Weekend Update


The latest event will be winding down this morning, and this one let most of us off quite easy with snowfall amounts coming in from below the predicted range to the lower end of the predicted range for most areas. The area not let off so easily is southeastern MA because of milder air being stronger there and resulting in moderate amounts of rain falling upon a heavy snow pack. This increases stress on roofs and increases the chance of future flooding. Moving forward, a short synopsis of what goes on during the final 7 days of February. Weekend system slowly exits today with lingering rain to mix southeastern MA and a little light snow to the northwest with only minor additional accumulation during this morning, then breaking clouds this afternoon. It will feel quite mild with high temperatures above freezing in many areas. But that is only a brief reprieve as an Arctic cold front will race west to east across southern New England Monday morning and return the region to the deep freeze through Tuesday. A low pressure system moving through courtesy the northern jet stream will bring snow showers Wednesday. A southern jet stream storm system will get going offshore but the two will not interact until they are well beyond this area, sparing the region another significant snowstorm. Cold air is reinforced for later in the week, but probably not as cold as the shot that starts the week.

TODAY: Cloudy with spotty snow northeastern to central MA, rain to mix elsewhere, ending by midday. Breaking clouds and partial sun this afternoon. Highs in the 30s, some lower 40s southeastern MA/RI. Wind W up to 10 MPH, few higher gusts.
TONIGHT: Partly to mostly cloudy with a slight risk of a passing snow shower. Lows around 20. Wind W increasing to 10-20 MPH with higher gusts, shifting to NW by dawn.
MONDAY: Mostly sunny. Temperatures steady around 20 through midday then falling through the 10s. Wind NW 15-25 MPH with higher gusts. Wind chill falling toward 0.
TUESDAY: Mostly sunny. Low 0. High 20.
WEDNESDAY: Variably cloudy. Snow showers. Low 10. High 30.
THURSDAY: Partly cloudy. Low 10. High 25.
FRIDAY: Mostly sunny. Low 5. High 25.
SATURDAY: Increasing clouds. Low 10. High 30.

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  1. REPOST of the quiz posted by Longshot…

    Today’s AccuWeather Trivia Quiz.

    What teleconnection is described by the unusual warming of the surface waters of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean?
    A. North Atlantic Oscillation
    B. Artic Oscillation
    C. La Nina
    D. El Nino

    Answer later today.

        1. Sure. I’m not eligible for that contest since I am an employee, associate, or owner of Woods Hill Weather. πŸ˜‰

    1. Assuming you mean Boston, the high temps from February 6 through February 20 were all sub-freezing. They cracked freezing yesterday, reaching 34.

  2. With melting I suspect water will find wonderful new ways to enter homes. Already has one we have never had.

    1. With all that has been going on lately (my heart episode, having a nasty cold, Dad’s ordeal) some of the ice/snow management was put off, but yesterday I was able to get onto my porch roof and remove about a ton or more of snow and ice. This roof was the one responsible for 2 of the 3 ice dam leaks we’ve had. The 3rd one in the downstairs living room (Mom and Dad apartment) was brief and minor and resolved itself in 2 days. There is only one section of ice and very large icicle I could not remove for it was too dangerous. That part will have to melt out, but what I did remove should limit any remaining leakage to one window in the closed-in porch, which we can deal with as it has been going on for many years during our snowier winters.

      One funny story yesterday is that a 4-foot icicle hanging off the edge of a dormer portion of the roof just outside my 2nd floor bedroom window (which I climb out to reach the porch) fell when I was on the roof, just having finished. I was standing about a foot from it (always making sure I was not under it) when I heard a crack. I dropped the shovel (which slid off the roof into the back yard) and I caught the icicle in a bearhug before it reached the roof, burst out laughing, turned the icicle sideways and dropped it so it shattered and rolled off the roof. What a way to end that ordeal. πŸ˜‰

    1. You will see some flakes in the air into the 9AM hour but you can, because it’s mild enough that whatever should fall during that time will melt during the midday hours.

      I am going out to finish my cleanup at 9AM.

