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  1. Reposting my question from last night–curious if anyone has insights to this.

    Question—with so many who are presumably healthy testing in advance of travel as opposed to testing for
    feeling unwell or due to possible exposure—will that skew the positivity rate?

    1. According to a heath expert I talked to, it would skew it somewhat, but the amount would simply depend on the overall numbers being tested and the “area” (city, state, country).

  2. The state of Rhode Island will be shuttered for two weeks following Thanksgiving, if I understand correctly.

    I just hope MA doesn’t follow suit as well.

    1. Yes I posted this on the other covid blog this morning . They will be shutting down on 11/30 for two weeks I heard this Governor this morning driving in . What a phenomenal speaker she was & made it clear if you do not follow it she will shut everything down . Maybe cave into pressure Baker should take lessons from her . I bet this is what we will be seeing the deeper we get into December & Christmas & New Year these closures . I’m just on eggshells hoping my outpatient procedure does not get canceled on December 2nd as I’m so close .I believe we are heading into a very dark & long few months that is going to be extremely difficult for lots & lots of folks . Shut the schools & colleges down now before it’s too late . Joshua when do you think we start seeing thanksgiving numbers for covid the second week of December??

      1. If you look closely at the “shut down” it’s not really that. Colleges, Universities, bar areas, and indoor sports, gyms, etc are closed (except for NCAA sports such as my beloved PC Friars, or professional sports (of which there aren’t any currently playing).

        Indoor dining is down to 33% capacity and houses of worship at 25% capacity. High schools are remote.

        K-8 schools, child care, and close contact personal services are remaining open.

        1. A lot of schools on the south shore do hybrid days in & days home on remote . My sons school is neither they go full time as we have risk factors. They will however do all remote next week & after thanksgiving as a safety move

      2. SSK, you had better hope that Baker doesn’t shut down before your procedure on 12/2. Assuming it’s a non-emergency, it could get cancelled. It took me 5 months during the last shutdown just to get my teeth cleaned.

        Shutdowns only cause panic, which causes grocery store shelves to go bare. It happened recently in Chicago when they shutdown. It was on the tv evening news. Not to mention many businesses to close, not just restaurants.

        1. I’m hoping Philip it gets in . I’m having a knee arthroscopy procedure & it’s outpatient not inside a hospital. They said Monday at Pre- op it should be good to go saying no one gets into that operation room sick . I’ll be having a covid test right before as that’s the procedure now for any surgical procedure .

    1. I think if that pause were to happen here before the 2nd I suspect I’d be good . I’m going to be extremely curious to see how numbers look a couple weeks after thanksgiving.

  3. I had a nice chat last night with my Swedish friend in NYC.

    She explained a bit about the Swedish mindset. There were recommendations such as group size limit, restaurant limit etc. There are not a lot of bars as alcohol is very expensive in Sweden. There are cafes where you can have a glass of wine.

    For the most People simply respect what the experts recommend. She said they are majority Lutheran and believe in doing what is right for others.

  4. In terms of schools closing, I am ok with classes being in person, but I am not ok with them shutting down research activities. Sorry I just can not get behind them shutting down research that can be done extremely safely. I am also against them shutting down Ski areas and outdoor ice rinks two sports that can be extremely safe if done right and many ski areas seem to be doing everything they can. I just went to WAWA on their opening day this morning for 4 hours. They are being very strict with the mask wearing and social distancing. Skiing is one sport that if done right can be done without any real concern.

  5. Sutton is red with 35 cases in past two weeks. Uxbridge still red with 80 positives.

    Three positives in lower grades in Uxbridge. One elementary positive today in Sutton

  6. Another global record in deaths today. More than 11k, and still counting. That’s 4 days in a row of records.

    U.S. breaks world record – “we’re number one, baby, USA, USA” – in daily recorded cases. Also headed for its second straight day with more than 2k deaths.

    European new daily cases in many countries continue to fall fairly rapidly, though deaths as a lagging indicator are at high levels.

    According to a report, Dr. Ben Carson was “desperately ill” with Covid-19. He’s doing better now, and is on a cocktail which includes the monoclonal antibody that Trump received.

    At the tremendous rate in case growth the U.S. is going many of us will not need a vaccine. We’re closing in on 200k cases/day. You can basically multiply that times 4 or 5 to get the real number of new cases. More than 20% of the nation has had coronavirus. That would be my estimate. That will grow to 30% or maybe even 35% by January. By the time the vaccine is available to the general public my guess is we’ll be at 50% or higher in terms of those who’ve had the virus. Perhaps even much higher. So, although the vaccines was developed at rapid speed, it still couldn’t come fast enough.

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