4 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – January 27 2021”

  1. The curious cases of Ireland, UK, and Israel. Let’s start with Israel:

    – First in the world in per capita vaccinations by a wide margin;
    – Yet significant growth in cases in spite of lockdown
    – Nearly doubling in critically ill in 1 month; relatively more growth in hospitalizations than cases, which is concerning

    What is going on? This person – Eran Segal – thinks it has to do with B117.


    But, surely it can’t all be due to B117.

    Two other countries with high prevalence of B117 – Ireland and the UK – also locked down. Are seeing different results:

    – UK ranks high on the list of countries in per capita vaccinations (not sure about Ireland) but isn’t nearly as efficient as Israel
    – Both UK and Ireland seeing significant drops in cases recently
    – Numbers of critically ill in UK are finally dropping after weeks of increasing

    Then there’s Portugal, Spain, and France where every indicator is growing (cases, hospitalizations, deaths) again. B117? Something else?

    I must say the data during this pandemic have often puzzled me. But now even more than before. I’m totally confused.

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