  3. Vicki, my wife is going to a bridal shower in Framingham later this morning, what are the roads like up there? They’re fine here but curious in areas that got more snow. We only got about 1.5″ and roads are wet but clear

  4. I have not ready anything yet to learn or influence me.



    It was NOT warming at 850 or 700MB else we would have had sleet.
    The boundary layer warmed some, but at 33-34 it would still support snow.

    So what is left?

    The damn LOW LEVEL JET at 900-925 MB. That flooded in here unimpeded by land friction because it came mostly over Water and it was NOT influenced by the Snow pack for the same reason.

    In my mind that is the ONLY explanation I can come up with for the
    forecast BUST for Boston. I Imagine inland areas still got there 5,6 7 inches
    or so.

    WOW! WOW! WOW!!

    1. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN when I mentioned the BUSY SW wind yesterday.
      It tickled something in my mind, but I did not translate that to the forecast.


    2. I’m glad both of our snow predictions/concerns didnt work out. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Another factor …. A couple hrs ago, Logan’s total melted was .27. Heaviest precip, thankfully remained south.

      When it was really cold enough, surface and aloft last evening to snow, the precip coverage was light and sometimes had breaks in it. I think this may have been as big a factor as anything.

    3. OS…You’re not a TV met. Humiliated is a bit much. It is extremely challenging for even the most skilled forecaster to nail down these storms. Go easy on yourself. You’re just a man with a lot of passion for meteorology. Most of us were wrong.

      1. Oh Yeah, how true.
        That was Brutal.

        Seriously, When I went out to Whole Foods at Legacy Place in Dedham yesterday morning and got out of the car at about 11AM, it had already warmed from near or below zero to 27 Degrees. The SouthWest Wind was blowing pretty good. I was wondering to myself, it’s going to Warm too much. It might RAIN.

        Kept looking at models that kept insisting NO!!

        Oh well, lesson learned.

  5. We only got 3 inches and it never got abobe freezing nor did it change to rain. We just didn’t get a lot of heavy precipitation up this way. It was a prerrier snow though as it stuck to all the trees. JJ you finally hit the jackpot

    1. I wish I did. It would go viral. Especially the part about the shovel so elegantly sliding down the roof and into the snow below, and the smirk on my face when I turned the icicle sideways and let it shatter. πŸ˜‰

  6. This event is having a decent grand finale here …..

    Still moderate snow. No wind, falling straight down. Big flakes. Sticking alright to the trees and the existing snowcover.

  7. Whatever you call it, we got less than forecasted and to 99.9% of New Englanders breathing oxygen, they are happy, yes happy. Now get out and at least enjoy the rest of the weekend lol or don’t πŸ™‚ good day

    At least the consistent brutal cold is done, and now it’s just slowly melting this snow the next 2-3 weeks, starting in Plymouth to Wareham 03-09/03/16. Spring will be here soon πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks, TK.

    With the exception of some birdsong in the early morning and longer days just beginning and the sun’s angle changing – still feels like winter is here to stay for quite awhile.

  9. Well that’s interesting. The storm for March 1st. Yes the one with very strong signals has GONE POOF!

    There are now “signs” of something for the 3rd. Not much of anything until then.

    Let’s hope the snow we have undergoes a very slow and steady melt. NO BIG
    warm ups and PLEEZ NO big RAIN storms.

    What I thought was a TOTAL and COMPLETE LOCK to break the season snowfall
    RECORD, is at the very least, in question. All we need is one more storm to pan out.
    If it does, we break the record. IF not, the record is likely to stand.

    Certainly can STILL happen. We shall see.

  10. ICE DAMS!! Water entering our home! Called a guy with a good rep for snow and ice dam removal. He estimates $500-1000. He will let me know when he actually sees my house tomorrow. He says he works on a 4 ft perimeter of the roof as well as the ice dams. Is removing snow from the perimeter enough to control water or does ALL the snow have to be removed? With regards to the dams, can he just create channels through the dams or do the dams need to be removed? Curious as to your thoughts.

    1. I’m No expert, but I think removing 4 feet helps immensely.
      I also think the whole damn dam should be removed. Get it out of there.
      Real experts do not chop it out, but rather attack it with proper melting

      Unfortunately, the crew we obtained, chopped ours out. Now waiting for the snow to be totally gone so we can have the roof checked for possible damage.

