Saturday Forecast


DAYS 1-5 (AUGUST 25-29)
High pressure will be in control of the weather throughout this period, which starts out comfortably warm and turns out hot and more humid. We’ll continue to see some smoke in the high altitudes from wildfires in the Canadian Rockies and western US at times through the weekend. Previously I had mentioned some old boundaries getting close to the region and although this is still true, I am currently thinking the air will be too warm aloft to support any shower and thunderstorm activity through this forecast period. Forecast details…
TODAY: Areas of fog early, otherwise sunshine filtered at times by high altitude smoke. Highs 77-85, coolest coast. Wind S up to 10 MPH.
TONIGHT: Mostly clear except some patchy ground fog forming late at night and also some areas of smoke continuing, filtering moonlight. Lows 61-68. Wind light SW.
SUNDAY: Sunshine again filtered at times by some high altitude smoke. Highs 78-86, coolest South Coast. Wind SW up to 10 MPH.
SUNDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. More humid. Lows 63-70. Wind SW up to 10 MPH.
MONDAY: Mostly sunny and hazy. Humid. Highs 84-93. Wind W 5-15 MPH.
TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: Hazy sunshine & a few clouds. Very humid. Lows from the upper 60s to middle 70s. Highs from the middle to upper 80s South Coast, 90s elsewhere.

Expecting a cold front to come through dry early August 30 which will be not as hot, still quite warm, but becoming less humid, then high pressure moving to the north of the region will turn wind more onshore by August 31 which will be a fair and significantly cooler day. Labor Day Weekend September 1-3 currently looks like it will not be without the threat of a few showers but should be mostly rain-free with a gradual return to warmer and more humid weather.

DAYS 11-15 (SEPTEMBER 4-8)
This period looks variable in temperature as a boundary may be nearby, possibly starting out very warm to hot and humid, then featuring somewhat of a cool down as high pressure to the south gives way to high pressure nosing out of Canada, with the boundary in between eventually being pushed southward. Hard to know this far in advance when threats of unsettled weather will be.

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42 Responses to Saturday Forecast

  1. JpDave says:

    Good morning and thank you TK.

  2. Longshot says:

    TK thanks for the update.

  3. North says:

    Thanks TK.

  4. JpDave says:

    TK, you have some more mail. 😀

  5. MassBay says:

    Thank you again, TK.

  6. Vicki says:

    Thank you, TK

  7. Tom says:

    Thanks TK !

  8. JpDave says:

    Quiet day on ye ole blog, eh?

    How about some movies that I have recently viewed?

    “How I live now” starring Saoirse Ronan

    “The Music of Silence ” (story of Andrea Bocelli)

    Each very very different, but each excellent in their own way.

  9. JpDave says:

    Anyone here the newly release Tom Petty tune? not bad at all. I believe it
    was recorded in 1982. Why wasn’t it released????

  10. Vicki says:

    Thank you for the movie suggestions and the music, JPD

    Another quiet day. Speaks to the quiet ….and perfect….summer weather. Hope everyone is enjoying

  11. Sue says:

    Thank you TK!

    • Vicki says:

      Saw that and shared on FB. I can’t recall if it was when TK was there but seems to be when SSK was

  12. Joshua says:

    Photo from 2 days ago in Hotham, Australia (definitely misnamed). Near record snowfall this year. Note, Hotham’s elevation is almost the same as Mt. Washington:

    Notice the `smoke’ in the sky today. To me it mitigated the strong sun, which is fine in my book.

  13. Matt says:

    One of the schools, I am looking at is James Cook University, for marine ecology. One of many possibilities. Also may I add, international Universities, their grad programs are shorter and no no BS standardize tests to get in, its about your GPA, research experience and recommendations. Seriously considering it. We need to get rid of Standardize testing.

  14. Philip says:

    Thanks Joshua for sharing that photo of Australia. I had no idea they were capable of that much snow. I suspect with El Niño in our part of the world this upcoming winter that type of scene will not be duplicated, certainly not here in SNE.

    Good luck trying to cool the 70+ ocean temp down in the coming months. My bet is it doesn’t get under 45F.

    • Woods Hill Weather says:

      All it takes is a shift in circulation. That water is moving, not just staying in one place. We’ll get the water under 45 in the winter.

  15. Vicki says:

    It is with a heavy heart that I say John McCain passed away. Godspeed, Senator, you served your country with honor

    • Woods Hill Weather says:

      Simply yet very well stated. This is when politics don’t matter and the man and his service are everything.

      • Vicki says:

        I think he was one of the last true republicans. He just loved his country. I didn’t always agree but then you can never always agree. His comment on how he wanted to be remembered is as humble as it gets

  16. Matt says:

    Sad day loosing John McCain, he was an extremely humble, honorable, did what he thought was right ( and admits when he thought wrong or made mistakes true men and woman do this). He was willing to listen and change his views. He is probably one of the few republicans on the house/senate that I would be willing to talk to in person.
    some good stuff on CNN on McCain.
    #braincancer stinks. I know from experiance, once you stop that treatment, its a death sentence.

  17. Philip says:

    When John McCain stopped treatment, I feared the end was near but I didn’t think it would be nearly this soon. :-(

    • Vicki says:

      I didn’t either. But I thing or hope he did it his way.

    • Matt says:

      it depends on how fast of a cancer it is and how much damage it has done prior to treatment, Grandmother got diagnosed with brain cancer in December a few days before christmas eve. Got surgery the day before. All of the cancer was taken out, Then came treatement for about a month, she was doing well, then a new scan showed a new cancer in the brain, meant not all of it was gone during the surgery and it was actually much deeper so they could not operate on it. then in March she passed. All cancer is terrible, but Brain cancer is the worst, there is no real cure for it and even with the treatments they do have, its just extending the period of time of life by a few months if your lucky.

    • Tom says:

      I wasn’t surprised based on my mom’s experience.

      There’s the decline and there’s the final day(s) phase where many times, the person stopped eating and it’s just fast. And yet, somehow peaceful.

  18. Tom says:

    Projected intensity of heat for Tuesday and Wednesday seems to be building, now 3 days out.

    Euro covers most of southern New England with a 20c contour for 850 mb temps and even has a 22c small contour for good measure. This, likely to be accompanied by 70F dewpoints. Nasty !!

  19. Woods Hill Weather says:

    New post! Did not make many changes to the one from yesterday other than a few tweaks.