8 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – November 21 2020”

  1. *Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for Covid-19.

    *Andrew Giuliani (son of Rudy Giuliani) WH assistant to President Trump has tested positive for Covid-19.

    *Four WH aides have tested positive for Covid-19.

    1. Still no cases on Antarctica. So we’ve got one continent that’s Covid-free. Australia is down to single-digit increases in new daily cases: Another continent that is almost Covid-free.

      North America … not so much. As Mnuchin said yesterday, “we’re working on mass distribution of the virus.” Freudian slip, no doubt. But perhaps the one truthful statement coming out of the Trump Administration on the coronavirus.

      1. No leadership whatsoever from this administration. I can’t imagine the history books putting a nice bow on his presidency. Nixon’s Watergate wasn’t this bad.

        1. I agree with you. Watergate was obviously a stain on our democracy, and left a bad taste for quite a number of years. But, Nixon pales in comparison to Trump in terms of corruption, mendacity, and incompetence.

          Let me add the following to the list of incompetent deeds. Pfizer and Moderna have submitted their data. FDA is supposedly reviewing. Yet, they’ve planned an advisory meeting 3 weeks from now! This means that emergency authorization – which is limited in scope but at least would take care of healthcare workers and nursing home residents – won’t happen for at least 3 and probably 4 weeks. Why? Why isn’t the FDA working 24/7 to review data, no break for Thanksgiving, to get the vaccine to the most vulnerable?

          1. You’ve probably answered your own question above when you responded to me.

            The current POTUS…I assume he appointed the head of the FDA?? Whoever that is at the moment. 😉

          2. OMG Joshua. How does this happen with the FDA?

            As far as Nixon….I’ve said before that I actively worked for his election. When I and others learned what he had done and the truth came out, we never wavered In our support for country first. That is the true Republican Party. What we have now is what that party feared

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