Monday October 3 2022 Forecast (7:16AM)

Over the weekend, many areas saw some wet weather Saturday and then the focus was windy weather Sunday, and temperatures ran below normal. With low pressure to our south, once associated with Ian, and high pressure to our north, this breezy, cool, and sometimes wet regime will continue for the first few days of this week, basically through Wednesday. Rain-free conditions will be dominant today as the high has a bit more control, but the low will exert more control over our weather later Tuesday and Wednesday when periods of mainly light rain will likely occur, with the greatest chance of this being in eastern and southern MA, RI, and eastern CT, as far as the WHW forecast area goes. The low pressure area finally pulls away by Thursday. At that time, a narrower extension of high pressure builds in for fair and milder weather both Thursday and most of Friday. Late Friday, especially Friday night, we’ll look for a strong cold front to cross the region from west to east with gusty wind and a possible shower.

TODAY: Lots of clouds / intervals of sun. Highs 55-62. Wind NE 5-15 MPH inland and 10-20 MPH coast with a few higher gusts especially Cape Cod.

TONIGHT: Partly to mostly cloudy. Lows 45-52. Wind NE 5-15 MPH inland and 10-20 MPH coast with a few higher gusts, again especially Cape Cod.

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Periods of light rain by late-day Cape Cod and South Coast region. Highs 54-61. Wind NE 10-20 MPH except 15-25 MPH South Coast, higher gusts possible.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Cloudy. Periods of rain eastern CT, RI, and eastern MA. Lows 46-53. Wind NE 10-20 MPH except 15-25 MPH coast, higher gusts.

WEDNESDAY: Cloudy. Periods of light rain eastern and southern MA, RI, eastern CT. Highs 53-60. Wind NE 10-20 MPH except 15-25 MPH coast, higher gusts.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Any rain ending. Lows 45-52. Wind N 10-20 MPH, diminishing overnight.

THURSDAY: Sun/cloud mix. Highs 66-73. Wind W to SW 5-15 MPH.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows 50-57. Wind SW 5-15 MPH.

FRIDAY: Partly sunny. Evening showers possible southwestern NH and central MA. Highs 68-75. Wind SW 10-20 MPH.

DAYS 6-10 (OCTOBER 8-12)

The aforementioned cold front (discussion above) will set up the region for a dry weekend October 8-9 with temperatures generally below normal, a gusty breeze Saturday settling down somewhat Sunday. A reinforcing cold front is expected to pass by sometime early next week keeping the pattern of mostly dry but below normal temperatures going into the middle of the month.

DAYS 11-15 (OCTOBER 13-17)

Overall pattern looks like it will be dominated by a northwesterly air flow from Canada with dry, cool weather much of the time, and a brief milder shot between cool pushes.

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      1. I don’t give the team much hope for a playoff berth this season. Even .500 may be asking too much. Yes, they can make games exciting and they’re certainly no pushover but they just can’t finish the deal. They have too many injuries to key players at the wrong time plus opposing coaches now have finally become wise to Belichick’s methods.

          1. Yes, but they’re not the pushovers they were in past seasons. Patriots need to get back to full strength.

            1. I am not sure they were ever really at full strength. Pats have always struggled with less than adequate drafts. It was Brady’s main complaint and played a huge part in his departure. He never had the WRs he wanted. Neither does Jones. Brady could compensate. Few can. This year coaching is just adding to the mess.

      1. Not really any different than MA. They just happened to have had 2 of that magnitude 10 years apart.

        This is kind of a good example as if you took an average of how often CT has an EF-4, it’s probably more like 50 or 75 years, yet they had 2 in 10 years and none that strong since. This is what I mean by weather not fitting into these “neat” one-in-ten, one-in-50, one-in-500 type categories we make up.

  1. Gov. DeSantis continues his “500 year” theme. Some local met or tv news anchor must have ingrained it into his head.

    Actually, I wonder if it’s TWC?

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