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  1. I forgot to mention Rhode Island is also showing a decline in COVID 19 cases in the past week. There so small on this map when I went to look back I caught that.

  2. I would like to see what would happen if everyone across the country wore a face mask, when out in public. Pretty simple.

    And, you know, even with a face mask, try to not cluster a ton of people in a small area.

    For example, if you want to go out for a few drinks, most places I have seen are offering outdoor seating, fairly well spaced out. Good ! But, crowding oneself in a packed indoor bar, not good !

    I don’t know, seems a little common sense would go a long ways.

    1. “Healthy people should NOT wear masks!” we were told by the medical community early on when the pandemic first hit. Many deaths perhaps could have been avoided and mask production could have gone underway immediately then most of the nation would have bought into the idea of mask wearing from the beginning with very little resistance as we are seeing now in those new hotspots. Our WH leadership isn’t helping either by setting poor examples in staying as healthy as possible.

      1. Agree, Philip. Inconsistent advice, and our leaders not setting examples.

        While coronavirus cases continue their upward trajectory in rapid tempo, the death rate is declining. This was to be expected. In fact, for the first two months of the pandemic, our closest measure to the death rate – crude case fatality rate – increased, which surprised most observers. It’s coming back down to earth, so to speak. Eventually I believe the CFR will wind up at around 1-1,5%.

        I’m concerned that people will interpret the decrease in death rate as a justification for not taking new cases seriously.

        Granted, the vast majority of new cases will not lead to serious Covid-19 illness and will not require hospitalization. In part, it’s been this way since day one of the pandemic. And now the relatively low percentage of critically ill will diminish furher due to the fact that the median age of those testing positive has dropped from 65 to 35.

        However: 1. Younger folks can and do infect older and vulnerable ones; 2. A very small percentage of younger folks do get quite sick, even if their survival rate is much higher than the elderly. This places a burden on our healthcare system; 3. The staggering increase in cases was not foreseen by anyone. With such high numbers of new cases, even if a very small percentage of those testing positive get very sick and die, the absolute numbers of deaths will begin to add up soon. Death is a lagging indicator by 2 to 4 weeks.

        1. Probably the only action we took correctly was shutting down right away…but then many states reopened way too fast, too early. There is too much cockiness from our local and national leadership regarding this pandemic. I suppose the rest of the world isn’t much better.

  3. Baker was right to close indoor bars indefinitely, at least until Phase 4 (when there’s a vaccine). Better to have a cautious reopening guided by evidence than a haphazard, reckless free-for-all.

    Why do I say this? Well, the stop-start-stop policy regarding reopening that I warned about (and many others) is now occurring, and that’s the worst possible thing for an economy. And, it’s not just happening in Texas and Florida. It’s happening closer to home. Bars in Allegheny County, Pennsylania, are being ordered closed, as well as alcohol served at restaurants. I expect a statewide ban to follow in Pennsylvania.

  4. I watched DeSantis’ press conference today and was so sad to see he just could not bring himself to do what needs to be done – a mea culpa and a shelter in place order. I can’t even begin to write about the casual tone and hand washing advice he covered in his precious moments of air time – and that with graduation parties etc. spread is to be expected.

    Unbelievable. His complete inability to admit a mistake won’t mean anything ultimately in terms of his personal benefit/political career bc eventually the data will catch up with him (see 7-10 days from now) and he will have to relent. But in the interim so many more people will die.


  5. I was storm focused and missed these comments. My heart truly aches for this country. So many lives lost by self serving politicians. And frankly citizens

    The pastor of the church I attend made a comment today that triggered a memory of a poem my mom used to repeat. I’m pretty sure it was when I was a teen focused on …me, myself and I. Sadly, too many never grew past that stage

    Three Guests

    I had a little tea party
    This afternoon at three.
    ‘Twas very small—
    Three guests in all—
    Just I, myself and me.

    Myself ate all the sandwiches,
    While I drank up the tea;
    ‘Twas also I who ate the pie
    And passed the cake to me.

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