Welcome to the Woods Hill Weather Blog!

Here you will find daily posts about past, current, and upcoming weather for the Boston area, and sometimes other areas too!

This site will feature weather trivia and facts, posts about any sky events (meteor showers, eclipses, etc.), and will also serve as a question and answer forum. I hope you find it useful!

You are free to comment on any post. If you have never commented before, you’ll be asked for an email and a name you would like to use. Your first comment will go to an “awaiting moderation” folder until you are approved. Once this takes place, you should be free to post directly, provided you do not change email or post name. If you do change, you will go through the “awaiting moderation” process again. Please be patient if you have a comment awaiting moderation as it sometimes takes several hours for me to get to the blog to check for messages and comments.

1) NO insults of any kind toward other users.
2) NO discussions of politics or religion and other topics unrelated to weather, science, and technology. EXCEPTIONS are made on a day by day basis for subjects of common interest, such as sports or current events, but within reason. Please stick to weather as much as possible!
3) ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING WHATSOEVER. You don’t have to agree with everything you read, but you are not allowed to put down or attack any other member of this blog. It’s unacceptable behavior.
4) Minor cursing is allowed if it’s not in bad taste or used in breaking any of the other rules. Keep it light though. There are children that read this blog. A general suggestion is using the random character rule to represent a curse. It gets the point across without having to use vulgarity.

Failure to follow the rules & regulations will result in at least a TEMPORARY and possibly a PERMANENT ban from the blog, as determined by the moderators.

Thank you in advance for respecting these rules & regulations!

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