Snowfall Contest 2022-2023

Guess the seasonal snowfall for Boston, Worcester, Providence, and Hartford, to the nearest tenth of an inch (example 32.1).

Final guesses must be made by the end of the day on November 30 2022.

Good luck!

11 thoughts on “Snowfall Contest 2022-2023”

  1. Joshua
    NOVEMBER 18, 2022 AT 2:30 PM
    Thank you, TK.

    My predictions (btw, Boston will get less snow this winter than Buffalo’s suburbs today and this weekend):

    Logan: 30.3 inches
    Worcester: 51.7 inches
    Hartford: 42.3 inches
    Providence: 26.7 inches

    Meteorological winter temps: 1.2F above average

  2. Tom
    NOVEMBER 18, 2022 AT 8:55 AM
    Thanks TK !

    Here are my snowfall guesses for this year (22-23).

    My guess is predicated on a consistent spreading of snow throughout astronomical winter. I don’t think it will be front-loaded.

    Logan: 66.3 inches
    Worcester: 81.4 inches
    Hartford: 58.3 inches
    Providence: 49.8 inches

    Meteorological winter temps: avg to 0.8F above average.

  3. Logan 35.6 inches
    Worcester 49.2 inches
    Hartford 45.3 inches
    Providence 38.1 inches
    Meteorological Winter 1.9F above normal

  4. Can I participate by just guessing for Boston – if so my guess will be 31.5 inches or less but I’ll just guess this . Harvey has a little bit higher but from different forecasts I’ve watched it all seems like there is a big IF or wildcard forecast if you will .

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