Friday Forecast


DAYS 1-5 (NOVEMBER 25-29)
Black Friday, and exactly one month until Christmas Day. This crazy month begins, or already started several hours ago, with the beginning of Black Friday, with many folks lining up upside stores in a damp drizzle. It could have been a lot worse than that. The rest of the day itself will continue to be damp and drizzly with a few areas of rain around as well. The evolution of low pressure looks like it will take most of the action offshore for the weekend (Saturday-Sunday), which should end up mainly dry overall. By early in the coming week, expect fair weather Monday, but this may be short-lived as a system approaches from the west by Tuesday.
TODAY: Cloudy. Areas of drizzle. Chance of rain. Highs 39-46. Wind light E.
TONIGHT: Cloudy. Areas of drizzle. Chance of rain. Lows 34-40. Wind light SE.
SATURDAY: Cloudy to partly sunny. Highs 40-48. Wind N 5-15 MPH.
SUNDAY: Partly sunny. Lows 28-35. Highs 38-45.
MONDAY: Mostly sunny. Lows 23-32. Highs 40-48.
TUESDAY: Increasing clouds. Chance of rain PM. Lows 30-38. Highs 48-55.

Milder with some wet weather expected November 30 and December 1, then a trend to drier and a little colder.

DAYS 11-15 (DECEMBER 5-9)
Next low pressure area brings a threat of of rain/mix to the region early to mid period. Temperatures near to above normal.

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  1. Thank you, TK.

    Ho-hum, blah weather. Haven’t had a stretch of gray in a while.

    “Black Friday,” what a term. The first time my ex-wife heard it in 1995 (she’s from Holland) she got really worried. “Are the anarchists active this Friday?’ Quite frankly her response was understandable. Foreigners are very puzzled by the term “black Friday.”

    There is some serious cold in parts of Europe, including Scotland. Normally Edinburgh is as gray as Boston is today, but then every day in November and December. This late November it’s a different story. Nighttime temps in the teens and highs below freezing. This of course implies it’s sunny and a strong area of high pressure is in the region pushing the normal trajectory of Atlantic lows south. What this means is that places that are normally fairly dry, like Northern Italy, are not. Major flooding, especially in northwestern Italy. The higher elevations of the Alps have gotten plenty of snow this year, however.

  2. It doesn’t imply snow ….. but today, we have one of those coastal fronts. It’s not that cool in Marshfield. We are about 50F, with a light SE flow, as is most of southeast Mass. Meanwhile, Boston and interior New England is in the upper 30s to near 40F with either calm winds or a very light north wind.

  3. Thanks TK.
    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday.
    12z GFS has an offshore low that misses around the 5th of December. Taking a look at it if that were to come a little further north there could be wintry precipitation involved.
    Anything before that RAINORAMA

  4. Happy Grey Friday! 😉

    Cold air staying locked mainly in Europe / Asia for the time being. That leaves us on the milder side of things overall. No changes through early December as I see it now.

    1. I had planned on a nap sometime last evening, but it only was about 10 minutes in a massage recliner we had originally bought for me dad before he passed away. It’s in mom’s house (which is downstairs in this 2-family). Anyway, short nap, a DVR’d event, and I was off at midnight to pick up a friend and head to a store in Burlington, where we spent about 1 hour. After that, it was across the street to the Burlington Mall really just for a walk and a snack. I wasn’t out there to buy anything for myself. 99% of my shopping will be taken care of online during the next 6 days, leaving a few stocking stuffers for whenever I find them.

      Today we have a dinner in Burlington about 4PM for my daughter’s birthday (which is early next week). It’s become an annual Black Friday tradition that started when my son was younger because he’d visit Santa at Burlington Mall. For whatever reason, about 3PM-6PM on Black Friday, the mall is fairly quiet and the Santa line as always very short. Now that he’s beyond that at age 17, we still go to the mall for a little while after the dinner, so I’ll be hanging out there for a little while later today but more as an observer than a shopper. 🙂

      1. Sound wonderful. I do love tradition. And as I made my comment about climbing on counters, I sort of envisioned your mom doing the same thing.

  5. Thank you TK

    Decorating day. I had a lot planned in my head but, after years and years of the same house, this is new and fun with a dollop of bittersweet tossed in. Although I’m not sure a person my age should be climbing around on the kitchen counters to decorate above the cabinets. 😉

  6. I was raking leaves for the first time this season and noticed that many of them have large round burnt spots. I assume it is all due to our long term drought. I will likely be raking into early if not mid December as I am quite busy with work right now.

    1. It’s unrelated to the drought. It’s a type of fungus that causes what is called “tar spot” disease. It is not majorly harmful to the trees but it makes the leaves look pretty nasty. It’s been common in this area for several years now. Eventually the trees will develop a defense.

    1. Really? It was constant drizzle here. I’m glad for you John. Now for Christmas tree chopping and yard decorating weather tomorrow. And on Sunday we decorate Mac’s memory tree on Sutton common.

      1. Yes it worked out Vicki . It started pouring at 3:30 and I called it. Be back at this job to finish tomorrow than two more to get done . Turned down two jobs this week. Word of mouth is spreading fast on my quality of work and even the people I’m turning down there asking me to please come in the spring .

  7. The EURO’s projected 850mb temps for Canada over the next 7 to 10 days are dumbfounding. 0 to -5 maybe -10c for the majority of Canada in late November to early December. Crazy warm ……

  8. And no teleconnection support that I can see to move it over the pole to this side of the world. At least for now.

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