Thursday Forecast


DAYS 1-5 (MAY 21-25)

Today and tomorrow it’s high pressure in a position to give a wind that shifts from southerly to westerly, and this is a warm-up for just about everybody. The warm up of course is modified where wind still has to come across ocean water, such as Cape Cod and especially the islands to the south. The usual adjustments in the temperature forecast will be made here. But two spectacular spring days are coming up. The Memorial Day Weekend will have a slightly different mood as we see that dawdling low pressure area to the south try to make a run at us, getting clouds enough Saturday for more cloudiness and perhaps some wet weather into southern areas, but pushed again southward by a new area of high pressure from Canada, but this will keep a generally easterly air flow going for the weekend, which will be cooler than the 2 days that precede it.

TODAY: Sunny. Highs 66-73 except cooler south-facing coastal areas. Wind S 5-15 MPH.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear. Lows 50-57. Wind SW 5-15 MPH.

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs 75-82 except cooler Cape Cod & Islands as well as a few other coastal locations. Wind W 5-15 MPH.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows 50-57. Wind variable up to 10 MPH.

SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy. Risk of rain, mostly morning to midday, favoring the South Coast. Highs 57-64 but may turn cooler coastal areas. Wind NE 5-15 MPH.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Variably cloudy. Lows 45-52. Wind E 10-20 MPH.

SUNDAY: Variably cloudy. Highs 58-65. Wind E 5-15 MPH.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows 38-45 interior valleys, 45-52 elsewhere. Wind calm.

MONDAY – MEMORIAL DAY: Partly cloudy. Highs 58-65 coast with coolest on Cape Cod & Islands, 65-72 inland. Wind variable 5-15 MPH.

DAYS 6-10 (MAY 26-30)

A little warmer again during a good portion of this period with dry weather to start then a few opportunities for showers as a frontal system gets closer.

DAYS 11-15 (MAY 31-JUNE 3)

Mostly dry overall, couple minor events possible, with temperatures near to slightly below normal for this period.

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  1. Thanks TK !

    The EURO and its 588 – 591 dm ridge and associated 15 to 18C (850mb) temps from days 6 thru 10 had better not be setting me up for major disappointment πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I saw a tweet from Eric yesterday saying April 15th to yesterday, May 20th was the coolest stretch in Boston since 1967. I believe it, as I froze most of the time.

    Time for some warmth, to the coast !!

    1. Tom that is such a good point. There are so many people who live say in the general vicinity of a line from Plymouth to Salisbury and the cool to cold spring has sure been notable and probably another painful impact on some people’s psyches and outlooks.

      Now I live in place where by comparison not many people live, but our May has not been awful. Including today, which will be 78-80, we have had 11 days in May with highs at or above normal with 14 days of 21 days in the 60s or higher and 8 of those 14 in the 70s or higher. It has done a world of good for me, my family, and many of the locals I know to have somewhat better weather.

      I hope yours comes soon.

      1. One of the disadvantages of living at or near the coast.
        Even where I am, about 5-6 miles SW of Logan, it is much
        better than Logan, Marshfield or Plymouth and any place right on the coast.

        On the other hand, in the dead of Summer, on the coast is
        a very nice place to be.

      2. Thanks JMA ! It is nice and mild out there and the sun is really warm today. So, today is a victory for the south shore πŸ™‚

        Exactly, JpDave ! There are days in July and August that the ocean is a big help. I’ve seen Jamaica Plain be 90F to 94F and we are at 83F or something like that, with a seabreeze.

  2. Thanks, TK!
    Low got down to 34. Great sleeping weather.

    Taking a break with Distance Teaching now to mow the lawn.
    The grass is as long as my hair! πŸ™‚

    1. At least you have hair. πŸ™‚

      Actually, I still have some hair and what there is, is long.

      1. I am starting to look like a cross between Fabio and Grizzly Adams.
        Now there’s an image for you! πŸ™‚

        1. I happened to get a haircut literally days before everything was shut down. So it’s not really noticeable with me. Got lucky.

          my current haircut is buzzed down to a number one on the sides in the back so it gave me a huge cushion.

            1. I got my haircut on that Friday before the (Monday?) shutdown even though I had just got a haircut a couple weeks before. I had a bad feeling barbershops might be the next. Glad I did.

              Hopefully most barbershops/hair salons will open back up Tuesday after the holiday. πŸ™‚

  3. While sea breezes do cool off the coastline during heat waves, they tend to lose their effectiveness during August and September. By then water temperatures are at their warmest.

    1. True ….. The August sea-breezes tend to send our dew-points into the 60s and occasionally low 70s.

  4. 12z EURO continues theme of a warm week next week, especially Tuesday afternoon, onward.

    Nice though as dew-points should be very reasonable.

