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    1. Well run. I know several who have gone there. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. May be gone by now

  1. Good news! Massachusetts sent me an invitation to book an appointment. I just did for next week at the Reggie Lewis Center. I’m assuming it’s a Pfizer or Moderna shot (1st dose).

  2. Thanks, everyone. Appointment is Monday, at 9:48am (yes, it’s that precise). The confirmation email, however, looks like something anyone could have written. There’s no confirmation number, or even my full name on it. I assume it’s fine. It just says “Hello Joshua, your appointment is at … in the Reggie Lewis Center …”

    1. That’s all I got and I did bring it but they did not need it. They did need my license and health insurance cards.

      Make sure to treasure card they give you. There is debate on whether to laminate. Right now i do not plan to.

      1. I’ll definitely hold on to the card, and the one they give me for the 2nd dose. I do not have a smartphone [though I do have a `dumb’ cellphone (flip-phone that never dies; same lithium battery that I got it in) that is 21 years old], so I’ll be the person showing paper/card certificates to border control people.

        1. I heard on the news warning people DO NOT laminate your card in case additional vaccinations after the first two are necessary. My card does in fact have two additional spaces.

  3. Classic spring pattern…
    You know what’s going to end up happening this month? We’re going to have a day where it’s 85 in Hartford and 45 in Boston. Wait for it…. my guess is sometime between April 17 & 30. 🙂

  4. A friend of mine who already received both his vaccinations plans to sign up for a third “booster” shot. It seems that there is now a “double variant” spreading in San Francisco as well as India and Indonesia. He showed me this new info on his smartphone.

    Joshua, have you heard of this new “double variant” starting to spread around the world? This is getting even more insane now.

  5. Philip, there are multiple double variants. One is prevalent in India and appears to be vaccine-evading to some degree. There are others that involve the B117 variant linking up with another. Here’s one, for example: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2268014-exclusive-two-variants-have-merged-into-heavily-mutated-coronavirus/

    There’s another one that, I think, involves a combination of the B117 and South African variant.

    All of these mutations are normal. It’s what viruses do to survive. But, some of the mutations are more dangerous than others.

    As I’ve said I’m most worried about the P.1 variant. Today’s CDC guidance for vaccinated people NOT to travel to Canada reflects the CDC’s concern. I don’t think the Canadian border will open up any time soon. Of course, we already have P.1 here, especially in Massachusetts. It’s more capable of evading vaccines than other variants. It’s also more lethal, and affects a much younger sub-population.

    Today’s U.S. data shows rising hospitalizations nationwide. So, last week’s increase was not a blip. Most of the hospitalized patients are relatively young. The ones dying are young, too, like this man. https://twitter.com/archivemyracoon/status/1379641532827889664

    And as laid back as Canadians are. Certainly not prone to exaggerate, they’re deeply concerned about the crisis they currently are dealing with, and it’s B117 and P1 driven. https://twitter.com/TorontoStar/status/1355915813669232640

  6. I think we’re going to get through this soon. I really do. Vaccinations will ultimately end the pandemic.

    But, there’s a battle going on right now that’s challenging. And it’s not just the virus, the variants, and the vaccines to combat them. Policymakers are going to have to come up with ways to restart international travel, to return the world to normalcy. I don’t see any easy path at this point. I’ve pretty much thrown in the towel for a return to near-normal across large portions of Europe, Canada, and South America. And now it looks like parts of Asia will also be faced with major setbacks. Let’s hope the U.S. avoids a major surge, which would put states in the uncomfortable position of needing to step up mitigation measures. I think the U.S. will only have a small surge, but nothing is certain.

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