19 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – November 19 2020”

    1. New CDC Warning:


      Any celebration with family members within the same house only!!!

      The same rules above for CHRISTMAS as well??? 🙁

      1. We have stepped back our thanksgiving. We will have dinner here and zoom I hope with older daughter and son. And I am heartbroken. Anyone who knows me understands what the holidays mean to me…..family…especially Christmas. I’m in tears now typing. And I am far from alone

        I’d like to thank every single person who does not do as he or she does for this because it is on them as well as their president and state leaders.

        1. Ours was scratched Vicki it’s just the 3 of us . I ordered a turkey & we will make the best of it . My outpatient surgical procedure is on 12/2 I hope it’s not cancelled . They said on Monday Thad it should be good to go . Driving into work this morning on WBZ 1030 radio I want to say it was RI they will be going into a two week lock down starting on 11/30 hoping it will help . I bet we will start seeing something like this next month in many places .

  1. It is important to remember that there are till angels

    Zoom has a 40 minute meeting limit on its free app. Zoom has waived the 40 minutes for thanksgiving. God Bless the Zoom folks

  2. More than 2,000 reported Covid-19 deaths today in the U.S. Many of these deaths were avoidable with better mitigation measures. We’re back to the levels of death seen in April. Unbelievable. I wrote on this blog that we would never get back to 2,000 deaths a day. How wrong was I.

    Yet, Pence declared today “we’ve made progress in the coronavirus pandemic.” Huh? He like many Americans fetishize the one area where there has been progress: vaccines. But, vaccines don’t help us right now. They won’t help us for the next month or so, and much longer for the general public. Pence failed when it mattered most: Mitigation.

    On a personal note, the appeal to the State Department to allow my ex-wife to visit her children was denied. The reason given (try not to laugh): “… effort to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus …” Our federal government, and in particular our executive branch, propagated the spread of the virus, with superspreaders, inconsistent messaging, lies at times, and an indifferent attitude. Yet, it can’t make an exception for someone to visit her children, one of whom she hasn’t seen in a year. It’s notable that the State Department does make exceptions for, and I’ll quote from the website, “investors, business leaders, professional athletes, …” Kind of shows you what really matters to Trump et al.

    They preach family values. That’s political b.s. And then say that state orders to prevent Thanksgiving gatherings and travel are “Orwellian.” Well, Kayleigh McEnany, what the hell is the answer we got from the State Department to a simple request to have a mother visit her children while complying with producing a negative Covid test and quarantining?

    1. Joshua I am in tears. Literally. I’m so so sorry that your ex-wife’s visit was denied.

      I have never been embarrassed by a country I love dearly. But this and what is happening in Washington and is supported by a large number of Americans is an embarrassment beyond comprehension.

      The fools on the Hill do NOTHING to mitigate spread And actually added to it and yet these same people deny a mother the right to see her children because she might make things worse. We are truly a ship of fools.

    2. Joshua – I have nothing to add you your logical and precise analysis of the situation. All that I can say is that I am sorry about how this is affecting your family.

    1. Absolute truth. We have had relatively low numbers out here all along. I commented a few days ago that Uxbridge had a 150% increase in positives in a week

  3. Question—with so many who are presumably healthy testing in advance of travel as opposed to testing for
    feeling unwell or due to possible exposure—will that skew the positivity rate?

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