      You were fortunate to get someone. My daughter out in Hopkinton
      can’t even get on a list, they are ALL so busy out there.

      Again, Just my thoughts. I am not an expert, although We have
      battled ice damns from time to time.

  11. OS: You’ve been right far more than wrong this winter. Also, I don’t consider this storm a bust. The storm happened. Qpf forecast was just about right. Just more rain than many anticipated because of the warmer air intrusion. There is some melting and compacting, and I’m thankful for that as we do need to get rid of some of our snow and ice.

    Charlie: It’s still winter. Even though it veered off course a bit we’re going to get very cold this week. In fact, I would call tomorrow night brutally cold for most people. This said, there are favorable signs for warmer times ahead. Not 60s, but certainly some days in the 40s with lots of melting.

    I do think the snow blitz has run out of gas so to speak. We could still get nailed of course. But, my hunch is we don’t anymore. Do we break the 1995-1996 record? I’m doubtful, but we’ll get very close.

  12. Go For Snow I saw your comment earlier and for the first time since that storm prior to Thanksgiving I got more snow than Boston. The dry slot never came here early last evening and it did not mix or change to rain as forecasted to earlier Saturday.

  13. Oldsalty you have been spot on this winter along with others . When I was chatting with tk earlier this morning I just didn’t feel right in regards to snow coming. The tempature never really dropped a lot . It did get quite slippery as everything was freezing up but this storm was a salt one for boston easily maintained if you kept treating. It was actually very nice working in the elements last night . Not sure what Boston came in at but my guess would be 1 inch or just under. I’m home now and it’s time for a nap.

    1. Get some rest. I’m sure you don’t get thanked enough for the work you put in, especially the last 3 Winters which have all been very decent snow-producers for the city. So, knowing that many take the work you do for granted, thank you!

  14. OS… You were not humiliated. For a “non-met” you make pretty good snow forecasts my friend. My forecast came in below expectation just about everywhere and low-end expectations some areas. I don’t think anybody is going to be all that upset about that, even the diehard snow lovers, knowing what the region has been through. πŸ˜‰

    BTW there is enough evidence in the medium range to believe that Boston’s record is very well within reach.

    Yes, the pattern will be much colder than average during the coming week, but the sun angle is increasingly working on melting Winter away, it just has a whole lot of work to do!

    As many of you know, at the very least the first part of March is going to be impacted by lingering snowcover, whether we add to it or not. The energy of the sun goes into melting the snowcover, not heating the ground. Thus, my “mild” March forecast is hereby readjusted to near to below normal, temp-wise. The question remains, how much precipitation/snow? I don’t have a great feel for it right now, though the coming week will be dry. By next Saturday I’ll write up a special blog for the outlook for Meteorological Spring.

    BTW did anybody watch WBZ TV’s weather special last night? It was well-done. They have a good weather team over there, probably tops in Boston TV right now.

    1. Turned to ch 4 at around 7:58 or if thats not correct, when there was about 2 minutes left in the show. I was quite frustrated with myself.

    2. Missed it as we were out to dinner and then playing cards with friends.
      Roads were a NON-factor last night. With treatment, most were bare pavements as snow intensity just was not there to cause a problem. Happy
      we didn’t cancel.

  15. Excerpt from the BZ Winter Special last night. I do NOT NOT NOT like this!!!!!

    The deep snowpack feeds on itself and supports cold and snowy weather sometimes. Furthermore, with other global factors in play matched with analog years, the potential exists for above average snowfall in March and near to above average precipitation in April into May, not only here, but nationally.

    More specifically, that could amount to around 20 or more inches for Boston which would smash the all-time record seasonal snowfall of 107.6 inches by at least 10 inches!

    That is insane! This scenario could indeed be a problem for more ice dams and collapsing roofs in the weeks ahead.

  16. The back edge looks like it is 2 miles from me, and yet moderate snow continues.

    2 new inches of wet snow.

    The roads are going to need a few hrs before the cold air arrives.

    Side roads are snow covered, but even the main road, 139, is kind of slushy.

