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    1. Thanks, Captain. This is what I was thinking would be released Tuesday but then understood there were a few details that needed to be worked out at the state level so was postponed. I suspect this is only part of what the Governor will discuss as several key ingredients are missing such as buses that currently seat 2-3 kids per small seat.

  1. Initial school guidance is out. 6 feet of distance between desks when possible, but no less than 3 feet required. Masks for grades 2 and up, no cap on number of kids in cohort/room as long as the distancing guidelines can be met. Pretty aggressive guidance for getting kids back to school compared to the summer camp guidance. No word on buses, athletics, extra curriculars, etc. yet.

      1. Oh and yes on aggressive compared to summer camps. Although, DESE set these. Do you know who sets them for summer camp?

      2. I noticed that, too, Dave, that transportation was not in that story. Maybe it will be addressed at noon.

        How can schools play contact sports this fall? Field hockey, soccer and, especially, football are contact sports with a contact disease! And, if the MIAA cannot offer those sports, would it be fair for schools to offer golf, volleyball and cross country?

        What about theatre, choir, band and orchestra? How can you sit six-feet apart and fit the entire band on a stage or rehearsal hall?

        1. Tons of questions buses are first thing I noticed. It is a huge problem. Although, I know my kids will not put theirs on a bus as well as many others. And that creates an entirely new problem of handling a large number of dropoffs.

          I’m thinking the gov will address these and the article is just in part???????

  2. https://imgur.com/a/ISOpUso Saw this chart. Wanted to share it here. I can already hear the rallying political cry in the future: other countries had to worry about a second wave but because we kept the numbers consistent we only had one wave!

    1. The last week or so looks like the problem is exponential growth of testing in the US – at least that’s what I heard somewhere – and I’m sticking to it!

  3. So teachers need to plan for in school and online as families will apparently have a choice…..

    From the memo from commissioner Riley

    Families, in consultation with their medical providers, will ultimately make the decision as to whether their children will attend in-person instruction, or whether their children will continue with remote learning. Districts should engage regularly and substantively with families in their primary language to ensure that they have accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions about whether an in-person return is best for their children. This also means that all districts will need to have a remote learning program in place for students who are unable to return to in-person school.

  4. We have really crushed coronavirus here in CT. Down to only 124 people in the State who are hospitalized. There were only 14 people in the entire State who tested positive yesterday and the number of deaths being reported each day has been in the single digits.

    CT, along with MA, is in the top 3 states in the country now for lowest transmission rate and test positivity. All of the Northeast is doing really well.

    What’s even more encouraging is that 95% of the businesses in the State have reopened and there has been no effect. The numbers have continued to decline. Goes to show that you do not need to shut down an entire economy to keep the virus in check if proper safety measures and guidelines are implemented.

    The CT, NY, NJ 14-day quarantine requirement goes into effect today for travelers arriving from the following 8 States: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Texas. That list will be updated regularly as conditions change.

    1. I’d say the NE has a heck of a lot to be proud of, All of them but perhaps especially the states that went from among worst to best

  5. Vicki–to answer your questions above–while I’m currently an elementary school principal, I’ll always be a teacher first. No doubt having kids in school, particularly for younger students, is critical to getting back to “normal”. Of course this needs to be done safely–and I think the DESE guidelines are a good balance of moving things forward while considering health and safety. However, what we need to do in the fall will be far more complicated than what we did in the spring and very taxing on teachers. That being said, we now how time to plan and iterate on what happened in the spring that was literally thrown together overnight in many schools.

    1. Thanks David figured you had to be since I knew only a handful knew DESEs proposal. My cousin was a principal for years in NH..she retired and was called back a few times but is now absolutely retired. I am glad to hear that students will be offered in school or In home as specific concerns dictate

      Good luck and thank you. We have a way to go and as long as health officials students are first and very foremost I will be on board

  6. All NFL Hall of Fame activities including the game itself have been canceled for this year.

  7. I saw some strange numbers for NJ today. It was either an error or they chose today to correct historical data. I think I saw something like 1700 deaths for today … must be a mistake.

  8. Mark, your state has done the best job of all. I say that because you’re in close proximity to the original epicenter. It’s really hard to be successful when you’re living right next door to the worst outbreak in the country, so far. Your state tests a lot. You have a plan and system in place for contact tracing, but also a sensible reopening strategy. I really commend everyone in Connecticut.

  9. The US Virgin Islands had 3 weeks of no Covid cases at all, this week 6 new active cases as people have gone there. There is no word on if its community spread or people that were caught at the airport.

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