9 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – June 27 2020”

    1. Yes, one of the reasons for a falling death rate and steady numbers of daily deaths is the increase in number of treatment options. The disease is being managed better. I believe the combination of better treatments and an efficacious vaccine will be ideal.

  1. Throughout this pandemic I’ve been struck by how sloppy epidemiologists can be with data. For example, epidemiologists will declare “the total number of tests and deaths today … ” before the end of counting! Hours before. Today is a great example of this. The data hasn’t all come in. In fact, at least 3 states haven’t reported at all, including a large one, Louisiana, and California hasn’t reported its final batch which is quite substantial. Worldometer is much better than all the other sites, and certainly better than the news outlets like CNN and NYT. The news sites’ tracking is really abysmal in terms of timeliness and accuracy. Worldometer updates constantly, explains every detail, corrects for inaccuracies, adjusts, spreads out backfill reporting so that it’s not all in one day. Only then do you have a precise picture of what’s going on.

    1. Thanks Joshua. I’m in process of canceling NYT and gave up on cnn a while ago. I will look at worldometer

    1. Thanks Vicki. For shame on RI, VT/NH/ME. Would have been nice to have had all 6 states in ‘green’. Oh well.

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