  17. Maybe Pete has answered this one…


    Not only that, but I think we’re done for a while. Not to say that the trees will bud and the flowers will start coming out, but there’s more sun than clouds in the days ahead. With the sun climbing ever higher in the sky, snow will continue to melt in the afternoons (yes, even when it’s below freezing) so that means the pot holes and frost heaves will get worse in the coming days. It’s a good time to be in the auto repair business.

    Enjoy the sun and the workweek. We’ll turn the clocks ahead in two weeks.”

        1. Guess what, we can go with whomever we like, but
          it doesn’t matter. The Weather will be what it will be
          regardless. πŸ˜€

          Given that, Last night was a good sign, whether in one’s area there was less snow due to less qpf or less snow due
          to a change to rain. Either way, it was one of the first
          times this Winter that we received LESS than expected.
          The pattern was to always receive MORE than expected. πŸ˜€

  18. Tk,
    Could there possibly be a little surprise come Wednesday?

    Some sort of Norlunish interaction with Low Off Shore and
    Clipper to our North. 12Z NAM begins to “hint” at something.

    Curious about your thoughts. Many thanks

    1. I’ve been a little nervous about it. For now I think it stays just offshore or clips Cape Cod only.

      I’m going with the “streams not combining” idea at the moment.

        1. Well it sounds like a recording, but the way things have gone we cannot just ignore anything…

          We may be nearing the end of the stretch but we’re not completely out of it yet. πŸ˜›

  19. Has anyone seen the film “The Theory of Everything”?
    It is the story of Stephen Hawking. If you like intellectual films (and I do)
    this movie was Exceptional to say the least. Outstanding!

    We rented it On Demand the other night. We went the movie theater a month or 2 ago to see it and it was sold out.

    The actor who played Hawking, Eddie Redmayne is up for a well-deserved Oscar.
    Unbelievable performance! Unfreakin believable!!!

    1. Thats for sure OS !

      There is a lot of slush and some deep puddles around the small area of Marshfield I just drove in.

  20. Arod. Saw your roof comment. Do you have a rubber ice barrier beneath the shingles? If you do and they clear up to that, ice will form where they stop clearing. Then the snow behind the ice and above the barrier will melt and not be able to go anywhere but I to your house because it is above ice barrier. This is more true on a roof that gets less sun. Don’t know if that makes sense

    Also, OS is right. Removing entire dam is best but troughs have stopped our leaks.

    Son just shoveled our roof that has problem I describes above. We absolutely have to shovel entire roof. Second time it has been shoveled but water coming in ceiling of brand new porch we had replaced after feb 2013 storm.

    I just brought my entire family to the brink of shock. I said this winter cannot be over soon enough for me. They just stared at me open mouthed and I think are considering sending me for help. Guarantee they never thought they’d hear those words from my mouth.

    1. Thanks Vicki. I’m not too sure what I have up there! I do know that my roof is made of wood shingles which carries a life time warranty. The water is certainly not coming in through the roof so if they clear a 4 foot perimeter, I think I’ll be good. Thank you for your advice.

        1. Brand new home, brand new roof. Wood shingled roof is 2 years old. Just spoke with the builder. There is a water barrier underneath and therefore the water that came into my home was not coming from the roof.

          The men are on my roof now so once they clear the snow and dig the troughs and put the calcium chloride up there, that should stop the bleeding. I hope!!!

  21. Well, Pete B is at it again, he says we will not break the snow record, and there are no more big winter storms this season!! Really? He could be right, but that is a very bold statement.

    1. Bad Pete. Bad, bad Pete. He also said temp today would be 40 and it is 37. How dare he be 3 degrees off. And he said rain would be in this far last night…..oh wait…that doesn’t work because it was. Oh well bad Pete πŸ˜‰

      1. Pete did very well with this one, that’s for sure.

        I just wish he wouldn’t make those bold statements.

        Hey, perhaps he will be 100% right. We shall see.

        1. Pete has done well all winter. Actually he usually does very well as I seem to say that a lot here. I think our mets have all done well this winter.

          The bold statements….It is Pete. I think folks who watch him get it and if he is wrong he says he is wrong. More often than not he is right.

