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    1. EXCEPTIONAL article. Thank you. I will share and probably post on My FB page. I cannot tell you how many I hear say…..two weeks and I’m fully vaccinated and I can get back to normal. It scares me.

  1. I have mentioned the north Grafton FB page that has excellent information for finding vaccine available.

    If you don’t use FB, the man who hosts that FB site just said there is a place on Twitter that lists MA availability


    Sad, isn’t it, that every day people have to do what our state doesn’t seem to be capable of doing

    1. Yeah it is. I became eligible yesterday and tried all day, but it was nothing short of frustrating. I woke up early this morning and was able to schedule one at CVS. It seemed to open up after 6:00 a.m.

      1. Awesome. Well done. Did they have you schedule the second vaccine also? I’m hearing some CVSs do and others give you an appt when you get your first.

        1. Yes I scheduled the second as well. I figured I’d post to help anyone else trying to book an appointment. I know Joshua was having challenges yesterday.

  2. The state of Massachusetts just sent me an email saying that I would be offered a vaccination appointment in the next 24 hours. Did not say when or where the vaccination would take place, but I assume it would be at one of the 7 vaccination sites. I’ll be thrilled if this happens. Stay tuned.

  3. I got up early this morning and had no luck. I did get into some virtual waiting rooms (CVS) and twice appeared to have a spot (one in Allston, fairly close to where I live), but then when I went to confirm the spot was no longer available. After another 3 hours of trying this morning I decided to stop trying for now. Several hours later- just now – the state emailed me. See my latest post. I hope this goes through. I think it will. I don’t care where the site is, quite frankly.

    1. I am glad to hear that you will be able to get it done!

      I had great luck at 4 AM this morning getting my wife an appointment at a local (Leominster) CVS. She has an appointment for tomorrow morning.

      The funny thing is that I had Moderna last Wednesday and my wife will get Pfizer this Wednesday. Because of the difference in time between the doses for the two vaccines, we get our second shots on the same day – but hers is an hour earlier. She jumped the line!

      1. That’s neat, to both get your second dose the same day.Early this morning, one of the CVS virtual waiting rooms led me to a (phantom) appointment in Athol. Is that close to Leominster? I tried booking it, but it was no longer available when I went to confirm.

  4. Hey. Baker says the process is working. After all getting an appointment worked well for him.

    1. Indeed. I think that ultimately the system `works.’ But there has got to be a better way. I do think that the state will come through with an appointment for me, which is great. But spending as much time as I did, and thousands of others, is far from ideal. I’m also a little confused about availability at CVS and Walgreen’s in other states. I know that there’s more vaccine hesitancy down south and also in the Midwest. But that can’t fully explain the fact that it’s much easier to book an appointment there than it is here, at any time of day.

  5. My global summary of Covid data will resume tomorrow. Data today is still suffering from an Easter weekend lag. Keep in mind that almost every other country in the Western world has Easter Monday off – a bank holiday. I can see that the numbers today are off almost everywhere. Here’s something that’s alarming. France’s critical ill increased by 230 today, while cases were way down (80% drop). This means there’s a lag in reporting from places that do testing, but no lag in reporting from hospitals. Of course, our attention should be focused more on hospitalizations than cases.

    India’s dramatic growth in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continues.

  6. Thanks, Joshua. I do think it may be working a bit better now than it was when I and hundreds of seniors spent weeks.

    Something else baker said that has me thinking. He SEEMS to either say or imply that younger people are getting covid because older folks are now vaccinated.

    I absolutely believe that the drop is numbers of older folk positives is due to the vaccine. That is amazingly encouraging. But I don’t see what one has to do with the other. Younger folks are simple more susceptible and perhaps not doing what they should

  7. Anyone know what “fold” means?

    The mRNA vaccines are 4- to 7-fold less effective against the P.1 variant,

      1. Thank you, Scott. Great article. Did I miss where it explained what “fold” means. I understand percent but not sure what percent a fold is …if that makes any sense at all

          1. Yeah I need clarification on that as well. A reduction of 2.9 would be a 300% reduction I believe, but not sure what that translates to with respect to antibody titres. I think we need Joshua and Tom 🙂

    1. An afterthought. It will be interesting if other local colleges (BC, BU, Harvard, etc.) will follow suit on this.

      1. I am actually impressed that he waited until he was eligible. In truth there is a lot about baker I have not liked this past year but also a lot this past year and overall I do like.

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