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  1. Regarding Scott Atlas, I’ve done some digging around regarding his positions on policy and they’re extreme across the board. He’s close to being a right-wing anarchist who never believes in government intervention. Atlas has posited that government programs like Medicare and Medicaid threaten the healthcare system, and that the public option is a “socialist scheme.”

    I tweeted the following about Atlas, in response for his calls for “freedom from government meddling:”

    The absolute freedom Dr. Atlas and his acolytes imagine is eerily Hobbesian, in which humanity without government unravels into “a war of all against all.” As Hobbes explains life in this state of every man to himself would be “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

    — — —

    Government certainly doesn’t have all the answers. But without rules and regulations with government enforcement, as well as a coordinating function for governments at the local, state, and federal levels, we’d be in a lot of trouble.

    Personally, I don’t want to revert to 18th or 19th century circumstances. The expanded role of government in guaranteeing civil rights, regulating our traffic safety and food and drugs, among other things, and protecting the vulnerable, is a good thing, in my view.

    1. This Scott Atlas sounds creepy at the very least. It’s no wonder he’s very tight with Trump. Thankfully we will have new WH leadership soon. January 20 is NOT soon enough!

    2. That is what I was reading also, Joshua, but you found more than I did. It is a sure indication of where Trump wants us to head. Now to get him the heck out of that house. Sadly, there are folks who actually believe the election was stolen (without an ounce of proof) and they will continue to tear down our country. Oddly, they are the same folks who do not believe that Russia never interfered in 2016 for Trump…..and that is proven.

  2. Joshua, will the vaccine be a “one time” shot or “annual” like the flu vaccines?

    I find it interesting that the medical community is very excited about the vaccine but much of the general public is not. A recent survey had only 46% of Blacks/African Americans as willing to get the vaccine once it becomes available. Even Whites only a slightly higher percentage.

    1. Pfiezers I believe requires a second shot three weeks after first. Moderna requires two four weeks apart. I’m anxious to hear Joshua’s thoughts. Pfeizer has to be kept at a very low temp (was it 1minus 100) so will be very hard to distribute. I think once out of that temp, there is a five day shelf life????

      1. If that’s going to be the case Vicki, I hope that a vaccine will soon be developed for an “annual” basis, if not “once in a lifetime” like polio and measles. Otherwise we as humans will be masking indefinitely. I certainly don’t want to spend my remaining years doing that.

  3. Walsh issues stern warning thanks giving immediate household only and if you go over the amount of people allowed you will be fined . He is doing a better job then Baker for sure .

  4. I’m a firm believer in vaccines, but they’re not the immediate answer even if an emergency use authorization is approved next month. We’re still months away from regular approval and widespread distribution. During that crucial 10-12 week period we need to do everything we can to mitigate. I’m not advocating for a strict lockdown a la Wuhan. But, there needs to be a coordinated effort to limit gatherings, distance, mask up, work from home as much as possible, avoid indoor spaces with poor ventilation, limits on bars, gyms, restaurants, and other indoor spaces that are known spreaders.

    To answer Philip’s question there will be multiple vaccines. So far, the ones in the lead will require two doses. The more convenient one dose vaccines are a bit behind in development.

    Mitigation works. And it doesn’t have to be a strict lockdown. Partial ones work, too. After lowering its guard in September and part of October – which resulted in a rather massive surge in new cases – Europe is now seeing dramatic declines in new cases, and plateauing or slight decreases in hospitalizations. Spain and France still have fairly high case numbers but the growth is decreasing steadily. Italy and Sweden are the only exceptions at this point. Case levels there have plateaued, but not come down. Hospitalizations and ICU usage are rising in those two countries.

    I think I might have said a few weeks ago that I don’t worry as much about Europe as the U.S.. Europe will learn from its mistakes and quickly turn things around by way of appropriate and well-coordinated (enforced) mitigation measures. By December their case levels will be comparable to what they were from May until September. Meanwhile in the U.S. …

    1. Should have added that Switzerland is still not doing well. Cases have come down a bit, but hospitalizations and ICU usage are very high.

  5. Thanks Joshua. I’ll share the tweets. If trump folks want to jump off the proverbial cliff with Him, that is their choice. But I’ll be damned if it is their choice to take me and others who are doing what is RIGHT For everyone and not just themselves with them.

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