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    1. Yes, I just saw that announcement on my phone. A sad ending for him. I wonder how long he suffered from it.

        1. He was fully vaccinated but had a few health issues. One was multiple melanoma so he may well have been taking meds that suppress the immune system. It bothers me that FOX and others are using this as a reason not to be vaccinated. They disgust me

  1. Headline in Boston globe

    “Nearly 1,600 state employees missed Baker’s vaccine mandate deadline, and more than 40,000 were in compliance, officials say”

  2. Powell’s death saddens me. He was a great man. He had his flaws – we all do – but we should focus on the trailblazer that he was.

    Echo Vicki’s comments on the media. Vaccines work. The fact that a fully vaccinated person can still die from Covid-19 shows two things: 1. Immunocompromised persons are still at risk, as the vaccines do not produce as good an immune response in them; especially those with multiple myeloma;. 2. Age is a critical factor. Vaccine immunity occurs in the elderly, which is the reason for the need for boosters.

    The UK data is alarming this morning. On a Monday (often low reporting), the UK reported 50,000 cases, most since July. This week they will very likely be recording the most cases since January. What’s most unsettling is that the case growth is occurring not only among young people, but a lot of older folks (>65; the vast majority of whom are fully vaccinated). Hospital admissions and deaths are already up in this groups in the past 2 to 3 weeks. The other disconcerting phenomenon is that a sub-lineage of Delta – AY.4 – appears to be competing well against the ancestral sub-lineage (B.1.617.2). An analogy would be two clean-up hitters (veteran and a youngster) on the same team competing to see who’s best. If AY.4 is more transmissible, we’re in some trouble … again. What happens in the UK doesn’t stay in the UK for long.

  3. And, to back up what I just said, the Netherlands is reporting the biggest one-day increase in hospitalizations since April. Spillover from the UK, and my guess is one of the drivers is one or more of the AY. sub-lineages. I put the dot there to denote the fact that you can insert multiple numbers there, each is slightly different. The virus `knows’ what it’s doing. Its route to survival is mutations, by way of trial and error, that increase transmissibility. Delta “plus” is probably the most facile path for the coronavirus at this point in time.

  4. We returned from our first London trip 2 weeks ago. We wore masks and dined outdoors whenever possible. We also went to the theatre and saw Mamma Mia, and also to the cinema to see James Bond.

    Mask wearing was poor, even on London Transport where it is required. I think people are fed up. The risk taking is unfortunate.

    We are scheduled to go back to get married over Thanksgiving (postponed from March 2020), and we are watching the COVID numbers there move in the wrong direction. My understanding is this current surge is being driven by unvaccinated 15-19 year olds. The half term holiday just started and numerous music festivals are going ahead.

    We will get our flu shots shortly and perhaps boosters as we are 6+ and 8+ months out from jab 2. We both had Moderna, which has seen very little in the way of waning immunity.

    1. So glad you were able to go.

      What a difference 2 months make. Two months ago, I observed pretty good compliance everywhere. Certainly not 100%. But reasonable, for sure. As you said, perhaps people are indeed “fed up.”

      The latest surge is really worrisome for the over 65 and at-risk. Waning immunity will occur in Britain before anywhere else, for two reasons: 1. The UK’s vaccination campaign was the first to take off, and boy did it take off initially. 2. Astra Zeneca’s protection wanes a little faster than the mRNA vaccines, and AZ was the most popular vaccine in Britain.

    2. Amy, I’m happy you were able to travel to London but saddened that the situation there is deteriorating. I needed to pause to wipe tears in order to finish reading your post when you said you hope to return for your wedding. Please know you will be in my prayers.

  5. Dr Wen just talked with Anderson cooper with regard to Colin Powell being fully vaccinated She graciously limited her comments to multiple myeloma and immune suppressant treatment.

    One interesting comment was that she will have an mRNA Booster soon since she initially had the JJ

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