  22. 12z GFS is pumping out some ungodly cold numbers for Tuesday morning.

    Below is surface weather text output for Chicopee Falls. What you are seeing with the first 2 negative numbers is the maximum and minimum temp between 1am and 7am on Tuesday morning. Yes that is modeled low temp of -31.8F! For those of you who don’t know western ma Chicopee is a city of 50,000 people along I-90, 5 miles east of Springfield and 15 miles south of Amherst. So it is not like it is some isolated village in Aroostook County Maine.

    TUE 12Z 24-FEB -12.0 -31.8 -12.1 -13.9 19003 0.00 21

    1. YIKES!!! That is Serious COLD!!!!

      What are the numbers for Boston and Worcester if you have them.
      Many thanks

      1. Boston is showing lowest possible potential temp via GFS decoded surface weather of -11 and Worcester of -16. MOS data is at -2 and -9 respectively but MOS dew points are in the -16 to -20 range which gives you an idea of the potential cold.

    1. 37F seabreeze in mid April, at the rate we’re going.

      Going to have to go out to Albany, NY not to be affected. πŸ™‚

    2. Amazing. Friend staying at a hotel overlooking the harbor and sent a pic this am of the ice breaking up there. Its the outer banks that has me amazed.

  23. Have to say…it was nice to shovel and actually be hot and sweating a bit than bitter cold. Was also nice to hear water dripping as it melted and birds out in full force. I am under no illusion we are done with snow BUT at some point soon spring won’t be denied.

  24. I just had time to read all.

    Old Salty what are you saying? You are amazing here. Don’t make me go to JP and give you a talkin’ to

    Ace so sorry I didn’t see your question. I have not been out but kids said roads are fine. So sorry of this is too late

    TK I laughed at icicle story. Glad it didn’t land on you though. I was a bit afraid where the story was going.

    I think, well actually know, it is the other stuff that is making this difficult. I was so looking forward to a winter where mac didnt have to shovel and we could sit together for once and just watch but there is no just watching. Too much dealing with leaks and dams and ice. But it is what it is and the sun just came out and everything looks beautiful.

  25. Let’s see … lots of wet snow and moisture on the ground followed by super cold air … how will the T be running tomorrow AM?

  26. Not to be negative, but to be realistic….
    Deep freeze is just hours away, and some serious cold is heading in for Monday and Tuesday. We can’t even safely say the Wednesday system will not cause problems because we have to watch that offshore low. Another cold shot Thursday through Saturday. March’s first week will be memorable in one way or another. Storm threats March 1-2, March 4, March 6, and March 8. Things MAY relax a bit after that.

      1. It’s only early March, and 1 or 2 of them may be rain threats which would probably not lead to good things. But there is always a chance that a couple of them don’t pan out. πŸ™‚

        1. So if you take one or two rain threats and add one or two misses, you are left with one. See How easy it is to turn a negative into a positive. However as I type I think I hear a new drip.

  27. Hello from sunny CA! Services for my husbands grandmother yesterday were beautifully done. Flights were good. Very thankful we were able to escape between storms. Fly back on Tuesday.

    I think we’ve made some firm decisions to relocate after the fall. I’ve loved everything about New England (even the ridiculous snow this winter!) but the city is becoming increasingly difficult to live in financially. We pay $2,750 a month for our one bedroom apartment. It’s outrageous. Even more outrageous is that those prices don’t ease much until you start getting out to 495. MA (Boston metros in particular) needs to do something about its housing costs. I’m 30, and make a very decent living. But these prices will drive our generation elsewhere.


    1. DS, affordable housing is VERY problematic in and around Boston. You are so right about this. While many neighborhoods have gentrified since the 1970s, there is a tradeoff involved which few people talk about. That tradeoff is the loss of affordable housing. I am not talking about public housing. I am talking about the market price of a house or condominium (whether rent or mortgage). Real estate prices and rents have outpaced our inflation rate three-fold in the past 30 years. Three-fold! Given that generally housing is our biggest expense, that three-fold increase (together with stagnant wages that have seen little or no real growth in the past 30 years) is staggering. It’s hollowed our some of our middle class.

