Thursday May 16 2024 Forecast (7:21AM)

DAYS 1-5 (MAY 16-20)

Low pressure to the south brings wet weather through midday today, then a drying trend begins as the low starts to pull away and drier air arrives from the north. A blocking pattern then puts high pressure north of our region but close enough to keep the weather dry from Friday through Monday with a generally cooling easterly air flow, starting to transition to a warming trend by early next week as the high center slips southeastward. After today’s heavier overcast, we’ll see varying amounts of clouds Friday through the weekend as additional unsettled weather is held at bay not too far away to our south and west, but by Monday the sun should increase.

TODAY: Cloudy. Rain and drizzle around through early afternoon, then ending from north to south. Highs 55-62, coolest coast. Wind E 5-15 MPH.

TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Lows 45-52. Wind E up to 10 MPH.

FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy. Highs 58-65, coolest coast. Wind SE up to 10 MPH.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows 46-53. Wind variable under 10 MPH.

SATURDAY: Partly sunny. Highs 60-67, coolest coast. Wind SE up to 10 MPH.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Variably cloudy. Lows 49-56. Wind SE up to 10 MPH.

SUNDAY: Variably cloudy. Highs 60-67, coolest coast. Wind SE up to 10 MPH.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows 51-58. Wind S up to 10 MPH.

MONDAY: Partly cloudy. Highs 68-75, cooler South Coast. Wind S 5-15 MPH.

DAYS 6-10 (MAY 21-25)

Blocking high pressure holds early in the period with fair, warmer weather (cooler some coastal areas), then a bout of unsettled weather around mid period then a cool-down as fair weather returns at the end of the period, based on current expecting timing.

DAYS 11-15 (MAY 26-30)

Drier with warming weather early period, unsettled mid period, cooler late period as we have more west to east progression of the pattern.

56 thoughts on “Thursday May 16 2024 Forecast (7:21AM)”

  1. Thank you, TK.

    It’s 55 here and I am not sure, being on the coast, it’ll reach 60 today. Rain should mostly be out of here in my area by 2-3 PM.

  2. Good morning and thank you TK,

    Made 73 here yesterday, making that a 3 day stretch of
    67, 78 and 73. Now that is what SPRING Should be. πŸ™‚

    57 here now dew point 54.
    Some other dew points
    Logan 54
    Bedford 54
    Lawrence 54
    Norwood 54

    My adjustment of yesterday is still looking good. Will continue to monitor. πŸ™‚

    Ocean temp: 52.2 (Boston buoy)

    1. I agree with you on the recent 3 day stretch. Also, today’s rain isn’t that ice cold, damp that cuts to one’s soul.

      Again, what an awesome fix to the dp issue !

      1. Thanks Tom, I don’t know how awesome it is.
        All I did was offset the humidity reading by an appropriate number to make the dew point calculation come out
        looking reasonable instead of being 4 or 5 degrees off. πŸ™‚

        so farm, so far for parts of 2 days, it is looking good.
        I am waiting for one of these HHH days to see how close it is. πŸ™‚

        I will likely have to make additional tweaks to it. πŸ™‚

    1. I have 2.58 for TF Green and 3.6 inches for Kingston just a bit
      farther South. πŸ™‚
      From MESOWEST.

  3. Back to my beloved dank spring weather I adore (and so many hate – oh well, I’m unsympathetic and a bit selfish .. deal). πŸ˜‰

    1. DAMN straight I HATE this kind of USELESS PATHETIC SPRING WEATHER!!!!!

      At least we had nearly 3 perfect days preceding this.

  4. From a friend regarding the Bruins / Panthers series (and spot on too, I might add).

    “Bruins-Panthers is an all-time great hate-watch series. I hope it never ends

    The second-round series between the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers is, to a neutral observer, a puzzle without any hope of a satisfying solution, the sort of matchup that leaves fans of every other team exhausted and slumped over with their eyes rolled so far back into their head they can see into the past, where the only outcome that would feel like a win would be for Gary Bettman to announce the series over, declare both teams the loser, suspend everyone involved and fold both franchises.”

      1. And spot on. πŸ™‚

        Except they left out the part where they need to replace every official. πŸ™‚

        1. It’s also written with heavy sarcastic undertone. That makes it even more perfect. It’s right to my alley.

  5. Fairly sharp cutoff South to North on this rain event.

    Beveraly .25
    Logan .62
    Norwood 1.0
    TF Green 2.75
    Kingston RI 3.6

    1. I’ve never been to “Beveraly”. πŸ˜‰ That made me laugh for some reason. But I needed it anyway haha.

  6. Thank you, TK.

    I watched and listened for a while when I opened my blinds this morning. I love the sound of rain and this morning there is a gentle but steady breeze I know I’m well into the minority when I say I love this weather, but I also know I’m not alone. One of my first thoughts was I know you are enjoying the day too.

  7. My system has it at 58 here with 57 dp and 0.75 rain so far for the day JPD. Well done for your dp fix.

        1. Seems difficult to avoid this particular Spring.

          The only saving grace is that the ocean is slowing warming up. πŸ™‚

          Currently 52.3 at Boston Buoy.

  8. Anyone have rain totals for New Bedford Dartmouth Westport areas? What a lousy day for outside graduation at UMASS Dartmouth

    1. I’m a firm believer in it. Too many cases now to ignore it.

      It doesn’t just “happen” suddenly. Yes we’ve had big events .. but the instantaneous spike right after that stuff distributed in the stratosphere is no coincidence. Science will show this, I firmly believe. πŸ™‚

    1. Vicki!! He should have stayed – each graduate received 1,000 cash when they walked across the stage.

      1. Very very Nice. Fortunately he had excellent opportunities at Westfield including having one of the best criminal justice courses in our area.

  9. Donor brought in 3million for 3,000 graduates – all in duffel bags. If a graduate did not walk today they don’t receive the money. They need to give 500 way for charity to do good for the world.

  10. I can’t believe it. Rangers to the eastern conference finals. Down two goals coming into the third period I did not have a good feeling. Chris Krieder with the hat trick scoring all three goals in the third.

  11. Boston is going to be 2 weeks behind the average first 80 date (May 4) and not hit it. They have a way to go to reach the all time latest.

  12. JJ, your Rangers may win it all. That’s just a prediction. But I see bright things ahead for NY teams after a very bleak period.

  13. I am hoping the Knicks win tonight and advance to the conference finals. If that happens it will be the first time since 1997 both the Knicks and Rangers are in the conference finals at the same time.

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