Friday June 28 2024 Forecast (7:05AM)

DAYS 1-5 (JUNE 28 – JULY 2)

An area of high pressure will provide beautiful weather today – plenty of sun, a pleasant northwesterly breeze, mild air, and low humidity. Our weekend doesn’t not hold this kind of pleasantry for us, but also will not be lost to the weather. Saturday’s daytime hours will feature dry weather with more cloudiness and an increase in humidity as a warm front approaches and the wind turns more southerly, and it is only late in the day when some shower and possible thunderstorm activity will wander into central MA and southern NH, finally progressing east as the night goes on. The low parenting the warm front will move to our north and its trailing cold front still has to come through the region Sunday midday or afternoon. So the period from later Saturday night through at least part of Sunday afternoon will be vulnerable to a couple or a few bands of showers and thunderstorms, some with heavy downpours. Expect a drying trend from northwest to southeast heading into later Sunday as the front pulls through. High humidity will be with us while we’re in the “warm sector”, feeling quite tropical for a while on Sunday before the drier air arrives later on. July opens with a cooler, drier Monday, but an upper level low crossing the region will allow the sun to fire up diurnal clouds, some of which can grown enough to release a few showers and maybe even a thunderstorm. This exits and high pressure builds in with fair, seasonable weather for Tuesday after a cool start to the day.

TODAY: Sunny. Highs 75-82. Dew point under 50. Wind NW-N 5-15 MPH.

TONIGHT: Clear. Lows 52-59. Dew point under 50. Wind variable under 10 MPH.

SATURDAY: Sunny start, then variably cloudy. Late-day showers possible mainly well west and north of Boston. Highs 73-80 South Coast, 80-87 elsewhere. Dew point rising through 50s. Wind S 5-15 MPH.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Showers and possible thunderstorms become more likely from west to east late evening and overnight. Areas of fog overnight. Lows 63-70. Dew point 60+. Wind SW 5-15 MPH.

SUNDAY: Variably cloudy. Showers most likely in the early to mid morning. An additional shower or thunderstorm possible in the afternoon. Highs 78-85. Dew point near 70 much of day, lowering late. Wind SW 5-15 MPH, shifting to NW late.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Fog patches lower elevations. Lows 55-62. Dew point falls through 50s. Wind NW up to 10 MPH.

MONDAY: Partly sunny. Pop-up showers possible. Highs 76-83. Dew point sub-60. Wind N 5-15 MPH.

MONDAY NIGHT: Clearing. Lows 51-58. Dew point upper 40s. Wind N under 10 MPH.

TUESDAY: Sunny. Highs 78-85, coolest coast. Dew point lower to middle 50s. Wind variable up to 10 MPH with coastal sea breezes.

DAYS 6-10 (JULY 3-7)

High pressure shifts offshore with fair and warmer weather on July 3. Watch for a weak frontal boundary to be around on July 4 with no more than a quick shower or t-storm otherwise mainly dry and warm weather. July 5-7 look a little more unsettled with a trough in the region, high pressure offshore, and higher humidity with greater shower / t-storm opportunities.

DAYS 11-15 (JULY 8-12)

Typical July pattern, seasonable warmth on average, a few shower and thunderstorm opportunities, and rain-free most of the time.

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      1. A
        Slight Risk has been included from parts of the Mid Atlantic into
        New England, where organized damaging-wind potential appears most
        possible at this time. Some adjustments will likely be needed,
        depending on trends regarding timing of the front and prefrontal

        This is the SPC’e discussion for their day 3 outlook.

  1. Well, a Rangeley ob got down to 39F last night. I’m not on it now, but nearby Roxbury fell into the 40s.

    1. Nice. I remember a Labor Day below freezing up there but was there this time of year very often and do not recall 30d. I was young and temps didn’t bother me so may well have missed it

  2. Unlike this morning’s deep trof with refreshing air, the models seem to indicate a ridge-trof-western Atlantic ridge pattern in the medium-long range.

    That trof could be just to our west with the Atlantic ridge not too far to our southeast.

    That, every 3rd or so day, might have us following SPC outlooks.

    The SST anomolies off our south coast are very high, so, with any S and SW winds, I’d think higher than avg dps are in play.

    We’d have to be watching how strong disturbances are in that trof.

    I guess what I’m implying is, I think thunderstorm opportunities with their potential hazards can be in play going forward.

  3. Good morning and thank you TK.
    Lost power at 6:23 this morning and still out! Eversource SUCKS!!!!!!!@@

    On another note, my radar scope stopped working yesterday as it keeps getting a download error I don’tvhave the pro version, but I did payv10 bucks for it. I went to google play store and looked the app It now says it work on my device.

