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  1. My ex-wife just let me know that she got an invitation for her vaccination in the Netherlands. It will be an Astra Zeneca shot. The appointment with her GP was included with the invitation. The way it works there is you get your shots at your primary care doctor. They don’t do mass vaccination sites, for the most part. And pharmacies never get involved. You also don’t go online or on the phone signing up for vaccines, or waiting for appointments to drop at 3am. All of that is done for you. Our system is clearly faster in terms of numbers of people vaccinated, but also MUCH more frantic and almost random in a way. It’s very American, the set-up; sort of like a free-for-all. I’m dreading this next week, as I know I’ll be frustrated. The Dutch set-up is very Dutch. No free-for-all; all of it managed carefully and through the primary care doctor, or GP.

    1. No way would I ever get an AZ shot, at least for now. I didn’t know what “brand” until I arrived and sat in the chair when the nurse told me. Do some locations here mention the brand in advance?

      Which leads to this question. Is it possible to “mix & match” vaccines or must both doses be the same brand?

      1. Most all locations I have seen mention brand in advance. And I also would not get the AZ

        Health workers in Italy are getting a lot of pushback because they are refusing vaccine. Sadly, people they care for are getting covid from them. But then I wonder why they are not tested regularly. I understand both sides. Tough situation

        1. BWH says nothing until you sit down in the chair with the nurse. As long as it wasn’t AZ, fine with me. 🙂

  2. 25 years of battling Ticketmaster.com getting tickets to see Phish prepared me well to get my wife and appointments within 24 hours of being eligible. And yes—I feel like it shouldn’t be that way.

    1. Yes, this is crazy. Once I became eligible (60+), I kept my laptop near the bed so I could give it a try around 3am. On the fifth night, I felt like I won the lottery! I got an appointment at a CVS just five minutes from home. My first shot was last Wednesday.

      I was very impressed with the way that CVS had this organized once you got to the store. My only complaint is the hoops you have to jump through to get an appointment.

      On Monday, my wife will be eligible, so here we go again!

      1. It should not be this way. And it was more difficult for many older folks who no longer drive distance. Heck, I raced cars and no longer drive to areas I’m not familiar with.

        Adding the mass vaccine site in Uxbridge has opened slots for this area and apparently for others since that is where Dr S went.

    2. I just unearthed my T shirt from Lemonwheel! I still miss those festivals- or seeing them in CA in college in the late ‘90’s when the west coast was still just discovering them so the concerts were almost empty. It was heaven – in a field with Phish playing at sunset … ahhh

      Ok – I gotta go out on Fee!

      Ps – also found my lollapalooza T from the infamous summer ‘92 shows at Great Woods – aka why there’s no grass anymore.

      That show had Primus, Red Hot Chilis, Pearl Jam, Ministry… oohhh best show ever at Great woods.

      1. Thanks. I don’t think it is a big deal. I’ll use the reporting system they gave me but to me it means vaccines are working.

  3. SClarke, do you know what time people can start booking appointments on Monday when the next group – which includes me – are eligible. I can’t find a precise time anywhere. Thanks.

    1. Are you on FB? There is an amazing site that helps find slots ans posts all of the information you need.

    2. I am not sure of the time.

      Did you also pre-register for the mass sites? I did that a few weeks back, and two days ago I got an email saying that I could choose an appointment site and time. But, I already had my first shot from CVS, so I cancelled. None of the mass sites are near me, so I am glad that it worked out this way.

  4. The Astra Zeneca vaccine is not the best of the bunch. In the Netherlands they’ve paused giving the vaccine to those under 60; clotting risk. But for someone like my ex-wife – who is 62 – AZ is the only vaccine available at the moment. She also thinks – and she’s probably right – that being vaccinated will more or less be a prerequisite for flying to the U.S. when that becomes a possibility. She’s willing to take the very small risk in order to get the vaccination out of the way.

    1. If I had no choice as is case for your wife, I suspect I’d have it also. I did not mean to diminish her choice. Every single person has a reason and a story

      1. You did not diminish her choice at all, Vicki. I understand what you said. She would, too. I am sure she’d prefer the other vaccines. I just thought I ought to explain it further, given that the AZ vaccine has been in the news a lot.

        She was prioritized somewhat in the Netherlands as she is in a people-facing profession: Judge. There, her age group isn’t yet eligible, generally speaking.

        The good news is AZ is the primary vaccine in Britain (for millions of people), and they haven’t had a lot of problems so far. There have been clotting deaths, but very few. And it’s unknown if AZ caused them or is simply correlated.

  5. I’m not an epidemiologist, but I have felt for a long time – based on the sheer numbers of cases in places that already had tremendous waves of infection – that reinfection plays a much larger role than we think. Well now it appears Scott Gottlieb is concerned about this as well. How else to explain the massive wave in France, Brazil, and even parts of the U.S. without at least considering the possibility of reinfections. https://twitter.com/ScottGottliebMD/status/1378384824482807808

    1. Not to mention the surge in cases in young people now. Much like the 1918 pandemic. It’s no longer an “old folks” disease like last year at this time.

  6. I don’t know if this always works but it worked for me on several occasions. It seems as though CVS puts up a lot of appointments on Saturday morning, between 6 and 6:15 ish. During the week, appointments would open up in dribs and drabs and in rather random spots. And then Saturday morning, there seem to be more options. Good luck! It’s frustrating, I know.

    1. Yes, I signed up; they text you daily for a week after the first vaccine and then you tell them when you get the second and they start up again. They ask how you are feeling and if you had any symptoms–it’s quick and easy.

  7. Thanks for all the vax sign-up information.

    Some unsettling news from the NHL. The Vancouver Canucks have come down with Covid-19; might be practically the entire team. The variant they were exposed to is very likely P.1 (the one from Brazil that is now spreading like wildfire in British Columbia; has also been identified in the U.S. in many states). Why am I concerned? Well, in stark contrast to previous team outbreaks across sports with the original wild type coronavirus in which the vast majority of players did not get particularly sick or were entirely asymptomatic, this time several of the Canuck players are already “very ill,” according to a spokesperson. It suggest that the P.1 variant hits younger folks much harder. Apparently, one of the players who is quite sick had Covid-19 last year, and was reinfected. P.1 is known for that. It scares the crap out of me. And it should scare our governors, too. Our vaccination campaign is wonderful. It’s helping a lot. But we still have many more people to vaccinate, and the newer variants are impacting younger folks. This is not a time for >50% capacity indoor dining, bars, and other indoor venues with gatherings. Seriously. I want to go back to my old coffee shops and bars. But now just isn’t the time to do that.

  8. Switzerland; every canton is red, signifying the highest risk zone. https://twitter.com/FLAHAULT/status/1378339008321830917/photo/1

    The good news today is that vaccinations in the U.S. are rising. That is preventing our country from reverting to a massive wave. We’re in a ripple of sorts, which may become a larger wave. But it won’t be massive by any stretch of the imagination.

    Pretty much everywhere else in the world right now – except the U.K., Israel, and U.A.E. – the situation is bleak. Global cases are rising towards their previous peak. I believe worldwide we’ll surpass that. Hospitalizations are also rising towards their previous peak.

    I have zero optimism about a return to near-normal in Europe (continent) in Q2, and very little faith that Q3 will be good. I’m hoping for it, but am losing optimism.

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