Saturday June 1 2024 Forecast (8:08AM)

DAYS 1-5 (JUNE 1-5)

June 2024 opens with a fabulous weekend, courtesy high pressure building in via the Ohio Valley. We’ll see plenty of sun and dry air, but Sunday will feature a few more clouds moving in from the west in response to a weak low pressure area trailing the high center. This low will be small, weakening, and be shunted to our south later Sunday into Monday, so while some additional clouds will be around Sunday night into Monday, they’ll favor western to southern areas and any associated rainfall will not make it into the region. High pressure rebuilds over the region by Tuesday and into Wednesday with fair and pleasant weather, with coolest air along the coast during the day due to sea breezes. Additionally, clouds may increase on Wednesday ahead of an approaching warm front, as a trough and low pressure system will move into the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley at that time.

TODAY: Sunny. Highs 65-72 coast, 73-80 inland. Wind N up to 10 MPH with developing coastal sea breezes.

TONIGHT: Clear. Lows 51-58. Wind variable under 10 MPH.

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy. Highs 68-75 coast, 75-82 inland. Wind variable up to 10 MPH with redeveloping coastal sea breezes.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Variably cloudy. Lows 52-59. Wind variable under 10 MPH.

MONDAY: Partly cloudy – most clouds to the south. Highs 70-77 coast, 77-84 inland. Wind variable becoming SE to E up to 10 MPH.

MONDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows 54-61. Wind SE up to 10 MPH.

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs 67-74 coast, 74-81 inland. Wind variable up to 10 MPH with coastal sea breezes.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Mostly clear. Lows 53-60. Wind variable under 10 MPH.

WEDNESDAY: Increasing clouds. Highs 65-72 coast, 72-79 inland. Wind SE up to 10 MPH.

DAYS 6-10 (JUNE 6-10)

A trough and frontal system from the west brings more humid air and an increased chance of showers and possible thunderstorms June 6 and especially June 7 before drier air arrives for the June 8-9 weekend behind the system. But upper level low pressure lingers over the Northeast and additional unsettled weather is possible by the end of the period.

DAYS 11-15 (JUNE 11-15)

Some up and down weather with an upper level low pressure area dominating the pattern. Doesn’t rain all the time, but we’re prone to unsettled conditions and temperatures near to slightly below normal in this pattern.

62 thoughts on “Saturday June 1 2024 Forecast (8:08AM)”

  1. Good morning and thank you TK

    Made 76 here yesterday in a BEAUTY of a day!

    55 over night.

    Currently 65 here. II think I get right around 80 today in JP. We shall see.

    Ocean temp: 59.4 (Boston buoy)

    Interesting note: Last evening Pete was talking about the hurricane season and said that the ocean temperatures now are what they would normally be in August. (I think he meant in the MDR (Main Development Region) I don’t know how accurate that was or if it was a bit of an exaggeration, but WOW!

    1. Yes it is generally the case, in a section of the MDR. But it also should be noted that in that area, the average temperature difference between June & August is not all that much. The range is much, much greater the further away from the equator you go. However, it’s still notable to see it already at that level. But another caveat: You can have the “warmest water eva” and still get shit for storms if the conditions aren’t favorable. So that’s one ingredient, but only one.

  2. Well as discussed by SAK, today is the 1st day of the Atlantic hurricane season. It is also the 1st day of the Central Pacific hurricane season.

    1. And also of note, the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season began on May 15. I suspect the Pacific may be rather quiet – again – this year.

  3. Thanks TK
    This day in weather history I am sure many here remember the 2011 EF3 Springfield Tornado. The tornado happened on Wednesday and was on the ground for 38 miles. This was the first tornado in New England I saw on live television. I watched the tornado come across the CT River and across a bridge as it made its track toward downtown Springfield.

    1. This is one of “the big days” in New England weather history, right up there with the Worcester Tornado, the 1938 Hurricane, and the Blizzard of 1978, to name a few others.

    2. Yup, and we here at WHW were all over that baby. We KNEW there could be a tornado that day!
      Some awesome vidoes from Springfield and the satellite image
      of the path of destruction was truly amazing!!!

  4. Warm front came through in the morning that day and I remember the humidity spiked and the sun came out and I am thinking this is not good with the parameters that were in place an elevated mixed layer, CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy) which was in the 3,000 -4,000 range and lift index values -8 to -10.

  5. On pro sports…

    Somebody asked last week why we have to wait until June 6 to see the Celtics play again. There are 2 parts to this answer. The first one, which is now a moot point, was that the other series had not ended yet and very well have extended until just a few days before that, had it gone the full 7 games. However it ended in 5 games. So why not move the start date of the series? Not that simple in today’s world of promotion and sell-sell-sell / hype-hype-hype. This brings me to the second part of the answer: alignment. ABC has both the NBA and the NHL finals. Once upon a time the NBA season lagged the NHL season but a couple weeks. But these days in the name of ratings and $, they will do what they have to so they basically end “together” but the games are not doubled up.

