Sunday Forecast


DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 5-9)
For now the weather pattern has returned to a west to east movement and this means milder weather the next couple days, although a weak front will pass through this evening with a few rain showers. The pick of this 5-day period will be Monday with most sun and mildest air. Remember if you are out and about to practice safely according the the guidelines put in place. The weather will still be nice Tuesday but we will have to continue to keep an eye on a frontal boundary to the north which would cause a quick temperature drop when it came through the region. Right now leaning toward this happening late in the day or evening from north to south, so a lot of the day may stay mild. A low pressure area will travel along this boundary and result in a chilly wet Wednesday, then the boundary may push back to the north ahead of a low pressure system heading from the Great Lakes to the St. Lawrence Valley on Thursday, pushing some warmer air back into the region, but with an additional rain shower risk as a cold front approaches late-day or at night from the west.
TODAY: Partly sunny to mostly cloudy. Highs 50-57. Wind SW 5-15 MPH.
TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy. A passing rain shower possible. Lows 43-50. Wind SW 5-15 MPH.
MONDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs 57-64. Wind W 5-15 MPH.
MONDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows 40-47. Wind N 5-15 MPH.
TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Highs 55-62. Wind NW 5-15 MPH.
TUESDAY NIGHT: Cloudy. Chance of drizzle. Areas of fog. Lows 38-45. Wind NE 5-15 MPH.
WEDNESDAY: Cloudy. Periods of rain. Areas of fog. Highs 41-48. Wind E 10-20 MPH.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Cloudy with areas of fog and periods of drizzle. Lows 38-45. Wind SE up to 10 MPH.
THURSDAY: Variably cloudy. Chance of drizzle early. Chance of rain showers late-day and evening. Highs 48-55 South Coast, 55-62 elsewhere. Wind S-SW 10-20 MPH.

DAYS 6-10 (APRIL 10-14)
Dry, breezy, cooler April 10-11. Will need to watch for a wave of low pressure and possible unsettled/chilly weather April 12-13 before improving at the end of the period.

DAYS 11-15 (APRIL 15-19)
Overall pattern looks cooler than average. Best chance of unsettled weather comes in the April 15-17 window.

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    1. Yes, kind of focusing on the system around April 12/13 but there may be a follow up after that. I was talking to a fellow met who adds info to the blog and he pointed out some guidance actually has some frozen around April 18 too, and one of the longer range pointed to a few flakes potentially flying in early May (but that’s getting way way ahead of ourselves). We know it can happen that late, though exceedingly rarely. Last notable May flakes here occurred in 2002.

    1. No worries. I love that song & album. There are 2 songs on it that are very “quiet” like that one. The album is a mix of that and a little of what they were like before (a little more of a Brit pop sound). But Mark Hollis (singer/songwriter/pianist) in the band was definitely a quietly eccentric human being. His minimalist approach to music (even more so on later Talk Talk albums and one solo album he did) still had a way of filling you up with feeling. Not too many performers can pull that off. He could. He left us last year. Rest in peace Mark Hollis.

    1. Stock photo from WP but I like it as well. I really need to find a way to get some of my own photos up on this thing. I don’t have a super ego but I do have a few nice seasonal shots I’ve taken over the last few years. πŸ™‚

    1. Taking this solution for what it is, I think it’s over-amplified. So we’ll see, but you definitely need some intensity for mix/snow now. Too far south and you just get rain because of no intensity. Such a fine line in a typical pattern, different from something like April 1982 when we had an airmass that was cold by mid winter standards and got a powder snowstorm out of it with temps in the teens all day following! THAT was anomalous. πŸ˜‰

        1. It can happen during the day but you need some pretty significant cold air above and heavy enough precip.

  2. Looking at the CPC 6-10 8-14 day outlook below normal temps above normal precipitation. Where was this during the winter when we wanted to see this to give us a shot at wintry precipitation.

    1. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

      A little surplus precip will help alleviate a deficit we’re running though. And a cool/wet pattern also makes people a little less itchy to go places they shouldn’t be for the next few weeks. So there is a plus side to this, as well as keeping the pollen count in check a little more often.

      1. My issue with rain is that lately no matter how previously dry, a good thump of rain brings water right into my basement. I have no idea where so much water coming from.

        The other week, a modest 1.38” fell and I came home from work to find it all over. Thankfully my heating unit is just high enough off the floor.

          1. That’s rough and an indication that something else is up, because yup, it’s been dry. I hope you can determine what is going on and get it corrected.

          2. You might have a broken drainage pipe near your house or out in the street. My brother had this issue water, went directly in his cellar.

  3. 18z GFS decided 20 inches of snow was a good forecast for Boston for that mid April event. Lock it in! πŸ˜‰

  4. TK, what is your current thinking relating to the timing of a potential pattern transition from cool and damp to warmer and brighter? Need something to look forward to. Thanks!

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