    1. as currently projected, perhaps as a cool front approach late next week (Fri/Sat?) that would draw up and pool ahead of it some moisture, with dps in high 50s and into the 60s for a couple of days.

      Of course, 8 to 9 days in the future, so back door cold fronts and other changes likely in play before then.

  5. A small wind shift from SE to S added 10F to Logan’s temp from 2 to 3pm, now at 75F.

    I think the same thing happened here an hour or 2 ago.

  6. Classic warm air over the top pattern. (First builds in SE Canada, then moves south and southeastward over New England)

    Caribou, ME and other northern New England locations are sitting at 81F as of 3pm.

  7. Ought Oh. I think my Davis Instruments temperature sensor has finally
    popped it’s cork!! Now reading 79. High temperature of 84 recorded at 3:44 PM.

    Even Norwood only topped out at 79.

    Not sure what to do with my sensor. Looks from now until late September, it is going
    to be way off. When the sun angle is high enough, it overwhelms the built in
    cooling fans and the temp readings are too high. If I calibrate it down, then the overnight readings will be ridiculously low. So, it is a conundrum.

    Perhaps TK,JMA and/or WxWatcher has a suggestion.

    I have the sensor mounted on a tripod in the back yard anout 4 1/2 feet above the ground. It is out in the open to catch rain and wind, so it also catches direct
    rays of the sun.

    Damn!!!! I paid enough for that equipment! It should NOT give these FALSE Readings!!!

    Right now I am PISSED OFF!!

    1. Yikes. That stinks. We topped at 80 and down to 77 but inland. I looked at Wunder stations near you and all but one is mid to a bit higher 70s except one reading 80 I think between Chelsea and revere

  8. JpDave does it actually have a fan aspirated radiation shield or just some rings that block the solar radiation? I know on my Davis vp2 I don’t have a fan aspirated shield and the temp in direct afternoon sunlight is about 2 to 3 degrees warmer than another sensor that I have in the shade. If it has the fan built in I don’t think it should be that many degrees off. Just my thoughts from what I have read and my own experiences.

    1. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to go out and check, but basd on what you said, probably no fan I will have to read my manual as well .

  9. JpDave I copied and pasted this comment from a weather forum that someone posted from 5/30/11 hope it helps.

    I have been a weather geek for more than 20 years now, always measuring the temperature outside my house in the most diverse ways.
    I have learnt a lot with it. I can tell you for sure.

    The most accurate weather station from Davis is the Vantage Pro2 with fan aspirated radiation shield. I have 2 of those and I am completely satisfied with the accuracy. I have tried the Vantage Vue and I can tell you it is very wrong as far as temperature is concerned because it does not have the fan inside the radiation shield.
    It registers up to 4C more than it really is during hot summer afternoons. That’s disappointing after paying some hundreds for a weather station.

    If you want to get accurate high temperatures in hot weather consider a Davis station with fan aspirated radiation shield. The fan aspirated radiation shield is a must. A Davis station without fan is not good enough. Believe me.

  10. My vp2 is the base model. The top model has the fan and uv sensors, the fan can be purchased as an accessory for my model, I wonder if it’s available for the vantage vue. But then again like you said it cost a bundle in the first place without having to dish out more $ for that feature, you think they would make it part of the base model just for accuracy.

  11. JPDave…

    Just from personal experience – I have a Vantage Vue. It’s still at my parent’s place in Wrentham. It’s mounted about 7-8 ft off the ground in a shady area beneath trees. The downside of this is that the rainfall data is unreliable; the gauge occasionally gets plugged up by tree debris and the trees block some of the rain anyways. The anemometer naturally reads much lower than the actual wind speed because of this as well. However, my station absorbs little or no direct sunlight, which I think has contributed to very accurate temperature readings. That station must be close to 10 years old now and as far as I can tell it’s temperature reading is spot on.

    I’m far from knowledgeable enough about the inner workings of the system to provide any advice on a fix. However, you could try contacting Davis directly. They may be able to talk you through a fix, or they may even be able to fix it themselves if you’re willing to ship it to them. A friend of mine here did this for his station and was happy with the result.

    The Pro 2 is undeniably better than the Vue, but also considerably more expensive. I really wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re very serious about it. Also, in my experience, all Davis stations, including the Pro 2, have a high dew point bias of a solid 2 to 4 degrees in unsaturated conditions.

    1. Thanks WxWatcher. I’ll have to research it some more.
      I must say I am very disappointed.

      I really appreciate all of the input you all have provided.

  12. I agree with you on the dew point bias of the vp2, mine seems to have a 3 or 4 degree bias to the high side. I’ve noticed the dew point readings becoming more inaccurate as of late. I think I’m going to disassemble the radiation shield and clean out the sensors to see if that fixes the issue. The weather station is going on 13 years old, all original instruments except for the rechargeable batteries.

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