Thursday April 25 2024 Forecast (7:14AM)

DAYS 1-5 (APRIL 25-29)

A large high pressure area will bring us fair weather through Saturday. The air mass being very dry with light winds promotes chilly nights, decent daily warm-ups, but cooling coastal sea breezes. We’ll have about 100% of the possible sun both today and Friday, and almost that much on Saturday, but you’ll notice and increase in high clouds from the west as Saturday goes on. This will be from an approaching warm front as low pressure heads into the western Great Lakes, and then across southeastern Canada. The warm front will struggle to get by the region so that clouds may be dominant over sunshine on Sunday, but we still should see some. Any rainfall with that front should be limited to a quick period of light rain in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday. As a weakening trough of low pressure moves into New England from the west, trailing the low in Canada, it may kick of an isolated shower Sunday but it looks like that activity would occur west and north of the WHW forecast area, so I’m not including it in the forecast. As the Canadian low moves on, a bubble of high pressure moving into eastern Canada will send a cold front southward, and this may sneak down the coast as a back-door front for our region sometime on Monday. This set-up makes Monday’s temperature forecast interesting and/or difficult, as there could be large spread from northeast to southwest across the region. For weather on Monday I’d expect a sun/cloud mix and possible pop up showers mainly over inland locations where there will be more heating and a potential frontal kicker. Still several days to fine-tune this.

TODAY: Sunny. Highs 49-56, coolest coast. Wind NW up to 10 MPH in the morning becoming variable with coastal sea breezes developing afternoon.

TONIGHT: Clear. A fog patch may form over some inland lower elevations. Lows 27-34 inland with coldest readings in lowest elevation locations, 34-41 coastal and urban areas. Wind variable under 10 MPH.

FRIDAY: Sunny. Highs 55-62, coolest coast. Wind variable up to 10 MPH with developing coastal sea breezes.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Clear. Lows 33-40. Wind variable under 10 MPH.

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs 56-63 coast, 63-70 inland. Wind SE to S up to 10 MPH.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Clouding up. A period of light rain possible overnight. Lows 47-54. Wind SE to S up to 10 MPH.

SUNDAY: Variably cloudy. Highs 63-70 most areas except cooler South Coast. Wind SW 5-15 MPH.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Variably cloudy. Lows 48-55. Wind SW up to 10 MPH.

MONDAY: Partly sunny. Isolated afternoon showers possible well inland. Highs 65-72 except 58-65 Boston area northward. Wind variable up to 10 MPH, but may turn NE 5-15 MPH in southern NH and eastern MA.

DAYS 6-10 (APRIL 30 – MAY 4)

A trough from the west brings a better shot of showers on the final day of April. Early days of May trend drier overall but one more front may bring a shower threat about May 2. No major temperature extremes foreseen.

DAYS 11-15 (MAY 5-9)

Still not a high confidence forecast but general pattern looks on the dry side, and while temperatures can be variable, should not stray extremely from typical values for this time of year, but may tend to be on the cooler side of seasonal normals.

51 thoughts on “Thursday April 25 2024 Forecast (7:14AM)”

  1. Thanks TK !

    It’s cold and the Tatum/Brown Celtics lost a home playoff game they were heavily favored in.

    It’s Spring in New England πŸ™‚

    1. I fear the coaching advantage for Miami may outweigh Boston’s talent advantage. Time will tell.

      1. I think they’ll be ok as far as winning the series, but the coaching differential probably will turn a 4 gm sweep into a 6 game series.

        And that will take its toll later on.

  2. From WGC…

    April 25 1910. Atlanta GA, record latest 32 degree reading. Latest freeze on record for Nashville TN, where 1.5 inch of snow fell. A trace of snow fell as far south as Pensacola FL.

  3. Why do some TV Mets insist on saying 70s for Monday though Thursday next week when it is very possible that won’t be the case, most especially on Monday. I just don’t get it and they are OH so confident. That over confidence pisses me off no end!

    Thank TK for giving it to us straight.

  4. 61.2 degree max sun angle in Boston at 12:42pm today.

    Full sun, 13 hrs and 50 mins worth.

    Today’s a day the air wants to make you sit in the sun, you do for an hour and then later on, you have a major sunburn.

    Lets see how far below 61F the high temp is today πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    1. Depends on location. At the airport, it may not reach 50 IF the wind shifts NE or E. πŸ™‚

      up to 43 here for a 9 degree recovery so far.

      WIND still NNW at the airport, BUT not too many miles away at Beverey the wind is already NNE.

  5. Such a dry airmass, the seabreeze is really cold today because in picking up a tiny bit of moisture from the ocean, the temp has room to wetbulb and cool down, in a way.

  6. Wooo Whooo
    It has made it all the way to 52 here. I was just out and it is
    BEAUTIFUL and feels comfy!!!


  7. Low 50s inland and mid-upper 40s at the coast after full sun in late April.

    Absolutely BRUTAL !!

    But seriously, its days like today that make those 95F/70F+ dp days intolerable.

    I truly believe if it were consistently 65 – 70F by now and in the 70s in May and low-mid 80s in June, we would handle that heat and humidity in July and August at least a little better.

    1. Probably correct, but I have to say I was perfectly comfortable out there. A BEAUTY of a day here. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to how large the temp contrast may end up on Monday. Of course, that’s the day that I have chosen to go up for feet-in-the-water with Nate (late day / early evening). Might be doing so with a stiff ocean breeze, but TBH, when the air is chilly and the water is chilly, the contrast is not that sharp, and it doesn’t hurt .. much .. until you get out and the wind hits your feet.

  8. CPC has (wisely) taken a step back from the above normal temps in the Northeast they had. We have more cool times ahead than warm ones.

  9. Hey TK – responded to your email!

    Hope the WHW family is doing well πŸ™‚ looks like you guys have finally dried out somewhat.

    Weather here has been up and down but overall quite typical for April after our very cold/wet winter. We’ve had our first days into the 80s/near 90, but also some cool/marine layer dominated days in the 60s (like today). Very typical stuff for spring out here… mountain snowpack melted *rapidly* below 7000 feet in the warm stretch we had. I face the south side of the mountains, which melt out fastest to begin with, so it’s really only the tops of the mountains that have evident snow on them now. Still months of snowmelt remaining in the high Sierra though.

    1. Great to hear from you.

      California is such a beautiful state. Every kind of landscape and climate.

      It is drying out here. It’s the first prolonged stretch of dry since early November.

  10. Either my window is distorting the moon or it’s squishing from the top down like a marshmallow

    1. Waning gibbous. Not round anymore. πŸ™‚
      Though maybe the window was still having an effect. πŸ™‚

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