    My conclusion is they pushed some sort of update such that the app no longer works on my 7 year old Samsung Android phone. Figures!!!!

    Any ideas?

    I have yet tried turning the phone off then back on.

    many thanks

    1. Good grief. Why a power failure. I’ll check my radar. I’m currently waiting for an inspection sticker so not home

  4. My oldest traced the path of the RI MA tornado. It went 200 yards from my son’s home. This video is from a block away. There is a house on the left of picture under that tree. You can see how big the base is by comparing to cars going by. I hear people in house had to climb out window. All are thankfully ok

    1. Scary it was that close. Last year one was less than a half of mile from us. Too real for me. Glad they were ok.

  5. Thanks TK.

    Severe thunderstorms on the Arctic Coast of Alaska yesterday. This cant be very common…

    NWS Fairbanks
    ⚠️Attention North Slope and Brooks Range.
    Strong to severe thunderstorms are expected this afternoon/eve. See graphic below for arrival times and potential hazards. Temps will also be very warm with 60s/70s along the coast and 80-90F inland. #akwx #thunderstorm #northslope

  6. Watching Invest 95L very closely…

    We are going on a cruise on RCL’s new ship, the Icon of the Seas and it leaves next Saturday July 6 from Miami and returns on Saturday July 13. It is a western Caribbean itinerary with stops at Roatan, Honduras on 7/8, Costa Maya, MX on 7/9, Cozumel on 7/10 and RCL’s private island in the Bahamas (Coco Cay) on 7/12.

    The forecasted timeline right now would have the storm at Miami’s longitude right around 7/6 when we leave. Hoping this thing moves along and the southerly tracks verify….while at the same time not decimating one of the locations we are stopping it 🙂

    I need to start consulting the weather Gods before making these vacation plans. Last August our flight out to Cabo San Lucas was cancelled due to offshore Hurricane Hillary and we had to reschedule our flight to the following day, losing a day of vacation.

    1. Oh, I saw that our ship had an explosion and small fire on it the other day while docked in Costa Maya as well. Good times!

  7. On my way to the Baltics in a couple of hours … Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.

    Take care all and keep an eye on the tropics. Ačiū!

    1. Wow. What an interesting trip. Have tons of fun. We love pictures but then understand it’s more important to just enjoy !!

  8. Matt just shared this on Facebook. It won’t allow Matt and Danielle to post forecast links

    Hi Friends – we’ve posted the link to our weekend forecast a total of six times but Facebook has removed all six attempts today. A reminder for any and all of our forecasts, please visit our homepage, Of course, we also post most of them on our Noyes’ 1DegreeOutside Weather App!

    1. Crazy night. Someone somewhere mentioned Rehoboth and Seekonk although seekonk was a microburst. Are they evaluating what occurred around Sue’s area?

  9. NHC will be starting advisories of Tropical Depression 2 at 5pm. I’ll have a blog post up shortly thereafter.

    1. Thanks SAK. I’ve been cursed on my vacations the past few years with hurricanes. As long as that track remains south of Miami and we dont have any major effects there on 7/5-/7/6, I think our cruise will go off fine. If that west to east trajectory is maintained, could be an issue though with one of our scheduled port stops the following week in the Yucatan.

      Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line I am aware of that has it’s own full time meteorologist and works with their team to reroute ships and adjust itineraries as needed. As long as we can get out of Miami, I think they will adjust if needed and we will be OK.

      Disconcerting though there is another wave off Cape Verde right after that. Going to to be watching the tropics intently over the next week for sure.

  10. My wife and daughter rented a jet ski.

    The guy gets them set off and I get talking.

    Eventually got over to weather and he talked about the December storm and one last summer.

    Shorten the story, he goes, I have a friend who is a meteorologist, turned private contractor.

    Russ, he goes, I can’t remember his last name.

    I go, Murley ?? (Sp)

    Yeah he says, you know him ?

    No, but I’m a weather enthusiast blah blah blah

    The guy says he said to Russ, what the heck is going on with these 2 rain events in 1 year ?

    He says, Russ starts talking about underwater Pacific Volcanoes and I smiled, but didn’t explain why.

    He went on, water vapor into the atmosphere …..

    And I was like, yup !

    Another believer in Tonga !!!

      1. Thanks Mark !

        I couldn’t remember what channel I had seen him on. This is probably decades ago when I went to high school and college in northern New England and caught his forecasts then.

        I watched more northern New England Mets over a 6 yr period in the mid 80s to early 90s than I did ch 4, 5 and 7 Mets before returning to UMass Lowell.

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