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  1. I just read your comment from yesterday p, mama. I absolutely agree…..no surprise there. I was diagnosed with a mild form of sensory GB about a year ago. It took months for doctors to figure out what I had. Truthfully, I’m not totally convinced that is an accurate diagnosis, but it still gives me pause. It was GB that the 1970s swine flu vaccine triggered in a fair number of folks. That vaccine was rushed through also. But it was decades ago and I think we have far more knowledge now.

    I believe in being vaccinated. My youngest had a severe reaction to the P part of DPT as an infant so is not immunized for that. If others are vaccinated, it protects those who are not able to be. I also support religious exemptions. It is a tough line.

    I tend not to think trump had any negative influence on this vaccine. BUT the majority of what he had touched has been without an ounce of knowledge of the situation, so I pause a bit.

    Joshua, they are following folks who have received early vaccines for two years. Is that the typical time frame for a problem to arise? Or is it pretty much standard for new vaccines?

    1. Vicki, unfortunately I don’t know what the typical time frame is for watchful waiting with respect to vaccination. I am sure that so-called pharmacovigilance – post-approval safety – monitoring will be mandatory for all coronavirus vaccines. Generally, post-approval programs remain in place for a long period of time.

      1. The Pfizer vaccine has been approved by the U.K. They are the first country in the world to do so, if I understand correctly.

  2. Covid-19 has crippled my business. To give you an example, among many things I do I give webinars and participate in roundtables. While I continue to do some webinars (though far less than last year) I can’t get any roundtable work. Typically, I do about 10 roundtables a year. That number was increasing from year to year until 2020. This year, I’ve managed to participate in 1, and that was in January. I have applied for countless opportunities, each time doing a lot of work for free – filling out questionnaires, answering emails, doing screening interviews and even preparing for talks – only to get these kinds of responses each and every time:

    “Unfortunately, our client has decided not to proceed and include you in the final selection of five roundtable participants. It was been a tricky process whittling the shortlist from 50 to 5 people.”

    Mind you, this is not a job I’m applying for. It’s just a 1-2 hour temporary gig, if you will. The pay isn’t that great, considering all the work you ultimately put into it. But at least last year I was getting the gigs. This year, practically nothing. I gulped when I saw that they had done 50 screening interviews (I had to do mine on Thanksgiving morning at 7-8am for this UK-based roundtable) to come up with 5 participants.

    1. Joshua, I am so sorry. Far too many are in your position and it is heartbreaking

      My single client…single because over time he and I had so much work could not take on more…retired end of 2019. I had planned to but was not ready so planned to do some contract type jobs. So far they have been impossible to find. As I say that, I know I am better positioned to handle having no work for a bit …financially …..but truly I want to be doing something

    1. Yes. And not only in Massachusetts. Nationwide the numbers are staggering. This tracker stops its count at around 6pm. Here’s what it tallied: https://twitter.com/COVID19Tracking/status/1334289955376390144

      What stands out is hospitalizations, which are now over 100,000 nationwide.

      The other tracker – Worldometer – stops its tally at 9pm and is showing cases perilously close to 200,000 for the day, and deaths at 2,800, with several more small states due to report. This may turn out to be a record number of deaths for 1 day. Globally, the record was already broken today. The tally stands at around 12,400.

      1. And that has nothing to do with the Holiday that’s two weeks out . Joshua do you think mass will see more closures this month or probably not because they know more . But how can you not with numbers like today

        1. Maybe some targeted limits on gatherings in restaurants (lower capacity), church services, etc … But, I don’t think Baker and others are in the mood for more closures. The wild care is healthcare system capacity. If numbers of hospitalizations continue to rise steadily, Baker may have to impose a partial lockdown.

          I’ve been out and about and I must say it’s as busy if not more now than it was last December. In stores, on the street, on the roads. Uncomfortably busy, in my view. Today at the pharmacy I had to tell a person to please respect my space and stand at least several feet away from me. He refused to. I really don’t get it. Do people like having others breathe down their necks? I didn’t like it pre-Covid and I certainly don’t like it now.

          1. Hate guys like that big tough guys . He probably doesn’t wear a mask half the time as well .

        2. Ssk did you have your procedure? I lost track of days

          Baker seems to still want to give a rosy picture of MA. That doesn’t help convince folks who do not want to comply of his message.

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