      Back to weather. It’s dangerous out there in terms of falling ice and potential for roof collapses. My neighbor’s balcony (wrought-iron) came crashing down from 2 stories up as a result of falling icicle (a massive chunk of ice that could have killed somebody) from the 5th floor. I fear for people’s safety. This is no joke, folks. Of course, many of you (eg, Alisonrod) have been negatively impacted by the consequences of our snow blitz.

    2. I hear ya DS. I’m a tick younger than you and have many friends in your same predicament. I’m not a city person so Groveland works fine for me and my family, but your point is well taken. You need to move 20 or more miles away from Boston to get reasonable real estate prices.

    1. It is nice …. There is a ton of water trapped, with no where to go in parts of our street. Tomorrow is going to be interesting getting out of our neighborhood. I have a feeling there might be similar experiences elsewhere.

  28. This is just my opinion, doesnt mean its correct …..

    Winter 2014-2015 is the most amazing, impacting stretch of sustained winter weather I have lived through.

    For me, doesnt have to snow one more flake to supplant 95-96 winter. I’m 99% sure that winter accomplished itself over 12-16 weeks. I remember, living in Lowell at the time, getting two 5 inch nightime snowfalls around April 6 and April 8.

    Only 7 or so inches less, we’ve seen this done in 4 weeks with virtually no snow melt occuring in that time resulting in crazy snow depths and snow piles.

    Even in just 4 weeks, winter 2014 – 2015 is #1 for me in my lifetime.

  29. Boston has a seabreeze !!!

    Near 40F inland with a very light W wind.

    34F at Logan, with a light E-SE wind.

    Spring has sprung πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. That’s ok. That seabreeze will be a memory tomorrow with the “land breeze” that is coming. πŸ˜‰

      1. I’m afraid so πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Gonna build more ice out further into the harbors and inlets.

        Green Harbor, a small Marshfield harbor, is frozen, which is something I havent seen too often.

    1. Later in the Spring upper 30s would be pretty cold and would drive OS over the edge. πŸ˜‰

      If this were November these temps would be pretty chilly for yard work. πŸ˜€

      1. You Talking bout me?

        Yes, a SPRING sea breeze is one thing I cannot tolerate!!!
        Not in the slightest, especially when it’s 38 or 39 in the middle of APril, while it’s 70 In Worcester and Springfeild.

        1. Agree. My number one reason for not liking spring is the seabreeze. Number two is the cutoff low. Number three is allergies.

          Significant melting in the city. If we had 4 more days of this we’d start seeing bare ground in spots. That’s not going to happen.

          1. It won’t take long, snow has trouble staying on the ground now, I understand it can but a sunny day even while temps are only close to 40 degrees can melt a lot, the area we have circled for 1st visits in extreme southeastern mass has about a foot currently on ground, a 50 degrees day fog and rain would have this snow gone in 2 days πŸ™‚

      2. When my kids shiver at 60 in summer I remind them how warm it feels in winter. They don’t listen πŸ™‚

    1. I have that link all loaded an ready to paste. You beat me to it.

      They keep happening despite the warnings. People must be saying, Nah, not going to happen to me. Sad

    1. Charlie, we have a new handle for you: RAINMAN

      Fits perfectly. Have TK change it for you. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  30. My 12 foot snow pile at the end of the street has compacted and melted to
    10 feet. Not bad. This is EXACTLY the kind of weather needed for our
    steady but slow SNOW MELT. πŸ˜€

    One thing we may be forgetting. Once this snow has sufficiently compacted, it WILL take MORE energy to melt it. It won’t practically disappear like fresh fluff. IT will be more akin to melting ICE.

    1. I remember our friend Charlie predicting piles would be gone in days before and he wasn’t close but it seems to make him happy and a happy Charlie is a happy ……well, I don’t know what but nice for all to be happy πŸ˜‰

  31. Non-Weather Super Market/People RANT!!

    Went to the super market with my wife’s list.

    I get some roast beef and ask for 1/2 pound. I think they train these suckers
    to ALWAYS go over. A little over OK? Usually I say NO! Please make it 1/2 pound.
    Today I was in no mood for trouble and said OK. I don’t even know how much over it
    was. Sometime a little over is 2/3 pound, considerably MORE the 1/2 pound!!

