during Monday, cooling southern NH and northern … Continue reading

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Saturday Forecast

8:39AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 23-27)… Front slow to exit leaves today unsettled for a while but improvement comes slowly from northwest to southeast, first to reach north central MA and southern NH, lastly reaching Cape Cod. High pressure makes Sunday … Continue reading

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Friday Forecast

7:33AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 22-26)… Happy Earth Day to all! No big changes today as we have a primary and secondary cold front to come through tonight and early Saturday with some showers and possibly a few thunderstorms later today … Continue reading

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Thursday Forecast

7:28AM DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 21-25)… High pressure sinks to the south today and and cold front waits until late Friday night or early Saturday morning to pass, and this allows for 2 much warmer days. Most of the shower activity … Continue reading

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