    Let’s assume both finals series go 7 games. The schedule is…

    NBA game 1: June 6 (Thursday)
    NHL game 1: June 8 (Saturday)
    NBA game 2: June 9 (Sunday)
    NHL game 2: June 10 (Monday)
    NBA game 3: June 12 (Wednesday)
    NHL game 3: June 13 (Thursday)
    NBA game 4: June 14 (Friday)
    NHL game 4: June 15 (Saturday)
    NBA game 5: June 17 (Monday)
    NHL game 5: June 18 (Tuesday)
    NBA game 6: June 20 (Thursday)
    NHL game 6: June 21 (Friday)
    NBA game 7: June 23 (Sunday)
    NHL game 7: June 24 (Monday)

    Basically every other night, with only 5 “off” nights total in 2 1/2 weeks of finals.

    This is a perfect set-up for hyping / advertising / ratings / $.

      1. Let’s Kristaps Porzingis get healthier and hopefully into the series πŸ™‚

        With that said, it is silly not to be able to flex the start when both conference finals series ended early.

        1. You also have to factor in building availability. Dallas also has an NHL team still playing in the conference finals, so you can’t just suddenly change the timing of when the NBA finals are, because the building may not be available on the new dates.

          1. Exactly. I thought of that too but failed to bring it up. It’s a point I do bring up when discussing this in person with people.

            These buildings are used for so many things besides hosting sports too. I know they probably factor that in well in advance knowing potentials for playoffs, but it’s quite complex.

  6. I am hoping my Rangers could force a winner take all game seven at home Monday night. If it was not for Igor Shesterkin this series would be over. Rangers 1-11 on the power play so far this series. They were the third best power play in the regular season. They have been dominated in the third period every game this series. They have gotten very little production from the top guys this series.

    1. That is pretty cool. Will they run the lift tomorrow to round out the weekend, or is today it? Thanks

    2. I looked really close, there’s a ton of people skiing that.

      That is great !!

      75F, bright sun and skiing, that has got to be fun !

  7. Thanks TK! Bishop Stang High School has their graduation outside Thursday June 6th in Dartmouth. We are starting to get nervous – seems to be trending wetter with that warm front

    1. Don’t worry yet. Timing can allow big gaps and a good chance to get the event in. I’m supposed to go to a 6PM softball game that day. Hoping it takes place.

      One of my good friends has 10 year old twins (boy and girl) and I try to get to one game for each of them each of their seasons. This spring it’s lacrosse for the boy and softball for the girl. I’ve been to a lacrosse game. Just gotta get a softball on in and those are weekdays. With everything else ongoing, and the fact they live 55 minutes from me, it’s been hard to get there. But I’m gonna do it! πŸ™‚

      Incidentally both of them love the sky / clouds / photos. The boy has expressed early interest in science / weather.

  8. This weather’s it for me.

    Mild to warm.

    Comfortable humidity.

    100% hot sunshine and 15+ hrs of daylight.

    I could do this all year and I’ll allow for 24 days of beneficial rain. πŸ™‚

  9. Dave, today is it for Killington. They had to move a lot of snow around to get a connected run patched back together for today as it was. Looking at the webcam the other day, I didn’t think they were going to make it.

    Arizona Snowbowl made it to today as well, their latest closing date ever!

      1. It must be refreshing to be there today, it is currently 100 in Phoenix and 80 in Flagstaff. Excessive heat watches are in effect too in western AZ, although that is for this coming Wed into Thurs.

    1. Right now, it doesn’t look like we’ll hit 80 here, but lately our high has been around 6PM, so we shall see. πŸ™‚

      A SE sea breeze is NEVER all that cooling here as It has over 20 miles of land to pass over depending upon the exact direction.

        1. Just started season 2. I’ve not felt well all week so it was beyond nice to have something this great to watch. I have to make myself stop after x number of episodes.

          1. I’m well into season 3. It is similar to Heartland, but different enough to really enjoy. I still wish some of the acting was better, but into it, so it doesn’t even matter.
            I’m happy you are enjoying it. πŸ™‚

            1. Have you watched all of heartland? And I’m loving this. Just made myself stop for the day

                1. Let me know if you want me to find out how my granddaughter got the ones that are not πŸ˜‰

  10. Thank you, TK.

    The Netherlands recorded its wettest May ever, shattering the previous record. Also the spring there – March through May – was the 2nd wettest ever. And, the spring there was the warmest ever, with only 1 night in which it got to freezing or below anywhere in the Netherlands. This includes March. Keep in mind, their records go way back.

    As you all know I travel regularly to the Netherlands and England to see my daughter. When I’m there I read the newspapers, listen to and watch the news. Climate change comes up A LOT more often than here. And it doesn’t matter what the political affiliation is of the media outlet I’m reading. I would say that 80% of newscasts have something on climate change. And I’m not talking about the weather forecast. That’s obviously separate.

    I do understand their focus on the climate, given just how dramatically different all 4 seasons are there compared to just a few decades ago. Plus, the Netherlands is especially vulnerable to changes in ice and sea levels, as almost the entire Western half of the nation is below sea level.

  11. Now 79 here.

    79 at the airport with NW at 7 mph. Looks like “just” enough to keep the sea breeze at bay. πŸ™‚

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