Snowfall Contest 2023-2024

Guess the seasonal snowfall for Boston, Worcester, Providence, Hartford, and Concord NH to the nearest tenth of an inch (example 32.1).

You can guess, 1, 2, 3, 4, or all of the cities – that’s up to you!

Final guesses must be made by the end of the day on November 22 2023.

Good luck!


Boston: AA.A

Worcester: BB.B

Providence: CC.C

Hartford: DD.D

Concord: EE.E

27 thoughts on “Snowfall Contest 2023-2024”

  1. Joshua
    NOVEMBER 18, 2022 AT 2:30 PM
    Thank you, TK.

    My predictions (btw, Boston will get less snow this winter than Buffalo’s suburbs today and this weekend):

    Logan: 30.3 inches
    Worcester: 51.7 inches
    Hartford: 42.3 inches
    Providence: 26.7 inches

    Meteorological winter temps: 1.2F above average

  2. Tom
    NOVEMBER 18, 2022 AT 8:55 AM
    Thanks TK !

    Here are my snowfall guesses for this year (22-23).

    My guess is predicated on a consistent spreading of snow throughout astronomical winter. I don’t think it will be front-loaded.

    Logan: 66.3 inches
    Worcester: 81.4 inches
    Hartford: 58.3 inches
    Providence: 49.8 inches

    Meteorological winter temps: avg to 0.8F above average.

  3. Logan 35.6 inches
    Worcester 49.2 inches
    Hartford 45.3 inches
    Providence 38.1 inches
    Meteorological Winter 1.9F above normal

  4. Can I participate by just guessing for Boston – if so my guess will be 31.5 inches or less but I’ll just guess this . Harvey has a little bit higher but from different forecasts I’ve watched it all seems like there is a big IF or wildcard forecast if you will .

  5. Hello all,

    I am submitting my Snowfall guess and believe me that is all it is. I just don’t have a good vibe for this Winter, so here goes…

    Worcester: 36.7
    Providence: 22.1
    Hartford: 29.2

    Going low, perhaps a little reverse Psychology???

    So, I win even if I am wrong. 🙂

  6. Wanted to get my snow guess in before the deadline so here goes:

    Boston: 68.4″
    Worcester: 88.3″
    Providence: 54.2″
    Hartford: 68.4″

    I am going bigger this year. My gut says this is not going to be a just another repeat of the last two La Nina winters. We have some extensive early season North American snow cover, indications that La Nina is going to be weakening and less of a factor as we move on, and a potential good start to the winter with a strong -AO and -NAO setting up for at least the second half of December. While I highly doubt we will be seeing a consistent cold/snowy pattern for most of the winter, I think the adjacent warm Atlantic waters will fuel a few big east coast storms this season and as we all know, it only takes a few of those to jack up your seasonal snow totals.

    This was the basis for my snow guess last year (54.1″) which worked out well as Boston got one big late January storm that jacked the season total to above normal in what was an overall benign winter pattern. I think that happens again this season only we get into a more favorable winter pattern or two for longer. Will be fun to see how this one plays out!

  7. 2023 starts here.

    NOVEMBER 5, 2023 AT 8:49 AM
    32 inches of snow at Logan, 25 of which, will fall in one storm.
    Meteorological winter to avg 2.5F above average temps.
    26” Concord, NH
41” Worcester
35” Hartford, CT

    NOVEMBER 5, 2023 AT 9:27 PM
    32 inches for providence
    Thanks Vicki.

    NOVEMBER 5, 2023 AT 1:31 PM
    14” Boston, MA
10” Providence, RI
19” Hartford, CT
29” Concord, NH
24” Worcester, MA
    A sad outlook for a snow lover, but I’m now quite pessimistic – more a gut feeling – about snowfall this winter.

