15 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – May 11 2022”

    1. Hope you are getting better still Joshua.

      Not to joke about it, but perhaps this is just going to be the “new normal” for awhile? Every now and then, a medical professional on tv/radio says that we will have to “live” with this disease (Covid). I am assuming indefinitely? 🙁

    1. What I hate is the only way I am able to read an article, I must “subscribe” albeit free. Sorry Joshua.

  1. I remember well so many folks – Gottlieb et al. (and I bought into it – shame on me) – saying the U.S. would be mostly spared this BA.2 wave. Well, that bump is becoming an elongated wave. Not a tidal wave, to be sure. But, it’s a very long tail – much longer than ANY of our peers. Biggest problem is lack of boosters. 30% of the population is boosted; compared to well over 50% in practically all of our peers. Many have 70% booster rates. The U.S. just sucks at public health. We don’t even try to be good at it.

    1. Thank you. Too many Americans have shown a remarked lack of either respect or knowledge when it has come to this virus. Sadly, thanks to that, those folks may have been in part responsible for the fact it isn’t over.

  2. RI has seemed to do far better in schools than MA. IF it’s numbers are accurate. My grandsons school has had very few cases. It had to switch to distance learn from today.

    What is wrong with us that we have not reinstated masks.

  3. We had Carnival a two weeks ago, I know of about 20 people I been in contact with that has gotten it or been near someone aparently about 33% of the population in the VI have it. I tested myself 5 days after it and it was negative, tested myself again a few days ago and dont have it. I was hoping the island’s number would remain low. Most of my program have put the masks back on. Trying to find a few days in which I know I won’t be busy and get the next booster shot.

    1. I can assure you they’ve had cases for over 2 years.
      They lie. Haha…………


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