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  1. Joshua, you mentioned yesterday that your ex-wife is a judge and that she is considered a priority for vaccinations. Are judges here in the U.S. considered “front line workers” like firefighters and police officers? It never occurred to me to even ask up until now.

    1. Moderna. I believe it is the only one that causes covid arm

      I have lost complete track. Have you and Ivy had your vaccines? My girls and their husbands are all eligible ….the youngest just became eligible with new comorbidities added…..and they all opted for Pfeizer.

      1. Last night I read a comparison of covid arm to TB test reaction. In high school I had an under skin TB test that blew up on my arm. Two other students did as well. We had to go to a TB center in Waltham to make sure We didn’t have TB. We of course did not. Apparently, It has to do with the immune system being a bit hyper vigilant. Makes sense

      2. We got our first dose last Sunday at CVS in Bellingham and second on 4/19. We got Pfizer. Glad your feeling better.

        1. I got Pfizer as well with no reaction whatsoever with the first dose. Let’s see what happens on the second dose on 4/22. So far though I would say that Pfizer is the best of the bunch.

          1. I didn’t react to first either. Arm was a touch sore ….nothing like it was for second. It seems there is less reaction to pfeizer. I wonder if there is data somewhere.

            Dr S had pfeizer. I’m curious how he did.

          2. Philip my wife had 0 reactions with the same kind , second shot was Friday . I got the Moderna but I do not think the Hospital uses that anymore

        2. Thank you, North. Glad you have had your first without reaction. Hoping for same on second.

          1. Me too. Phillip yours is 3 days after mine. Will let you know how my wife and I do on 4/19 with our second Pfizer dose.

  2. Joshua, I just saw your comment on yesterday blog re the Vancouver Canucks. I truly understand that people want sports back. And I will get booed by many saying this. But where are the priorities. Even in school sports this thing is spreading. And yes, maybe not the majority. But how many are then infected by that minority?

    I’m also seeing folks who are fully vaccinated celebrating the return to normal as we once knew it. Unless I am very wrong….and I surely can be…..the current vaccines have not given definitive poof that they are effective against P.1.

    1. I’m not Joshua obviously but even though school and professional athletes (teams) seem to be contracting Covid every day, I have yet to hear of any spectators being infected, even from the few arenas/stadiums that are allowing near full capacity.

      1. I have not paid attention but have not heard of any either. . I was more worried about the athletes exposing family and friends than fans.

        We forget that many folks who have covid also have family.

  3. Covid-19 deaths are forecast to top 600,000+ in the U.S. by July according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

  4. Happy Easter to those celebrating. Another lovely covid holiday without family ☹️

    1. I am confident next year will be different, and good.

      Also, I think Thanksgiving this year will be better.

  5. Philip, I’m not sure about judges here in the U.S. They’re clearly essential workers, you’d think.

    Vicki, glad you’re doing a bit better.

    North, glad to hear you got a vaccine. My daughter, who lives in Britain, is banking on being able to visit the U.S. with her British boyfriend this fall. They will both be vaccinated. And, I believe there will be a travel bubble between the U.S. and U.K.

    1. That’s great Joshua. My family in England is doing well and all are vaccinated or almost done. My Aunt said they will come out of lockdown partially on 4/12.

      My family in Canada on the other hand is having it much tougher. Vaccines are harder to get and my Aunt and Uncle who are 70’s/80’s just got their first dose in the past two weeks. Their second dose isn’t until early July as Canada is extending the time period which makes no sense since that is not what is recommended. They shouldn’t be used as testers!

      Seems the Canadian government ordered theirs through Europe distribution plants, etc and didn’t have receipt dates stipulated when they placed them from what I hear.

  6. My concern as always is with the variants. The vaccines appear to work to varying degrees against all variants. Let’s hope that continues. In the meantime, I wish we’d do more mitigation. Not of the strict lockdown kind, but just sensible restrictions on gathering sizes, indoor dining, etc …

    1. Agree and agree. At this point you’d think we would not have to be told.

      Re hockey, my son in law corrected me a bit. He said hockey seems to be the worst for being proactive.

      1. That’s interesting Vicki. I don’t follow hockey other than the Bruins final scores. I would be curious if masks are worn on the sidelines by coaches and players who rarely get ice time. From what I can tell in the other sports (NFL, NBA) coaches and sideline players who see little real playing time, wear masks for the most part during their games.

        Joshua, your thoughts?

  7. I know people who felt like they had the flu for a day or two. I had a headache after the second dose and my arm felt really sore after both. I was tire after the second one but I think thats just grad school. My Dad did not feel anything. My mom is getting her second one this week.

    1. That’s pretty much how I felt. I was even tired after today was pretty much over even though I’m basically back to normal, In the house with three young kids …when they are normally in school….I think strengthens my immune system. Bit then your dad is exposed all of the time so who knows if there is any rhyme or reason

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