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Thursday Forecast

6:47AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 28-MARCH 4) On this final day of February we are setting the departure of a relatively minor snow event, but one of our only all snow events all season. The system behaved about as expected with … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forecast

7:22AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 27-MARCH 3) The only pure snow event of meteorological winter will occur on its final day (starting the day before, technically), as a wave of low pressure will run into plenty of cold air and produce … Continue reading

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Tuesday Forecast

7:16AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 26-MARCH 2) If you didn’t blow away yesterday and are still here to read this, you made it through the big wind event, or were not around the area for it. Quite the event I won’t … Continue reading

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Monday Forecast

6:03AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 25-MARCH 1) The first day of March has made it into the first blog forecast period! That means spring’s coming right? Well yes, spring’s coming, but not soon. If you have lived in New England for … Continue reading

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Sunday Forecast

6:52AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 24-28) 10 days ago I noticed my first sign that we may be influenced by a broad Pacific storm system that would likely be a mainly rain-producer. Given the theme of the winter overall, despite some … Continue reading

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Saturday Forecast

8:40AM COMMENTARY The challenge it has been to forecast medium and longer range stuff the last several months has been more fun than frustrating to me. It’s an approach I must take to this science otherwise it would drive me … Continue reading

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Friday Forecast

7:17AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 22-26) High pressure moves in today and hangs on Saturday with 2 fairly nice late winter days. Low pressure tracks into the Great Lakes Sunday spreading a large precipitation shield into the region, just about all … Continue reading

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Thursday Forecast

7:35AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 21-25) The latest storm system has behaved generally as expected, after being a little slow to get underway as there was a lot of dry air to overcome. But now the warm air has come in … Continue reading

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Wednesday Forecast

7:12AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 20-24) This 5-day period will feature the passage of 2 storm systems, the first of which being in a cold enough environment so about half the precipitation, on average, could fall in the frozen or freezing … Continue reading

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Tuesday Forecast

7:30AM DAYS 1-5 (FEBRUARY 19-23) High pressure brings cold and dry weather today between yesterday’s unsettled weather and the next bout of precipitation, which will be arriving Wednesday evening in the form of snow as low pressure moves into the … Continue reading

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