15 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – May 10 2022”

  1. I listed towns with the highest school positives. If Boston public does still have masks in place, I’d say it is an excellent example of how well masks work. If not, then we need to find out what Boston is doing


    Always remember that these numbers are well below the actual number

      1. Thanks. And that shows masks work. Unless I figured incorrectly….and it’s very possible…Boston has a lower percent of covid per student body

    1. Thanks–I actually only felt poorly Friday morning–by Friday evening I felt totally fine. Today is Day 5 which means my isolation ends, but we require a negative test to return to work prior to Day 10 and I doubt I’ll have that tomorrow as I just tested and it was hard positive….

      1. Good news Dave. And that makes sense. I think the five day thing is adding more to the problem than helping

        1. Perhaps—and….it’s hard to justify to parents that they need to keep their kids out of school for as long as 2 weeks because their kids keep testing positive despite having no symptoms for 9 of the 10 days. Especially difficult for working parents.

  2. I feel okay, Vicki. Energy level is fine. Throat is better. No fever. My stomach is not okay, which is depressing. I had been managing it well for so long. These cycles are rather difficult. My GI system will adjust itself at a certain point; maybe by next week. I’m hopeful of that. I do not think the stomach problem is Covid-related or exacerbated. It’s something I’ve lived with for a very long time.

    1. My son had serious GI issue with one of his COVID’s and milder stomach thing with second, but I understand. Anything that upsets my stomach takes a long while to resolve.

    1. Warning….this is political…although it is truly difficult to argue with its truth

      There is a meme that says if the court were really concerned about the lives of children, there would be 20 more youth graduating in Newtown, CT.

  3. The GI tract is very complex. I’ve learned this the hard way, as I’ve always had digestive issues (in every part of the tract), which no doctor could figure out. Doctors always throw medicines at the problem. But, the medicines don’t really solve the problem with many people. At best they alleviate symptoms. I’m a very careful eater, exercise every day. Nothing helps when I’m in a cycle. I am convinced the issue with me and many people with GI problems is pH balance in the stomach and intestinal motility (too fast; too slow – never just right). For a while that balance was more or less in line with me. I was taking few if any medications, by the way; maybe a Pepcid once every 10 to 14 days. I thought I had solved the riddle. Alas, it’s back with a vengeance; does a number on quality of life, as queasiness for days on end isn’t fun. Maybe Covid exacerbated the problem. Could be.

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