10 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – May 14 2022”

  1. Thanks TK.

    I am hoping I did not hear this correctly over the radio this morning but according to Dr. Jha there could be 100 M deaths by this fall.

    Even if it’s “cases” it doesn’t make sense.

  2. When this began, our governor (do we still have one?) was clear in what would happen as percentages rose. Why are we not clearly stating that once positives hit X% that masks will be mandated?

    That seems logical to me but am happy to hear why it wouldn’t be. It outs the onus on the public to take steps to keep the percent down while at the same time preparing it for mandates that will protect everyone

    I also agree with Joshua that encouraging vaccines and especially boosters is nonexistent.

    We seem to have simply rolled over and given up.

    1. What parents need to understand is that their child can still get Covid even if fully vaccinated.
      One of our custodians at work recently got Covid and she is fully vaccinated. She described her experience as…AWFUL!!! Imagine if she wasn’t vaccinated and didn’t mask religiously.

      1. Why don’t they? I can’t imagine not doing everything possible to keep my child from getting Covid. There are so many consequences. I don’t think that means putting people in a bubble. I just think it means taking precautions for yourself AND for everyone around you when you are out and about.

  3. I’ll never understand why masks trigger people. Sometimes the very same people who don’t want any kind of `restriction’ in place for Covid (nowadays that just means masks in a few places) want the government to ban abortions (sometimes even under ANY circumstances!), ban critical race theory (or even perceived traces of it) from curricula, heck, ban certain books from libraries. The inconsistencies are glaring, especially when the whole idea of masking or social distancing is to prevent transmission, which in turn can save lives. It’s a pro-life stance. Sure, masks aren’t foolproof. We know that. But, doing something, however marginal the contribution is, to reduce transmission and the risk of severe illness and death in another person, would appear to be the Christian thing to do.

    1. Sadly, there is a pattern that doesn’t have much to do with abortions or education or much else other than the perceived lack of control by a group of people in this country who have fought tirelessly to have complete control.

      If this were about the life of children as you wisely pointed out, we’d do everything we could to protect those same children in schools or by providing superb healthcare to all from birth or by putting reasonable gun control measures in place so eight children per day do not die by guns in this country. Just a few as there are too many examples to name

      That same group has a long history of believing in its distinct exceptionalism. We see its manipulation in reduction of voting rights to other groups, in disparities in education between wealth and non wealth. We see it in the terrifying fact that the United States has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world…..and now, if Robert’s cannot stop this, that number will increase. And glaringly, we see it in the makeup of the groups of folks making these decisions for all of us.

      It is the ship I keep mentioning….not only because of Covid, but because of where we are without doubt headed as a nation. We have lost our moral center.

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