18 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – October 4 2022”

  1. I heard an interesting tidbit this morning on the radio that both the flu and Covid have similar symptoms.

    I don’t know if I heard correctly but I believe that there is now a way to test for both illnesses at the same time.

  2. The next wave is imminent. Not only do we see hospitalizations rising steadily in Britain, the European continent is also being hit.

    68% increase in hospitalizations in the Netherlands in 1 week. Authorities there are implementing an action plan.

    We tend to frame masking as a “restriction,” even when it’s in places like hospitals and nursing homes. That’s really odd, in my view. Masking is certainly a policy measure, but how does it restrict a person, any more than having to wear shoes and a shirt when you enter a store, or having to wear a suit at a fancy restaurant, or a helmet while riding a motorcycle, a seatbelt while driving. The Germans are reintroducing Covid rules. Nothing draconian. No lockdowns. But simple masking measures in places where vulnerable people reside or are present. https://www.dw.com/en/covid-german-cabinet-signs-off-on-rules-for-autumn-and-winter/a-62909823?

    1. Anti maskers don’t appreciate being restricted by a mask, yet every one if them knowingly and without any care restricts a population that is either at high risk or simply wishes to avoid covid.

      1. I get it if by “restrictions” it meant masking everywhere, including commercial establishments and sporting venues. That can be seen as curbing one’s liberty. But the measures Germany is implementing are simply targeting all high-risk indoor facilities or modes of transportation. Framing this as “Covid restrictions” seems odd to me. Is it a restriction on restaurant employees that they must wash their hands in restrooms? Is it a restriction that police officer must wear gloves when handcuffing a person? Gosh, is it a restriction that we must abide by speed limits or posted signs on roads? I don’t view any of these as restrictions.

        1. I had no idea police officers have to wear gloves to handcuff a person. I have to admit, that doesn’t make much sense to me, especially out in the streets patrolling.

        2. I’m not quite clear on curbing liberties? I think you mean masks could hypothetically be seen as curbing liberties no matter how farfetched? I think that is accurate. And yet those who claim that excuse are removing liberties of others.

          I too am not a fan of the word restrictions. But I’m also not a fan of looking at the word as opposed to the requirement.

          I will never understand the pushback on masks. While I understand there are some exceptions, the anti folks could care less about anyone who has a justifiable exception.

        3. I forget who said this, but I like the analogy that mask wearing should be viewed as the equivalent to putting on a raincoat when it is raining (as it is today). Was it Ashish Jha?

  3. What about so many of those who have been fully vaccinated and “worn their masks faithfully” and YET still got Covid? One can start with POTUS Biden himself, not to mention some posters here at WHW. A lot of good “masking” did, huh?

    Personally, I am much more into vaccinations and I plan on getting my shot asap. I do mask when crowds get large on the T and in grocery stores.

    1. I saw a comment by a respected gentleman in the medical field that he had Covid. He said he does everything as he should. The only explanation was someone else was not wearing a mask. True or not, I don’t think anything is foolproof.

      On their own ……Vaccines sure are not a guarantee. Masks sure are not a guarantee. Distancing is not a guarantee. Outdoors is not a guarantee. Put them together and I’d say you come as close to a guarantee as possible.

    2. Oops , I forgot. Biden is not as careful as he appears. I’ve seen him do some really silly things.

  4. Btw, I still have to wear a mask at work for my entire 8 hour shifts. It’s been required ever since the pandemic began. I sit at a desk in the lobby performing various security duties.

    Actually, on weekends when I first arrive it’s usually very quiet so I don’t put on the mask until people traffic gets busy. Technically, everyone who enters must wear a mask but it’s not really enforced anymore.

  5. Vicki, I did indeed mean “hypothetically” masks could be construed of a restrictions in certain instances.

    Philip, the gloves rule for police officers came into effect in the 1980s as an HIV precaution. That is my understanding, at least.

    1. I was not aware of the glove rule. Makes sense. It is one of the reasons folks detained in police wagons are not buckled in ….in some states. You have to reach across to buckle and officers were being bitten and spat at, etc.

    1. Oh darn. I was thinking they escaped too. How do they feel? How are you. I think you said your wife is improved.

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