22 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – June 29 2020”

  1. Saw this tweet a few minutes ago:

    “Seven weeks ago, the positivity rates in Connecticut were ~14% — where Florida and Texas are today. The good news is that it is possible to drive the number down to 1%. The bad news is that it requires leadership and significant behavioral change.”

    1. Sadly we are severely lacking in the ‘former’ and the ‘latter’ is up to each individual.

      1. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are doing very well, as well as most European nations who have reopened cautiously, though not fully. The key indicator is test positivity. It’s around 1% in all 3 states. That’s very low. We should secede. Let’s call it MassConnIsland.Then, I’ll be able to visit my daughter, and my son can go to the Netherlands.

        I’m frustrated by the lack of attention to timeliness and accurate data reporting in the U.S. Arizona is a case in point. Today it reported 625 cases and 0 deaths. This would be wonderful. Actually, this would be a miracle. Does anyone believe this? No. Not after reporting between 1,800 and 3,800 new cases every day for more than 2 weeks, along with at least 15 deaths each day (average ~27). I guarantee that what will happen tomorrow will be a `backfill’ day with `too’ many cases and deaths, which is equally confusing to data analysts. Is it too much to ask for the departments of health to be timely and accurate in their data reporting? If they can’t do accurate data reporting, then I certainly don’t trust they’ll do accurate contact tracing.

        1. Too much to ask? The use of good old common sense is too much to ask. For leaders to act like leaders …or at best like adults…is too much to ask. So yes…the ability to add and subtract are far too much to ask.

  2. Relative in AZ says they are shutting restaurants and bars and gyms. Seriously. After the horse left the barn.

    1. Heard that as well. Better late than never. And, if today’s reported data from Arizona were true (625 cases and 0 deaths, which would mean miraculous drops in both indicators) Ducey would not have closed the bars and gyms. Someone in Arizona government knows the real story, but the public doesn’t.

      Texas Governor Abbott is not letting hospitals in Texas report on ICU usage and hospitalizations. They apparently “agreed” to this censorship. Sounds like China, or the Soviet Union. Positive data, negative data. It all must be reported in a free society.

      Massachusetts reports the data. Every day. Period. Sure, there have been some Sunday issues, but not as bad as so many states.

      1. The AZ numbers are amiss. Now worldometers shows 3,079 new cases today, while the linked source document still shows 625. Both report no new deaths.

  3. The good news is the majority of new cases are found among relatively young folks, the vast majority of whom will not get severely ill. And only a very small percentage will die. What is concerning is the spread from these folks to their parents and grandparents and vulnerable sub-populations. Household spread represents over 80% of all cases. In many of the lower-income groups that are over-represented in terms of numbers of cases, the young folks live with their parents and sometimes grandparents. I’m worried about this.

  4. I just wish that all of these stupid politicians in other states would face up to the fact that a virus isn’t partisan, won’t do what they want, and that in public health amidst a pandemic bad policy decisions cannot be hidden for more than a week or two at most when they have an accompanying increase in the body count. Pandemics make it a really fast 2 week feedback cycle for pandemic policy.

    However a bright light in these dark times is watching Charlie Baker absolutely killing it as governor. He has and continues to do such a great job. I cannot even imagine how tough a job being the leader of any state, city or town must be right now – it’s got to be a complete nightmare. But I feel like rather than losing his humanity under the intense pressure, Baker is leaning into it and revealing more of his humanity everyday. Just hearing the was he says “kiddos” talking about special needs kids it’s abundantly clear he has a good heart and is showing good sense in what he is prioritizing. Such a juxtaposition with the fed’l govt.

    1. Well put, Mama Mia.

      Baker’s brand of Republicanism will return. In fact, it will be a large faction within the Republican Party again. Will this happen overnight? No. Trump has a firm grip on the party, the Pence wing is powerful, too, as are people like Rand Paul and Mark Meadows. Eventually, however, people want to see results, not just bluster and rhetoric.

        1. We would be lucky to have him but unfortunately I think he (at least currently) lacks the charisma needed in his public persona to be on the national stage.

          I’ve often said we will never see an Abraham Lincoln again. A poor, homely, brilliant, eloquent leader with a quiet, thoughtful demeanor? Not electable when we live and die by the sound bite. However our current situation beautifully illustrates how absurd it can get when the sound bite is the only thing that matters to the leaders – leads to absurdity.

          I’m thinking if there had been one – the next Kafka Novel would have been entitled “Trump and the age of the pandemic. The renaissance of absurdism in American Politics.”

          1. You may be right but isn’t that a shame that we elect on charisma and you are indeed correct. Although, he has caught a lot of attention across the nation I’ve always like kashich also.

    2. I have the same feeling. I watch him as much because I come away reassured as I do with info. I send him emails regularly just to say thank you. It has to be taking a toll in him.

    3. unfortunately, his type of republican’s don’t make it to the big stages. I believe he more represents what a original moderate republican before my time.

  5. I’m listening to heather cox Richardson on the history of the Republican Party. I know she skews left but I’m not seeing any bias. I’m just accessing the hour lectures through her FB page. She has done four parts. You have to go back for the first one. I find it fascinating. I knew a lot of it but am learning more. Having grown up in the party, I watched it change. Bakers is the establishment Republican.

  6. The flu is always mutating and there are different ones that form (swine flu etc). Since its the flu though, its much easier to manipulate the flu vaccine to combat it. The corona virus is a totally different animal and they had to start from scratch.

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