    The people have failed basic Math OR do NOT understand ENGLISH!!!

    Patiently grabbed everything on the list and got in line.
    Pleasantly asked the clerk to please use all Paper Bags with No Plastic.

    I get on my phone and I make a post here and I look up everything was bagged, only one problem. It’s all in Facuckta Plastic. I had a MELT DOWN in the store.
    I made them transfer it ALL to Paper. I was really pissed. I mean REALLY PISSED

    I have trouble with these DONKIES every week. I say ALL paper. I ALWAYS end
    up with at least 1 ooe 2 bags in plastic.

    These MORONS DON’T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. DON’T ask me IF you are not
    going to listen!)*@)#(*!()@&*#()!*(@#*(!@*#(*)!@*(#!()*@#()*!@(*@#(*!@#*(

    What is to become of this country if our young people are like this?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I have considered writing to management and I think of the Sheldon Character
    on Big Bang and all the letters he writes that fall on Deaf ears. I don’t want to be
    that CRAZY GUY that comes into the Store, BUT I JUST want my STUFF IN PAPER BAGS!!! IS that so DAMN DIFFICULT!@*#(*(!)*@#(*!@(#*(!*@#(*!(@#*)(!*@#

    I’m about to blow a head gasket!@(*#(!*@(#*!()@*(*!@#(*@#

    Now I’m going to pick up a couple of Pizzas. Let see IF the Ahole scan BURN these!!!!

    Yes, it’s one of those days!!!!

    At least my roof IS NOT LEAKING!!!! Yeah for our side!

    END OF RANT and thanks for putting up with me/it.

    Onto Weather….

    Do we trash the low temperature record at Boston tomorrow? It’s in the cards?

      1. I’m here waiting. I order it when I get here.
        Garaunteed hot when I get it. If you order it good luck.

    1. OS. I’m not sure it is just young folks. I don’t have problems at the register but I do with those shopping, standing in aisles chatting, leaving carts mid aisle to go off and look, etc. Mac always did food shopping. The joke was that he didn’t want to bail me out of jail weekly for ramming a deserving shopper with my cart. Now I do it and no in my family one is sure what the outcome will be πŸ™‚

      How’s the pizza πŸ˜€

  32. Just watched a very entertaining Daytona 500.

    Now I start the Bruins on DVR delay. I told my friend that after the embarrassing road trip so far they were going to go into Chicago (a sure loss on paper) and destroy the Blackhawks. Let’s see if I do better with that prediction than I did with the snow amounts. πŸ˜€

    I’ll be done watching the game in time for the Oscars tonight. πŸ™‚

  33. Answer to today’s AccuWeather Trivia Quiz.

    What teleconnection is described by the unusual warming of the surface waters of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean?
    A. North Atlantic Oscillation
    B. Artic Oscillation
    C. La Nina
    D. El Nino

    The answer is D, El Nino.

  34. Nice weather today from Baltimore to Boston. Lots of water on 95. Left Baltimore at 730 and arrived home at 2 only to go the ER witha kidney stone attack. It started during the last half hour of the drive. Thankfully not yesterdayy or earlier today!

    1. So glad you are home and the last half was good driving. From someone who seems to like to produce stones , I sure Hope they can make the pain better.

  35. Ice fog developing in Marshfield …..

    Visibilities lowering substantially in some places …..

    Cars, railings, etc …. coated with a thin layer of ice.

  36. Hey Tom. You are first one back. I think that is a step up from first on new topic. And thank you for warning

    1. I think I snuck that in before the blog went down. That frozen fog was developing way back around 6:45pm, when I was out and about.

  37. Good morning from rainman, more rain is coming early next week πŸ™‚

    Off to spring meetings until 1pm, this week we r expecting 7-8 tons of organic fertilizer today along with many other products. Everything should be ready to go for when we get back from Jamaica this weekend. Believe it or not the phone has started to ring, just 2 calls but still a sign of next month πŸ™‚ wondering when we are planning to come out next month. Enjoy your day everyone and be safe!! πŸ™‚

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