23 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – June 30 2020”

      1. Thank you Joshua. We as a nation should be embarrassed and ashamed of ourselves. No leadership whatsoever in Washington from the WH and Congress as well with their bickering back-and-forth. To mask, or not to mask??

        And thank you Vicki. I saw that on the tv morning news. It is painfully obvious that China is a very UNsanitary nation to say the least. Disgraceful imho! Hopefully our seasonal flu vaccines will be able to do the job.

    1. Exactly!!!

      The useless president botched this pandemic like no one
      ever could on earth. POOOOOTHETIC!!!!!!!


      We’re ALL in trouble. Anyone who believes otherwise
      has their head in the sand.

      Time for the man (I use that term loosely) in the white house to be removed!!

      1. EU opened its borders to visitors from 15 countries. The US is not in the list …..and ya know what, the man at the top will either ignore or more likely blame them.

        Every…single…American ….should be embarrassed and ashamed by this.

  1. Backfill day, as data agencies catch up. I can already tell the numbers today (especially deaths) will be bad. What’s caught my attention is Florida hospitalizations and deaths in recent days. Florida is underreporting. So, keep that in mind, too.

    I’m despondent at this point. I’m not going to be able to visit my daughter this year, without enormous difficulty, and my son won’t be able to visit his Mom. She said she’d visit him here in November, even if this entails a quarantine on both ends.

    1. Baker has not done this. He said he thinks it may be unconstitutional so is researching. I do hope it can happen

  2. I am wondering if in CT were going to open the bars in the middle of July after seeing what is happening in other parts of the country where the bars opened and you saw the COVID cases go up. In NJ Governor Murphy has halted the indoor dining restart . In NY Governor Cuomo is considering tweaking phase 3 for NYC which includes indoor dining. Indoor dining is allowed in CT at 50% capacity but your being encouraged to dine outdoors.

    1. I am encourage to dine at home. To hell with the restaurants
      until further notice.

      I have not left my house (other than to take the trash out) since
      March 13th and do NOT plan to do so any time soon.
      The way Mrs. Os and I look at this…we go out, we die! And there you have it. We are both at HIGH risk.

      Thank you very much Mr. Trump, you Bleeping **@&#**#@!*
      ignoramus!!!!!! And the buck does stop there. It truly is ALL
      his fault! totally. If handled correctly, we would be in far far better shape with thousands and thousands of lives saved that did not have to die.

      1. I have left for curbside pickup to our local farm. It started nearly day one with only curbside. We have both confidence and gratitude for what they have done…literally given Sutton and surrounding area a safe place to get food. They have increased what they offer and I literally have not purchased anything from a grocery store in months.

        Daughter who lives here drives, I am Aired out with a ride. We took out from a restaurant in town we trust twice. With tremendous research. SIL had to return to work…full mask, disposable tivek suit, disposable booties, gloves. He showers in the outside shower he put in before returning to work. Clothes in a trash bag and then into high heat wash which we run an extra time before putting any other clothes in. He uses a soap that mac was given by Brigham for use before Macs surgeries.

        All of this is what we took for granted as just doing, including cleaning food and anything that comes into house. Hard to believe I once dreaded food shopping and putting food away. Little did I know

        And the continuance of this lies directly on the president because it does go to the top and frankly those who refuse to do what WE ABSOLUTELY KNOW works.

  3. I have noticed since we have gone into phase two here in CT more people at these restaurants are choosing to dine out or do take out rather than dine in. Governor Lamont is considering keeping bars closed when we enter phase three in mid July but allow indoor dining to operate at 75%. It currently is at 50%.

  4. Baker must have his answer. It is now a directive that anyone coming to MA ..with a few exceptions…from states other than the other states who also have low numbers quarantine 14 days. I’m glad to hear this

    1. Or maybe not. He just said there are real constitutional issues with limiting entrance to a state

  5. Speaking of Baker, when is MA scheduled to go into Phase 3? Of course given the rapid spread in other states, he may have to consider holding back.

    Off the top of my head, I ‘think’ it’s July 6th?

  6. Often media drives me nuts. Question..,,”MA was worst at one point and now is best…would you have dine anything differently?” How the heck does it get better than that

    1. Yes, that was a stupid question indeed. Was that at a recent press conference?

      Did Gov. Baker have one today, Vicki?

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