    NOVEMBER 5, 2023 AT 2:40 PM
    My 2023-2024 Snow Season total Snowfall Guestimate based on El Nino, suppression prospects and gut feeling.
    Not expecting a bunch in the way of snow. More than last year, but well below average
    Boston: 21.4 inches
Worcester: 29.8 inches
Providence: 15.2 inches
Hartford: 19.3 inches

    NOVEMBER 5, 2023 AT 4:26 PM
    Boston, MA: 32″
Worcester, MA: 46″
Providence, RI: 28″
Hartford, CT: 37″
    [Bonus Question] Lunenburg, MA: 97″

    NOVEMBER 5, 2023 AT 9:55 PM
    Boston 38.16
Providence 23.13
Hartford 43.20
Worcester 49.19

    NOVEMBER 6, 2023 AT 10:17 AM
    Pvd 23 inches. Hopefully lots of suppressed storms to our south.

    NOVEMBER 8, 2023 AT 9:39 AM
    Thanks TK. Loving the cool mid-fall weather.
    Here are my guesses
    51” Boston, MA
33” Providence, RI
53” Hartford, CT
79” Concord, NH
68” Worcester, MA

    NOVEMBER 10, 2023 AT 10:33 AM
    My snowfall predictions. The majority of this will fall in period between late January and early March. If we get something big before then consider it a bonus.
    Boston 25.8
Providence 28.1
Hartford 33.4
Worcester 39.7
Concord 43.8

  8. Please disregard comments from 2022 as the same page was used.

    My guesses for 2023-2024 snowfall…
    Boston MA: 39.9
    Worcester MA: 58.8
    Providence RI: 34.5
    Hartford CT: 44.8
    Concord NH: 61.0

  9. My snow predictions for the 2023-2024 season (copied from the main page):

    NOVEMBER 22, 2023 AT 2:55 PM
    I am running out of time for my snow predictions so here we go:

    Boston: 58.4″
    Worcester: 84.7″
    Providence: 41.2″
    Hartford: 63.3″
    Concord: 72.9″

    I am basing this off a couple factors:

    1. Strong El Nino will bring an active southern jet and spawn good size coastal storms off the southeast US coast.
    2. Blocking will continue to be more prevalent this winter. This will provide periods of cold and help steer coastal storms to the south and east of us, keeping us on the “white” side. I’m hopeful the blocking wont be that strong where the storms pummel the mid atlantic and miss us altogether (a la 2009-2010)
    3. Seasonal weather models (specifically the Euro and UKMET) are supporting blocking, active southern jet, and above normal precipitation and snow along the eastern US seaboard (I will post charts from Ben Noll below)
    4. I believe the combination of the above will result in at least a couple large coastal storms this season unlike what we have seen the past 3 winters. I will go a step further and say that one of these storms alone will produce snow totals that exceed Joshua’s snow prediction for the entire winter
    5. It only takes a few large snowstorms to really inflate the seasonal snow total even when there are periods during the winter that are rather dry (or wet) and devoid of snow

    Gas up the snowblowers and wax the shovels!!

    NOVEMBER 22, 2023 AT 2:56 PM
    Ben Noll
    Nov 11

    One of the top performing seasonal models, ECMWF, suggests that winter will be charging up in the months ahead before unleashing its fury in February ❄️

    Snowfall is forecast to be above normal () in several regions.

    NOVEMBER 22, 2023 AT 2:57 PM
    Ben Noll
    Nov 11

    Global precipitation patterns will be strongly influenced by the peak of El Niño in the months ahead.

    For some countries, dryness & drought () will be a concern while others have a risk for extreme precipitation ().

    The eastern U.S. looks to have frequent coastal storms

  10. Mix bag of to strong of blocking and good blocking for some good old Miller A and B storms to hit us this year as well as miss us. SSTs say strong El-Nino yet the MEI & 200V patterns do not support that type of pattern of a torch. Overall leaning slightly above normal for snowfall for the area. I am also leaning slightly warmer than average but could easily see more cold than warm if things go right.
    Boston: 48 ( City itself will be a tad higher)
    Worcester: 65
    Providence: 41
    Hartford: 60
    Concord NH 68

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