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Tuesday Forecast

3:59AM DAYS 1-5 (OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 4) Since yesterday’s update was at the end of the day and today’s is early, there has not really been any change in the outlook. The westerly wind relaxes today and calms by tonight as … Continue reading

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Monday Forecast

5:47PM DAYS 1-5 (OCTOBER 30-NOVEMBER 3) As the region recovers from a powerful autumn storm that caused 1 to 4 inches of rain and significant wind damage as well as numerous power outages, we enter a more tranquil pattern as … Continue reading

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Sunday Forecast

4:00AM DAYS 1-5 (OCTOBER 29-NOVEMBER 2) Not a lot of change to the coming event. A front sits oriented basically north-south over the region. Low pressure forms on it and intensifies while moving up the front and across southern New … Continue reading

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Saturday Forecast

8:54AM DAYS 1-5 (OCTOBER 28-NOVEMBER 1) High pressure provides one more very pleasant autumn day today, then a drastic shift takes place during Sunday as a cold front approaches from the west, low pressure forms on it off the Mid … Continue reading

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Friday Forecast

3:53PM DAYS 1-5 (OCTOBER 27-31) High pressure brings great autumn weather through Saturday. Another potent storm system is going to impact the region later Sunday into Monday, similar in some aspects to the last system but a slightly faster-moving and … Continue reading

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Thursday Forecast

4:59AM Continued slightly altered format. DAYS 1-6 (OCTOBER 25-31) A frontal boundary will sit just east of New England today and low pressure will develop along it and move north northwest into New England with continued showers today, some of … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forecast

2:20AM Slightly altering the format today for two 7-day periods. DAYS 1-7 (OCTOBER 25-31) A more unsettled weather pattern is here and marks a transition from the anomalously warm pattern to a more seasonable but variable temperature pattern. As elongated … Continue reading

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Tuesday Forecast

7:28AM DAYS 1-5 (OCTOBER 24-28) A slow-moving cold front will take until Thursday morning to completely be offshore so it will take nearly 3 days to transition from the warm and humid southerly air flow we have now to a … Continue reading

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Monday Forecast

7:34AM DAYS 1-5 (OCTOBER 23-27) Marine air has invaded the region and as a southerly air flow overtakes the region today and continues through Tuesday and Wednesday, along with the approach of a slow-moving cold front from the west, we … Continue reading

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Sunday Forecast

7:42AM DAYS 1-5 (OCTOBER 22-26) No changes from the discussion of late yesterday. Monday’s update will be posted in the early hours of the day. In the mean time just a quick forecast update. TODAY: Mostly sunny. Highs 65-72 coast, … Continue reading

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