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  1. Been up since 4am trying to book a vaccine appointment. Nothing. A few times I got into waiting rooms; once it even said appointments available. But of course when I clicked on it, nothing happened. A total waste of time. I can’t continue doing this. It will harm my health. I’ll just wait until supply outstrips demand some time in May or June.

    1. I had a similar experience with the vaxfinder site, except I refused to get up in the middle of the night — too much stress. I found that the CVS website was somewhat better; I could keep it open on my phone and just do a quick check periodically when I was using my phone anyway. It took a few days of multiple checks (each of which took about 15 seconds), and I got through. They give you both appointments up front, so there’s no mystery about the scheduling or the vaccine type.
      I’ve had the first dose, and the setup was very good and efficient.

    2. Joshua, I did check at night but only when I was up to make a trip to the bathroom. I know some have had success at night. I have not heard a lot who have though

      I have a feeling when we open up more on April 19 that it will not get better. Are you constricted by area or can you go outside of Boston?

      1. Not restricted. I checked all over Massachusetts.

        I refreshed many, many times and on the Walgreen’s site it said “available appointments” twice, but when I clicked everything was booked. On CVS they did change the screen a few times, putting me in a virtual waiting room, then filling out the form (I must have done that 20 times; same with Walgreen’s, Boston Medical Center, Tufts), and one time it said appointment available at a local CVS on Wednesday, and asked me to click on the times available that day … then threw me out of the system.

        I think my blood pressure is high enough to qualify me fora cardio check-up in addition to a shot. Seriously, this process has probably killed quite a number of people. They should incorporate that into the statistics.

      2. Thanks. I did find the smaller places (supermarkets, etc) tend to have limited numbers. I thought cvs had eliminated that kicking out thing. I’m also hearing a lot of folks having trouble with second vaccine through cvs. The north Grafton covid site on FB is a HUGE Resource for those on FB.

        Joshua, this was posted there this am. For when you are ready.

        Bookmark this page for the Worcester State clinics page on PrepMod: https://www.maimmunizations.org/clinic/search?location=&search_radius=All&q%5Bvenue_search_name_or_venue_name_i_cont%5D=vincent&clinic_date_eq%5Byear%5D=&clinic_date_eq%5Bmonth%5D=&clinic_date_eq%5Bday%5D=&q%5Bvaccinations_name_i_cont%5D=&commit=Search#search_results

        Bookmark this page for the McCloskey Middle School in Uxbridge clinics page: https://www.maimmunizations.org/clinic/search?location=&search_radius=All&q%5Bvenue_search_name_or_venue_name_i_cont%5D=mccloskey&clinic_date_eq%5Byear%5D=&clinic_date_eq%5Bmonth%5D=&clinic_date_eq%5Bday%5D=&q%5Bvaccinations_name_i_cont%5D=&commit=Search#search_results

    1. Joshua, I have a friend that has been quite successful in finding appointments for people. I would be happy to have her contact you if you would like her to try. She actually got my appointment for me.

    1. What a great dead on article. Nothing boosts the old immune system like a strong dose of stress and sleep deprivation!

  2. Thank you, Vicki, for the article on cases among students and staff. Needless to say, younger folks are getting sick. The variants of concern are more dangerous for younger people.

    You may recall that one of my fears is indoor arenas opening up for fans too soon. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/546353-contact-tracing-underway-in-indianapolis-after-alabama-basketball-fans

    I also saw that the Texas Rangers home opener was completely sold out. No distancing whatsoever. They are outdoors. That should help. But, I do not for the life of me understand why a governor would allow full stands right now.

    1. Yes, I’m really worried about P.1 for this state. Even for my son, who’s in a people-facing job where he’s in contact with dozens, if not hundreds of students. He does get tested periodically, and he’s careful.

      My daughter says that the reopening in England is in stages. First outdoor areas for pubs and restaurants will be open in a week or so. Then, limited capacity indoors a few weeks later, with strict limits on other gatherings, too. She’ll be invited by the NHS to get vaccinated in a couple of weeks. They’ve done a tremendous job in vaccinating, but also mitigating. They did not do well last year or with the second wave. But I think they’ve managed the situation well in recent months.

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